Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News!

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News!

A new season of Doctor who is approaching pretty soon. It's almost upon us. Care to see a preview for it?

Here you go!

Doesn't it say it all? Doctor Who 2010: Lens flares, slow motion and inaudible lines! So glad RTD is gone but that was a very, very strange teaser. I have to say one thing though, I really like how Matt Smith's reading those lines.

I mean, I can understand why that teaser was so in your face. For anyone in the UK who is going to see Tim Burton's Alice in Hot Topic Land in 3D, there will be that Doctor Who trailer playing in full 3D. So the BBC had that ad be filmed to take advantage of that high tech wizardry.

I hope you noticed when the new season is coming out also. Easter! Given my birthday is only a couple of days after said blessed day of thy bunny, I'm pretty thrilled. Thank you BBC, you shouldn't have given me Doctor Who as a gift. Now don't tell me I have Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) to unwrap as well?

Now I'm going to lie, I was all against Rose and Martha being a love interest for the Doctor. I loved Donna Noble because she wasn't a love interest, she was a companion in the true sense of the word. But with Amy.. yeah, I think Amy's beautiful, but I would call you a god damn dirty liar if you didn't admit that also.

I'm actually surprised at how okay I am with the amount of sexual tension in that teaser alone. It was only a minute but that had a lot of spastic and romantic subtext-imbued as anything from the RTD era. The Doctor and his companion lying next to each other on a hill looking at the stars, and then holding each other by the shoulders and looking into each others' eyes while faces are almost touching. That makes the puppy eyes Rose gave Tennant seem subtle by comparison

And did you see The Doctor also grab Amy's boob, and there was an upskirt shot. Moffat, you filthy bugger! Did I just see a lens flare coming out of her crotch? Oh dear lord, she's got a MANGINA! She's Old Greeeeeeeeeeegg! On a related note, I would drink Baley's out of her shoe... Perhaps the phrase I was looking for is "My God, it's full of stars."

As for what was up with that head at the end? I'm pretty sure that's a Silurian. Classic Doctor Who big bad pops up again. Fun times. I have to question the whole setting of the ad. Me and the Doctor were chillin' out in a field, watching the stars and taking some crazy space drugs. Yup, that was my weekend.

I dug it until the weird end bit where the face burst out of the ground. It all seems a bit strange when you think about it. But again, it's best not to think about it. There was many times in RTD's run that you were better off not thinking at all and just enjoying what was on the screen.

There is a little part inside me that just says to forget this teaser entirely. There's really no way to top the all time best Doctor Who season teaser. That was for the series relaunching with Eccleston;

My gal just recently watched the whole of Eccleston's season again and I have to say I'm a bit jealous of that innocence and glee from watching that season. Oh man, do I miss him as the Doctor. Just imagine if they had both Eccleston and Gillan. That would be a very Scottish sounding Doctor Who show. He'll always be MY Doctor.

So hurry up Easter, come on and get here and be done with so I can get me some new Doctor Who. This nerd is jonesing for it!

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