Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Picture That Needs 1000 Words: VI

A Picture That Needs 1000 Words: VI

You know this whole series of photos that continues to grow and grow. The whole "picture worth a thousand words" blah blah blah stuff. Well, this is a series to say those words. Often a lot can be lost in a picture. This little task helps us read into it.

With it being two weeks after Earth day, let's get a check up on how we're doing...

Ooouch. Yeah, that's not good there. This picture is all sorts of confusion. It's an enigma wrapped in a paradox of stupid. They say you shouldn't judge a man by what he drives. I say, why the hell not. I have a Tom Leykis bumper sticker on my car. Many assume it's because I have to be some sort of misogynistic bastard that plays the field.

When in reality the sex/relationship aspects of his broadcast were my least favorite of his drive time radio show. It's his take on current events and finacial matters where he was one hell of a broadcaster. Tellin' it like it is was just a side bonus. But I'll take the lumping together of what people think of me because of my car. Much the same as this douche sending a loud message with it. Let's get started.

First off you have a Republican gone libertarian with a NASA sticker. That in itself should explode your mind. I guess spending is only wasteful if it's on things I don't personally care about, right guy.

Most Randroids idolize Reagan, who spent more, and expanded the federal government more, than any other president ever, but because it was on pewpew space lazers (that never worked) apparently that's fine. At least it wasn't wasted on them brown people, am I rite?

Add to that, this randian übermensch drives an old-ass civic. Way to leave your foot print into a foreign made car. Fuck that good ol' American auto industry, right. That may be a big heart for a mighty small carbon footprint with your Ultra low emission vehicle. So unless they were just saying they love the fact that they're creating a small footprint, that's a different story.

I highly doubt it's there to be ironic. Keying this car would be a morally neutral action.

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