Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Picture That Needs 1000 Words: VII

A Picture That Needs 1000 Words: VII

You know the drill. Pictures with words with them because even though a picture can say a thousand words, I like typing them for some reason. Add in that I have been blogging daily now for a while and you can assume this is just some fill in blog that, while entertaining and insightful to the mind I carry in my head, is just filler for those bigger post. So I present you with this picture and the tons of words to follow it.

A picture released Friday from New South Wales, Australia, police shows an X-ray of Chen Liu’s skull. Children playing in marshland found the 27-year-old immigrant’s body last November. He was shot 34 times in the head and neck with a high-powered nail gun.

Humanity is fucking doomed. Nail guns represent the worse of America. The longing to rebuild shit and do it yourself and the need to shoot things. Don't get me wrong, I like doing stuff myself. I've been working on my place for a long time now. What did I learn? That not only will it not go faster if I shot things at the wall, but doing it yourself takes fuckin' forever!

Don't get me started on the children. Who the fuck sees a dead body and thinks to themselves that they should shoot shit into the skull and see if anything happens? When I was little I hit a tree when I was bored and feeling like I needed to take out my anger on something. Years later I saw the markings on that tree (what can I say, my sisters pissed me off) and I felt bad. Not cause I'm some tree hugger. Mainly because I felt like shit, if that tree felt that, I feel like shit.

That was a tree. Not a dead person. Hell, there I go even giving these kids the benefit of the doubt that they FOUND the body and not created it. When I watched that scene in The Wire that had Snoop shopping for a nailgun, that picture is how I figured we'd find the bodies in the vacants. I was later proved wrong, but that doesn't change the fact that I could think that shooting a nail into someone's head would be a fucked up way to go.

So there you go. The kids aren't alright. Someone is giving them nail guns and we have to find out who and stop them. Kids shouldn't have nail guns. Nuff said.

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