Saturday, May 2, 2009

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day

Today is free comic book day. Unlike May day, which is all about rights and protesting, this day is all about getting free comic books and sucking in more lives to the dark side of nerdom. Yes, comic books are like a vampire. They bite you and even though everyone says reading is a good hobby and comics are all about reading, no one considers comic books as actually reading. Silly, silly people.

So what is Free Comic Book Day I'll let Wolverine explain it.

Pretty snazzy, don't you think?

But you should just stop it after the message because that Wolverine trailer is awful. Only fitting that an awful trailer goes with an awful movie. It's only fitting that Fox would like to release Wolverine first off the bat in terms of Summer movies. It also attaches itself to the weekend of Free Comic Book Day.

Let's move away from FCBD for a second and talk about shitty movies. Namely Wolverine. I can't say I was much of a fan of the X-men franchise films anyway. They never really seemed to get much of the characters right. Rogue, goes and gets a cure in the third film after the first two films were all about accepting your differences from everyone else. So telling people to conform seems out there.

Wolverine's biggest downfall is the fact that they decided to use other Marvel characters in name alone. When you tell me that Ryan Rynoilds would be playing Deadpool, I was excited. Who else can play the merc with a mouth than an actor who seems to have nailed the whole witty remarks. This film uses and abuses the character in ways I don't even want to talk about.

So the general idea, even coming from Joe Q, editor and chief of Marvel, is that this is a pile of shit. It doesn't mean you can't enjoy FCBD, just avoid the film at all cost. So what does FCBD have in store for us? A color and an illuminating device. GREEN LANTERN.

This summer's big event is by Geoff Johns and is all about space cops who use colorful rings. I'm a nut for Green Lantern. So when the start of this summer big book crossover will be free of charge to anyone on FCBD, I was sold. For those of you who think of this as too nerdy, just imagine it as one big book spread out over a ton of little monthly comics. It's better for the distribution of it when it comes time for the publisher to collect 12 payments instead of one.

So what's this big story? Oh, it's too nerdy to talk about and I'm already going to be pretty busy today anyway. I'm cutting this short since I have a bunch of comic shops to hit up before this gravy train of comic book day is all said and done.

I'm sure I'll write some blog about Green Lantern in general another time. Shit, I have a ton of shirts. That alone warrants some mentioning. Why? Cause I'm a nerd.

Anyhow. If you have kids or just want to see nerds in action, go to any comic shop today and enjoy FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! It'll be a great time to get into all those books before the big summer movies next year.

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