Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Thoughts

Memorial Day Thoughts

Well, I don't have any BBQ to attend and I'm taking the day sort of in. Cause why not, I work my ass off all the other times and no one remembers the Javi or anything. But then again, I'm not homeless and hungry like most of those we're suppose to be remembering today. So I can't complain, right. Doesn't mean I can't do what I typically do and get on my soap box and rant and rave. Indeeeeeeeeeed

Did you know that in the Soviet Union, Veterans were actually paid yearly based on the medals that they were awarded during their time in the army. I know, the horrors of socialism! If I was a vet sitting in the VA right now wacked out of my mind due to the horrors of war, I think I would much rather like to get a check I could cash in for a beer to numb the pain.

Since this is the day to remember those who fought in a war, why don't we take a look at them..

Me, not to sound unAmerican, but I can't say I don't give a blank respect check to anyone just because they fought in a war. Has any soldier kept me safe since WWII? Since then we've been fucking around in countries we had no place or business being in.

I feel bad for people who were drafted but I don't get why any volunteer enlisted would think they deserve respect. Especially any females enlisting. Why would you want respect for a mistake.

Support are troops!!!!!!!!! Unit it becomes financially incovenient. You want to really honor the memory of the troops that defended your "freedom"? Go to the VA hall today and do some work.

I talked to an Army Ranger and he hates Memorial Day because "people can act like they care once or twice a year then talk about how worthless we all are any other time." So it's the same mentality that I share with Valentines day.

I wonder what kind of lives these guys would have had if they had done the honorable thing and gone to prison instead of answering the draft.

Yeah, I know the drill, if I'm typing this in English, I should thank a veteran. If you're not reading this in English, well then... How is that possible?

Then again, if you're reading this blog at all thank the brave colonial pilots of galactica or the brave men and women who chose not to join in the mutiny on board the starship Dahak, depending on your brand of scifi.

We really need to reexamine the people we choose to "defend" our country. Most of them are mentally incapable of taking care of themselves. Why do I think they can take care of the country? You see them getting married left and right before they're shipped off so that they can carry this idea that they have someone back home to come to.

In most cases those significant others are out living their life while their troop spouse gets fucked over in the head or killed. Of course they're going to distract themselves from the idea of the person they love dying somehow. In most cases it's in the arms of someone else.

How mentally stable do you think our troops our when they get the shocking news that their loving spouse/significant other is getting nailed by someone else? Sure doesn't sound like this whole defending our troops thing, right.

But hey, we gotta welcome them back when they do come back, right? So hey, instead of a moment of silence or a thought or a prayer, how about you give that Vet some change the next time you see him on the off ramp of the freeway instead of pointing them out to your child and telling them "See Timmy, that's what happens when you don't finish school."

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