Friday, May 1, 2009

Pepsi Sucks - New Yorker Culture

Pepsi Sucks - New Yorker Culture

Whenever I meet someone from New York I always get the same thing. Us "Out Here" in Los Angeles have no culture. I always have to question why there's so much hate from New Yorkers about the west, and yet so many show up to the shores HERE. I don't know many folks from New York who've been to any of the many cultural spots in New York. Have season tickets to the opera? Nope. Been to a broadway show? Nope. Hell, been to a freak'n museum? Nah!

Ol' Vinny and Greedo would much rather go to Yankee stadium or down to Citi field for a Mets game. Careful about the weather, wouldn't want to have a tarp be put over the field to protect it from the rain. In actuality, there's very little amount of people enjoying that culture in a sea full of culture. Whenever I'm in need of reminding of this little fun fact all I have to do is turn on the news.

You see, Pepsi promised 250 Yankees tickets along with a chance to meet hall of famer, Goose Gossage on opening day for a historic opening game at the new Yankee Stadium.

Strike one, the location of the giveaway event was moved three blocks down causing a dangerous mad dash across Time Square.

Strike two, only 100 tickets were given out and they were for a game in June.
Strike three, the chance to get loose with the Goose was nothing more than a wave from the legendary Yankee relief pitcher from his limo!

So the fans went nuts.

Pepsi aint got no culture!


I also like how the person they interview said pepsi just did this to promote their product. Oh wow really? You don't say. I wouldn't have guessed that as this is a PROMOTION. It's not like Pepsi hasn't had bad promotions in the past. Anyone remember the harrier fiasco from 15 years back? At least they made a more reasonable claim this time and offered a good amount of tickets.


This brings a new question to mind, So what do they serve at the new stadium? Coke or Pepsi? Oh yes. It's Pepsi. Whoooops! Guess you'll just have to load up on beer when you're in the stadium. No worries there, right?

As a Dodger fan, who once called New York their home, I'm glad that Pepsi is screwing with New Yorkers. It's another reason to buy their sodas. Not that I drink much soda any way. But shit, if they're pissing off Yankee fans, then they're good in my book.

Shit. Even for a city that brags about their culture, did you know that when the Dodgers first moved to Los Angeles, their first game here drew in a larger crowd than they were getting in their entire last season in New York. Yeah, and New Yorkers claim that it was the last great game when they were in Brooklyn. Riiiiiiiiiight.

I'm sure it's partially because they are all sports fans in the video, but I'm always surprised how many stupid douchebags they've managed to cram into New York City. Next time realize that all the culture in the world can't change the fact that the place is still a urine soaked hell hole. Great to visit but you wont see me living there. Not even all the lox and bagels can get me to stay for more than two weeks.

Here's to Pepsi. May you screw over more Yankee fans regularly please.

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