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Chile: The After Shock

Chile: The After Shock

I did a sort of breaking news on the Chile Earthquake earlier today and I seem to have gotten some static as I tossed in a few jokes in there. Whatever. I think that my coverage in such late break news was actually pretty good. I got across to you the important information and didn't have the stupid filler that many of the news outlets had. Yes, I did toss in a joke or two, but guess what, if we can't laugh at a situation, even a bad one, then perhaps we lost that aspect that makes us free. That allows us to cope with a situation.

So here's a quick update. It was scary in Santiago but compared to the one that hit in 1985, where half the city fell down, and it wasn't even that big of a quake, the damages weren't that high. Like I said, Chile, after being the victim of the largest earthquake that we know of, is sort of prepared for these sort of things. The construction code has been strengthened because of that very reason.

Yeah, sure. a highway section fell on top of a building and some tenements sank to the ground, but apparently those were isolated cases. Current death count seems to be hovering at around 300 right now. To be honest, that's not a lot. I mean, looking at the damage in some of those pictures and you would expect a larger number from them. I mean, look at that devastation .

Though you wouldn't have known it with the coverage that CNN and other news outlets were focused on today. I guess it's just that they have no news reporters in Chile, but there was just major focus on Hawaii and what the potential of Tsunami waves that never came. In fact, there was such a disconnect there that I have to wonder why anyone ever has any problem in anything I joke around with.

Did you realize that while the body count raised and we were in the dark about Chile, CNN and the other news outlets were concerned about the cast of Lost and if they were going to be okay in Hawaii.

people who were actually genuinely concerned and worried about this should be ground up, mixed with gravel and cement, and used to patch up chilean infrastructure.

But with a death toll around 300 so far and apparently no media outlets saying a word about concepcion, the epicenter with a population of 800k, it must mean that it miraculously survived an 8.5 earthquake with moderate damage or it got absolutely fucking shitface leveled.

In short, it's really fucking bad, but not quite so bad. I mean, the average Chilean will live through at least three earthquake, this big on his lifetime so we can't say they aren't prepared Besides, dying to a natural disaster is just random luck, like winning the death lottery.

And here's some pictures and laughable commentary;

Shield this innocent dog from the carnage!

That puppy needs some boots.

this one is from concepcion

I have a question about the next picture;

Okay, so like did those cars fall off a higher structure or did the quake literally just flip them upside down like Koopa shells?

Okay, who tipped over my massive dominoes? And if you want to see any more. go to this link

If you would like to donate to the Chilean Earthquake cause, follow this link.

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