Saturday, June 30, 2018

Fucking Over Boomers By Not Fucking

Fucking Over Boomers By Not Fucking

The title is pretty crude, I know. But if you're new to this blog, let me fill you in. I dislike baby boomers. If the WWII generation was the greatest generation, the Baby Boomers that followed were the worst ones possible. In every potential way I want to say fuck baby boomers.

A new report shows that the inability of Millennials to want to have kids is going to have a very big repercussion towards the lamest generation and Boomers are going to have something more to bitch about Mellinnials about. Boomers will just complain that Millennials are so damn lazy and obsessed with Avocado toast, that they're just not having sex and generating more off spring that this whole pyramid scheme of a circle of life is.

Won't someone think of our real-estate values?

The reality is that most of my generation as well as Millennials can barely make enough to cover medical bills, rent or even food. You add in the fact that student loans are crushing a vast majority of them, it makes you wonder what's the point then.

So Fuck boomers. They have basically fucked society to the point it becomes an act of good conscience to not bring a child into this world. And now they're whining that it's going to mess with their real estate portfolios and potential retirement investments?

Go suck a dick, you assholes.

Okay, let me just throw it out there, I know many fine upstanding Boomers in this world. They're not all pieces of shit. But there's enough pieces of shit out there that I can safely say that they fucked themselves on this one. Their whole generation is a bunch of entitled narcissists that can go right on and fuck off.

Wages have been stagnant for about 45 years now, how do you expect anyone to afford the $14k a year that the average daycare cost. Let alone the luxuries of home buying for living - fuck as an investment. I just want to throw it out there, stop buying homes that you want to live in as an investment. Boomers came up with that concept of having a home as an investment rather than a place you can survive from the harsh mistress that is the weather.  But Boomers just eat up all that shit about Flip this House and other DIY television. I can't wait till the suburbs are just the new ghetto in the next decade since no one can afford to buy shit and it'll all be foreign investors.

So the complaint is that Millennials don't want to have kids. Let's face it - Kids are fucking expensive. I know those parents out there reading this are thinking that they wouldn't give up their child for the world. That's probably because you endured several years of having to literally wipe their shit off their ass, the floors and walls. So it's not so much unconditional love as it is Stockholm syndrome.

I kid. No, seriously, kids are expensive. Most of this generation will never even dream of owning a home on the way the jobs market is going. Let alone dream to be able to pay for the kid's education and upbringing for 18 years. Add in another 5 for when they move back home from that way too expensive college that gave them not much more job opportunity for. 

Boomers generally talk about generations after them being lazy. Yet they can't seem to grasp the idea that for their land of plenty generation, people just walked in to a company to ask about a job and were handed a full time gig with benefits. In today's climate you need to have a PhD in job hunting, a perfect resume for the position you pray to get and practiced interview and social skills. So yeah, I don't blame people for not wanting kids when they can barely even get a job that pays a living wage.

Shit, my generation won't even get to really retire thanks to these useless greedy assholes. The skinny of it is that if the boomers wanted grandkids so fucking badly, they'd actually support conditions that would encourage their kids to procreate. You know, like voting for nationalized healthcare and college forgiveness/free tuition programs. You can't expect a plant to grow if you're only yelling about how lazy it is and how back in your day plants watered themselves.

But, you know, they don't vote for any of that shit because they're self-absorbed assholes. Who don't really care about children and are more concerned on if they could sell their home to someone who doesn't have any use for a giant nuclear family setting house like that. For you see, we need the fresh, untainted blood of children to feed Na'thgl'rn. The Elder God of Capitalism. We better start having these babies so we can sacrifice them to our dark God of currency.

To be fair though, and giving Boomers some credit, when you think about it, it's really the goal of every generation to make life for the next generation that much more difficult. I think it's just practicing voluntary human extinction.

Sure, there's those that will wonder if it's really worth sitting around in your old age, childless, waiting to die knowing you wasted your chance to leave a legacy on earth and contribute in recirculating human DNA as a contribution to the future of your species just to have more time to travel, have brunches and be content? The answer is YES. You will be dead, so why the fuck would you care what happens to the next generation after yourself? I guess that's what causes this whole mess to begin with. That gut instinct of not giving a fuck.

In the end, there is literally nothing entitled fucking boomers won't blame on Millennials. At least I can sleep easy at night knowing that when boomers can't sell their big suburban homes to a millennial they'll just end up dying in the streets because they cannot afford the for-profit healthcare market they sure seem to fucking love.

Ultimately the lesson to be learned here is that your kids will not give a shit about you when you are old, you're better off just not creating the object of your destruction unless you happen to not have really solid pull out game and just hate money and don't mind an 18 year prison sentence.  

