Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Get Lost

Get Lost

Welp, I thought that I was out. I really did. I didn't bother watching most of the last season of LOST when it was on. I had been one of those OTHERS who had lost (har har) interest in the show. Then with the new season starting Tonight, I figured I would catch up a couple of weeks back on those episodes that I missed. I'd rather watch them first hand to get spoiler alerted when everyone and their mother talks about it at work or whatever. Fucking shit, I was like a crack addict who hadn't got a hit for ever. I was hooked again. Fuck you lost, fuck you indeed. So to keep this short, here's a ten minute time frame of the events of the plane crashing in real time

And if you're like me who is now interested again in what happens, I'm sure we wont have any fucking idea because let's face it, it's Lost. When does shit make sense?

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Requieminadream said...

Who cares if it makes sense? It's awesome.