Friday, May 8, 2009

Banner Adding It Up

Banner Adding It Up

For anybody who is a veteran of the internet banner ads are the minuscule distraction and easily ignored when you're surfing the net. I've spent years breezing past the countless banner ads but just recently I've decided to start paying attention for the sake of science. A lot of them are very strange. So in an effort to not have to write much today, I'm showing off some of the stranger ones.

That dino is pretty happy that it's not going to be able to ever purchase a home

I... just don't get it.

I'm sure you'll get a porn star on eHarmony

I got sniped when trying to win the Jesus auctions

You'll put something gay in your mouth

Lose weight... and a couple of skin tones

FREE MONEY! Ask me how?

Now that's just fucked up.

Having a gay time on facebook

Oh yeah.. taking it right

Oh how tragic a banner ad

Someone should really get to the people who link these ads.

So there you have it. Some stupid ads on the internet. I know. what a shock. Carry on

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