Friday, June 29, 2018

A Pawn Star Falls

A Pawn Star Falls

I typically hate Pawn shops. They thrive off the desperation of others in a time of need to sell something in order to make some quick cash. You never see someone walk in to a pawn shop with something if they actually had the time to sell it themselves in a yard sale or, you know, since it's 2018, sell it on Ebay 10 years ago when that was a relevant method to sell something.

It's always when folks are the most hard up and desperate to get some money to make ends meet or to score a quick hit of some addiction they need. Be it drugs, hookers or capitalism.

Anyhow, the old guy from Pawn Stars died this week. So, you know... like.. I don't know, mourn him or something?

 I can give you five dollars for this coffin it's the 
best I can do it's going to sit around for a long time

Nah, I mean, he died doing what he loved - absolutely nothing. 

He owned a pawn shop.. A damp as fuck one, at that. In fucking Vegas. That's like shooting fish in a barrel in terms of suckering people out of money in a town that thrives off human misery and addiction. He would always undercut and undervalue everything. He really was a piece of human garbage.

It's kind of funny that they would always immediately ask "Okay, so what would you REALLY take for it?", as if the low ball amount they were going to offer them wasn't just going to go back and forth. But it always caused people to drop their asking price by about half.

At least we can rest easy knowing that he's ripping people off in heaven now. He's gotta make a profit on this sale, you know. You can't blame the guy for being a piece of shit. More to the point, I also never understood why people go on the show. Especially when every single sale in every single episode has them giving people a pittance of what the actual item is worth by the admission of specialist in their respected fields.

I boggled the mind when historically significant items were just sold off with ease by that average Joe walking in trying to dump off that family passed down item.Why the hell would you go to these assholes instead of going to an actual historic collector? Naw dawg, let's forget that and just go with the pawn system. That seems legit. I guess the answer to that is that everyone in Vegas is just simply chasing a high.

Pawn Stars hit the market in the way it would appeal to a lot o viewers.  By showing someone really in need do low shit for money. Though, the family friendly version we saw wasn't what the original pitch for this shit was. It seemed pretty dark in its original pitched idea for the show. 

 Though, let's be fair, that show seemed to capture what Pawn Stars was actually like. The store was a musty damp claptrap just like any other pawn shop. And yet there is always lines to get in 24 hours a day simply because of the stupid show. The guys in the show aren't even there when they aren't filming. So I guess they took the idea of giving you shit for your priceless items and used it to take your time and return it with shit entertainment.

Thursday, June 28, 2018



I mean, let's face it, some time you have to grow up. You can't always be a Toys R Us Kid. That sort of life is just unsustainable. We all knew that. Even though I was still in my early 20's waiting in line to buy toys at Toys R Us, the news that the stores were going to close came to no surprise to me. And before you start waxing nostalgic about the times you spent there as a kid, realize the store was always a mess and border line were just used as a free day care while mommy shopped at the store next door to it. It really isn't a surprise that they are now going to way of the dinosaur.

So where did it all go wrong?  I would say that toys advanced, the company didn't and its attempt to be a little of everything in one just doesn't work in this current economic situation. Not in the world of Amazon.

On top of that, the stores were always in a mess of a condition, you would trip over kids left and right as they left the bikes and boxes all over the place. Sections of sought after toys would be vacant from the shelves and it just wasn't worth it in the long run to even go in there. As it would be fighting through a day care to just get around. If you ever wanted a better means of birth control, it's walking in to a Toys R Us on a weekend.

Another thing happened in the 20's that created a sort of bubble that was eventually going to burst. The whole concept of collectible toy market. The shit that would be bought on the shelf... or if it even made it to the shelf. I knew of stories where people would have Toys R Us employees just sell them whole cases of sought after "action figures" out of the back so they could resell them for 4x the amount. The scalping market basically made it that actually going to a toy store was pointless.

I remember when I was in my early 20's and I was dumb enough to wait in line for a midnight release of Star Wars Episode 1 action figures. Everyone was going crazy for the Darth Maul figure and the idea was that, like comic books in the 90's, that these figures would somewhat increase in value, especially since the original star wars action figures had gone up in price for resell.

I really wish time travel was invented so I can go back in time and just punch myself for being so stupid and wasting so much time and money on this whole collectors mentality market bullshit. None of that ended up being a damn and figures just sat by 

But that made the whole point of going to stores in search for these diamond in the rough pieces even more pointless. There was no need for any of that. While I met some cool people and had some fun experiences.. as fun as they could probably be, they really made it that the market for buying toys was just not sustainable.

Yes, that's right, Jeffery. Your time was running out to begin with. Pack your bags, you worthless bastard, and remember the return policy for that baggage.

