Sunday, June 27, 2010

Entourage - The Male Sex And The City

Entourage - The Male Sex And The City

Well, it's time for the male version of Sex and the city to return back to television. Gather the bros around cause the crew is back for another season and from what I hear, this is the last full season that it will be on. It's your average guy's fantasy to be the super star actor who gets all the ladies and have a group of guys that hangs around you.

Here is some quick info on the season stolen from Wikipedia.
On July 30, 2009, HBO renewed Entourage for a seventh season which is set to premiere June 27, 2010. The storyline will feature Vince starring in an apocalyptic drama and among the celebrities appearing will be John Stamos, Mike Tyson, Bob Saget, Stan Lee, Aaron Sorkin and Jessica Simpson. Dania Ramirez announced on her Twitter page that she'll be joining the cast. Autumn Reeser will return to her role as junior agent Lizzie Grant. Porn actress Sasha Grey will also be joining the cast for a multi-episode arc, starring as herself in the role of Vince's new girlfriend. On June 6, 2010, HBO revealed that the storyline would include an accident during the filming of Vince's latest film, that gives him a new lease on life.Both Carla Gugino and Rhys Coiro will be reprising their roles as Amanda Daniels and Billy Walsh respectively.
Let's face it. The show isn't the greatest on TV, but at least it's entertaining. In that sort of picking up an issue of maxim and reading the stupid articles that are geared towards men and then every few pages is some half naked bikini wearing chick to just fill the quota of patriarchy

I mean, just look at the description again. Sasha Fucking Grey is Fucking Vince Fucking Chase. What the hell? What's so special about that? I've seen her get plowed by, like, 30 guys in one video and by the end she could barely open her mouth. So what makes this so special? Well, it doesn't. She's been trying to bridge the gap between porn and legit action for some time. It's just going to be kind of hard to take seriously someone whom is known famously for getting Eiffel towered, go ass to mouth and get completely plastered with ejaculation.

And even though it may seem like a story book ending in that this is the best chance to be a legit breakout star between porn and movies/tv, it's really nothing more than appealing to the core audience of who typically watches this show. I keep hearing people go on and on about how in interviews she goes in depth about her working philosophy and the way she approaches art. As if she's some smart arty chick that just so happened to use porn as her "in" to show business.

I hardly classify Cumfart Cocktails 5 as a modern day classic or by any means near "Artsy". It's actually going to be odd to see Vinnie Chase kiss a girl that is known for taking it in the pooper and then going for a blow job. Once you've seen these things... well, they sort of get branded into your mind like 1 guy 1 cup.

Not to mention that she was pretty terrible in The Girlfriend Experience. But hey, maybe playing herself will improve her acting. Okay, no. her very blank and withdrawn acting in that has to be due to years in the porn industry. That sort of acting will crush a spirit. It will drain you of all enjoyment of life and it will make you a husk of a human being.

In fact, this whole Sasha Grey's "I suck shit-coated cocks as part of my art" bullshit is a useful litmus test for finding out with porn watchers men are complete fucking morons. Let's call a spade a spade. She's on the show because the bro's love Entourage, bros love porn and she'll probably get naked without having it be at all awkward for her or the crew.. not only that, it's less work then actual porn and she has to be pretty good at faking it by now. Taking on a train of guys will do that to your soul.

If there was a character I'd want to fuck off it's E. Jesus christ, the guy is boring. The show last season needed more Vince, less E. Nobody likes E. Hell, E doesn't even like being E. The only redeeming quality of Eric is that he's connected to Sloan who plays a great characters as a behind-the-scenes controller and socialite who has a ton of pull in things. Also, she's hot.

He's flat and emotionless. Such the perfect opposite for Sloan in a sense. But still, he's the most boring character and the worst actor in the show. Now the best actor on the show is Bob Saget. I met the fella some time ago and he told me that he's back for a couple of episodes this season. Now that's something I love. He just acts like himself and it works so well;
"What if I kill? What if I kill somebody late at night? and I call you up and say 'hey 24/7 guy! I'm fucked! I just killed some guy at some crack den in the hood. Will you come down in your silver 750 and help me chop him up and dispose of it and take me home and bathe me then tuck me in?' Will you do all that for me Scotty? because I will do that for me! and keep 10% of the money that I make"
What the show needs is to get rid of E and replace him with Bob Saget. It's almost a shame that the show has limited time on the air. Marky Mark seems to be tired of bragging about his life style, as it seems. He said that in 2011 they'll air six episodes and a two parter/possibly movie after that and that will be it.

So enjoy it while you can you Entourage fans. I really don't expect this to get Sex And The City sort of movie deals. Besides, would you really want that shit to begin with? Ugh.


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