Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Well, it's memorial day weekend. I didn't even realize it till it was waaaay too late to plan for it. Then again, do you really need to plan for relaxation and the whole BBQ fun? Meh, I'm too lazy to even write an update. So don't act all surprise, your ass is probably reading this a week after Memorial day anyways.

Something's wrong here....

So this may sound unamerican but what's the difference between memorial day and veterans day? All I get from others is that one honors the living and the other honors both the living and those who died in war defending our country. I dunno. I mean, that's two holidays for one group of people. I wont even get on the subject on if they were wars that were defending our country or freedom cause that's a big can of worms in itself. But it seems that the whole thought of honoring those who fought in war took a back seat for a simple three day weekend.

Add in that I doubt many even give a crap about those soldiers anyway. An extra day to get drunk, AM I RITE? It has gotten to a point that even with a war going on, it's overlooked in favor for a grill and some slabs of meat. I'm not saying that in a bad tone. I mean, grilling is something I love doing. That's whay articles like the following from The L.A. Times appeal to me. I mean, how else do you maximize your memorial day fun but with a belt that you can carry beer in? Who needs to walk the 10 feet to the cooler to get a beer when you can grab one from your belt.

But let's not fool ourselves, do we need any sort of tool to make drinking anymore easier on this festive three day holiday? Just the other night I saw someone plow into a pole near where I was staying. Destroyed the shit out of it and caused glass to break and create a hassle for my Saturday. Way to go, drunky.

So excuse me if I'm not going to jump on the BBQ wagon, I already did that quota for the memorial day weekend. I cooked bacon wrapped hot dogs and drank beer I brewed myself, as well as some that others brewed. What can I say, gotta have a memory for those drinks already drunk. Most of all, Memorial day is the unofficial start to summer.

But why is unofficial? We have national holidays for just about everything. You mean to tell me that we can have a day set aside for daylight savings time but we don't have one for when Summer officially begins? Well, if they're not going to give it anything more than an unofficial start, we might as well get the ball rolling right.

Let's get this summer off to a good start already. And with that, I'll be done with the blog for the day. No need to push it. Besides, I have a lot of drinking and bbqing to get done today! Just don't forget to quickly remember those who need to be 'membered.

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