I sort of say good riddance. The store, as mentioned already, was just really terribly run. They were trying to compete in the electronics department, the children clothing and baby supply as well as video games - which shitty places like game stop and others like it just rule the market.

On top of that, it's sort of karma, bitches.  Toys R Us was the top contender in the biz. It took out all the little small mom and pop shops. So much so that many toy manufacturers just stopped having show rooms in their companies because they knew they had the big clients like Toys R Us, so why bother even trying to appeal to the little smaller shops?

All those manufacturers are now fucked. They have to find a new market to sell their hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products to keep afloat. So it will be some troubled times for the time to come for all the toy companies in finding a new consistent way to move their product.

That aside, the whole concept that you will no longer have a place to take your kids to buy toys is off. There's a small toy shop in just about every market that you probably never seen, probably has a little bit more higher prices than Toys R Us would - but to be fair, their prices were terrible anyway. And most of all, you'll be helping out the local community a whole lot more than being able to go to a store where the employees hate the fact that they're paid min. wage to baby sit dropped off children making a mess of the store and never give you any sort of decent customer service anyway.

So yeah. Good riddance.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018



Today Supreme Court Judge Anthony Kennedy announced some really troubling news in the form of his retirement. He has vastly been considered the swing vote in a lot of cases, thus the 5-4 ruling comment, which is typically the case and now opens it up so that President Trump has the potential to put two hard right conservative judges in the Supreme Court with a life time position. Just more proof that elections have consequences.

 Stock image of Anthony Kennedy being a 5-4 BAD DOG!

The history of this swing voter is that he was nominated by Ronald Reagan and has been on the court since 1987. And while this news is troubling, I can at least remind you of one thing - In the last term, he's been a piece of shit "liberal" siding Supreme Court Justice. Constantly being the 5th vote in those 5-4 decisions siding with conservatives.

Let's stop kidding ourselves as liberals. He was never one of us. He's a garbage centrist who just didn't care about normal human beings anyway. Yes, we romanticize his actions because he was the key vote in getting same sex marriage approved as well as an affirmative action thing here and there. But remember that in 19  5-4 decisions, Justice Kennedy constantly sided with his conservative counter parts. I know, I know.. the law is the law. But just today as well with screwing over unions, it's pretty clear that he was just not really on the side of sanity. 

I mean, I can be pretty cynical about all this yeah, and even more so about what he hasn't done. But I can see why so many are now worried. Instead of a potentially sane "swing" Judge who can listen to reason whenever someone doesn't black mail him into siding with conservatives, this does mean that we have the potential to worry about Roe v. Wade.  Which would allow states and the federal government to out right ban most or all abortions.

We also have the potential that more challenges to capital punishment and solitary confinement will got un-rejected. Add in the potential of ruling in favor of religious challenges to anti-discrimination laws... but again, he was the moron who recently allowed that baking situation to go by in favor for the discriminatory bakery... but as well as we'll see perhaps a reverse to some past supreme court rulings on gay rights. Also, of course a big one, government actors from engaging in explicit race based affirmative action situations will just go heavily towards dictator Trump.

This all just makes me hate Ronald Reagan just a little bit more for having nominate him in to the Supreme court. His retirement wasn't much of a surprise. He has been on there since 1987.

So what happens now? I guess Trump has another sure fire in Supreme Court placement. Now the only question is if they'll just try to squeeze it in before the November elections in 4 months or if they'll live up to the own standards that the Republicans put when Obama tried to nominate. You recall, when McConnell denied Judge Garland a hearing for nearly a year because they claimed they wanted the American people to have a say in the matter with who they vote for. I guess the ball is in Leader McConnell's court on if he'll walk the walk to the talk he talked.

My guess is that it's not going to happen and we'll have a quick replacement stuffed in there before the November elections because fuck everything.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018



Well aint that American...starting a war. This time it seems the battle will not take place in the fields or in the air, but in our pocket books. Much like the timed honor tradition of any new President of these here United States, it seems like ol' Trump has started a Tariff war and, well, much like in any war, you gotta have a couple of fallen soldiers here and there.

Such as the Missouri nail manufacturer that lost half of its business in two weeks due to Trumps stupid tariff war.

The Missouri based nail company was the only major nail producer in the U.S. lost half of its business during the time the tariffs been in place. Which of course means that downsizing in the company is a given  Of the 500 employees, 60 have been laid off thus far. More blood will come, I'm sure of it.

And if they want an exemption from the tariff, they'd have to get in the back of the line of the 20,000 exemption request. This will clearly result in making America great again. No wait, did I say great? I meant poverty stricken,..

Then you have the cases like Harley Davidson. Harley-Davidson motorcycles decided to expand and create factories in Europe to get around the fact that the tariff war is hurting their bottom line. This action caused the markets to start questioning the whole tariff battle in itself, which then caused Trump to start talking shit to the company and we all know where that ends up.

