Sunday, February 7, 2010

Four Eyes = Bigger Brain!

Four Eyes = Bigger Brain!

For all my life I have worn glasses. Well, for all of my life I was suppose to wear glasses... It's another issue entirely if I actually did or didn't. But what can I say, I'm sort of blind. Not really, I just need them to help with that extra boost so my eyes don't strain too much. I don't think they were ever a real reason for me to get mocked. I mean, I don't remember ever being called four eyes or anything like that. But as it turns out, it seems that having a pair of glasses is not a bad thing after all as this new study shows that people with glasses are smarter than those without.
Researchers in Singapore examined the eyesight and intelligence levels of 1,204 children aged 10 to 12. They found that the brightest kids were twice as likely to be short-sighted than children who weren't too clever.

Previous studies have linked the amount of time kids spend reading to whether or not they have poorer eyesight.

But the new study - carried out by the National University of Singapore - linked intelligence with being short-sighted, regardless of how much reading the kids did.

The results were published in The Independent newspaper.
Unfortunately I can't find anything more detailed but it's very interesting to say the least. What would be the cause behind this apparent link between eyesight and intelligence? And if this is true, what other genetic or hereditary traits are there that would affect a persons intelligence and is there a way of rectifying this imbalance and promoting egalitarianism that doesn't involve the methods of the Khmer Rouge?

Yeah, so what if I'm a social retard, I'm smarter than you and the fact that I have glasses just proves it! Science gives me a win for a change. While one would think that a larger brain simply squishes your eyeballs and laeds to astigmatism, it actually doesn't. So what is it that actually makes a correlation between glasses and smarts? I mean, it has to be something, right?

Maybe it's just that when you read a lot you use up a lot of energy reading the words. Smarter books usually have smaller print. My examples are The Cat in the Hat vs. Hamlet. I've also noticed that old people are dumb and their print is usually very big. Have you've seen those phones with the huge numbers on them? Coincidence, I think not. Talk about an IQ test in the type of phone you use. Or perhaps it's a result of holding things close to your face.. like books.

It could just be that other people perceive people with glasses as more intelligent, and it leads to more self confidence. I know that when I wear my glasses I'm usually thought of as;
A) A Jew
B.) A person to go to for an inquiry

What I do know for sure is that people who wear glasses are less suited for physical activities ue to their handicap, thus it leads one, at least for me, to pursue matters of the mind. For one thing, it allows you time to ponder the big questions in life.. especially now that you can actually see them. You know, those tough questions...

I'm not sure if you other glasses wearing folks have ever had a lot of questions tossed at you, but the strangest one I ever heard was
"When people with glasses have sex, do they do it with their glasses on or off?"
I guess it all depends on how attractive the other person is. You know, I don't ever think I have had sex with my glasses on. Considering that I have a girlfriend who has a thing for nerdy glasses, I'm kind of surprised by that. Even more so that I haven't done so in the 29 years of my life. I already said that I'm not really that blind. I could go with or without the glasses.

Even though I'm sure that the last question doesn't reflect this next statement, but it looks like we're going towards the right direction if this next news story is to be believed, then there's a chance that it can go hand in hand with this other news story..
The percentage of Americans who are nearsighted has gone way up in 30 years.
That's according to a study published last month in the Archives of Ophthalmology. Susan Vitale, an epidemiologist at the National Eye Institute, which is part of the National Institutes of Health, and her co-authors looked at a national survey that gave vision tests to Americans in the early 1970s. It was then repeated with a similar group of people 30 years later. "The prevalence of myopia, or nearsightedness, in people age 12 to 54 went from 25 percent to 41.6 percent," explains Vitale. "So that's about a 66 percent increase."
Could that mean that Americans are.. actually getting smarter? Stranger things have happened. But there you have it. But then again, maybe I should be happy about that news. To be honest I do dig a girl in glasses. You see, I feel like I'm getting a little short changed here. My girlfriend has glasses and never wears them. So totally unfair, don't you think? It's like having hot vinyl gear and not showing it off. Let's look back at my childhood and see where all this started. I guess with G.I. Joe. Yes, that real American hero show based on army men.

It all has to do with the Baroness. Does it cover all we talked about? Check, check and check. Triple check. I mean, the Baroness had to be smart in order to evade being captured by G.I. Joe all that time. Then she's got that cat suit going on and the glasses? Oh man.. That does indeed cover it all. Thanks to science, it's well known now that she was very smart.

So what's the attraction with the glasses? I do believe that it does have something to do with the brains. When growing up you see your teachers with glasses, as they are indeed the more educated ones, and it does imprint this idea about who is someone of knowledge and it's right there. It's also a little bit of that innocence that you just hope to corrupt. Yeah, that is definitely hitting it right on the head.

I hope I opened your eyes to a couple of new facts. Like the one that I'm smarter than you. Perhaps now my girlfriend will wear her glasses more often. Show off those very large, round beautiful... eyes.

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