Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting Your Panties in a Wad

Getting Your Panties in a Wad

Ladies, I know I re-typed a really strange internet "How to" guide on giving head. And while it may seem like common sense to NOT pay attention to whatever I say, take that with a grain of salt as nothing more than a crime against keeping the internet alive and full of strange shit. This little guide, on the other hand, is a guide to making what you're going to be dropping on Vday a bit more humor filled. (Before it's filled with something else. Boooyah!)

Life is to short to not be laughed at. So here's some suggestion on panties you should go out and get for the big reveal on Sunday...

Why don't you want to support America and buy these USA made panties? Not only that, but you can advertise and reassure him that you know your stuff in the bed room. The only down side is that he may think that you're a slut. Laugh it off. If he gets hung up on that.. Just move on along, clearly he doesn't have a sense of humor.

Growing up I loved playing Ms. Pac-man and Space Invaders. And while Ms. Pac-man can't really be all that sexy, I mean how can a round yellow circle with a hair bun really be? Space Invaders on the other hand can be.

Just think of the fun had here. Shooting at those space invaders never got so messy!

Need to know how to drop those panties? There's an app for that..

These will be funny. At least it's honest where you need to run your fingers to unlock the iPhone in this situation.. Booooyah!

Eh, they're different. Besides, don't you want to be blogged about? Just be careful if that first one is worn by a religious one... You break it, you buy it.

Who doesn't want a girl who has a little nerd in them (and the panties haven't even been taken off yet!) This will touch any guy who was alive during the 80's. The classic NES controller. Now if only that contra code worked...

I'm no achievement whore. I dislike the whole idea that Xbox seems to run with. But I can enjoy the funny joke to this pair of panties. Now the real question is if you can get this achievement taken care of.

Oh the internet.. what will you think of next?

Same concept as the iPhone one. Clearly the app for this one is not being creative. Again, it's to the point in telling you what to do.

This is your chance to call the IT guy and ask what the default log in info is. Just remember, most of the times the default password is actually password.

And for the final one, it's not even panties. It's a shirt, but really. I had to chuckle at this design. I'm not sure if I know anyone bold enough to wear it outside.

So there you have it. Some strange clothing to turn on that nerd of yours. Though I would still read through that whole "how to suck a cock" guide. You know, so that the fun won't end when he sees your underwear..

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