The bottom line is simply money.  The company states that tariffs would raise the cost of the bikes shipped to Europe by as much as $2,200 each and reduce profits by up to $100 million annually.  But let's also add in that Europe is simply the next big market that the bike company can go towards.  And with Europe fighting back by raising the importation of motorcycles from 6% to 31%, that is basically a must for the company to do.

So that one may be a little bit of Trump's tariffs causing an opening for them to finally say "fuck it, we're making the switch", and actually expanding in Europe. Is that wrong? I mean, it's a capitalistic society, you deal with it. When you're using money as weapons, you gotta realize that it can and will come back to bite you in the ass.

Look, could Harley-Davidson not expanded to Europe? Yeah, especially with the Trump tax give away, they would have had a ton of money to use as a cushion for the whole mess. But when the White House is waging a lot of trade wars at once, it's only natural that the average consumer is going to suffer. Both in the market of purchasing those goods that they normally would not have high tariffs for, but as well as in getting jobs in the field as if it's tougher to buy a product due to economic hardship, companies will eventually suffer. 

We are currently engaged in a trade war in tariffs with China, Canada, Mexico and the European Unions. All of which responded back in kind with their own retaliatory tariffs on goods we send over. This trade back and forth will trigger a lot of unintended consequences. Don't think just because blood isn't spilled on the battle field that a lot of people aren't going to suffer greatly.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Let's NOT Do The Time Wrap Again

Let's NOT Do The Time Wrap Again

It's just a jump to the left... and then a step to the NOPPPPPPEEE!

I know we're no where near it, but daylight Saving Time is an event that happens twice a year that you never really fully understood why it happened, and you really hated that it happened anyway. Yet here we are doing it anyhow.

Well, potentially not anymore, California.  AB 807 repeals the state's 1949 Daylight Saving Time act and allows lawmakers to pass a new law making Daylight Saving Time a year-round thing. Well, if the voters agree and vote for it, of course. But even once that happens, it'll take an act of Congress to make DST a permanent thing in California.

The whole bill asks voters whether California should end the whole time jumping practice of setting the clocks forward an hour in March and then back an hour in November. It would just require Jerry Brown to sign it before June 28th and then it would appear in the November ballot. If he doesn't sign it before then, than we have to wait for the 2020 election to vote on it.

I guess the big thing to ask here and that was answered above is why the fuck do we still practice this ancient ritual of the farmers or whatever the hell we were told. I mean, because if you ask the average joe on the street, they will try to tell you it's for Farmers who need to work with the cycle of the sun and what not.

Well, that's not the case. You see, DST was originally created as a means to conserve energy during World War I. When clearly the greatest generation was out there busting their asses and taking names so we had to conserve where we could here back home. Though a 2008 study by the National Bureau of Economics showed that those energy savings are basically not even a factor anymore and we live in a modern era where that shit just isn't going to cut it.

Then during the Arab oil embargo in the 70's, the nation switched over to Daylight Saving Time in January as a way to attempt those savings. Sunrise came after the start of school day in the midwinter and that fall U.S. returned to standard time. It was a whole mess if you ask me and I'm wondering why we still do it other than habit.

In reality, studies show that when we switch the clocks back and forth twice a year, the number of accidents increase as well as medical conditions like heart attacks. Yes, that's right. People's bodies need more than a shock to the system to get used to being one hour in the past of what they're used to or one hour in the normal where you just lost an hour sleep and are more prone to accidents and car crashes. Sure enough, whenever we lose an hour in Spring, people just lose their shit and it takes about two weeks to get back to somewhat normal function.

So the pro's will be not having to change all the clocks in the house anymore. Though with modern era tech, who the fuck is messing with old stuff like that anyway? The number of car accidents and general productivity in the work place will increase as well. Crime stats will go down, and hey, the chances of heart attacks will somehow go down.

Opponents of the bill have argued that it is simply a waste of time. I mean, sound counter argument, I guess. 

 Fuck 'em. I hate Daylight Saving Time anyway. It never really benefits you either way. When you get an extra hour and 2 o'clock turns to 1 o'clock, the bars still close at that first 2am hour. So it's not even like you get to enjoy that extra hour anyway. Then when we spring forward, the whole fact you lost an hour makes everything, and I mean everything just drag ass for a good while as you curse the fucking Easter Bunny for stealing your hour of sleep you damn right deserved.

I, for one, hope this shit passes. It's due time we catch up with the brain heads like folks in Arizona who stopped bothering with this stupid spring forward, fall back bullshit a long time ago. 

Friday, June 22, 2018

Roseanne - Yes, I'm talking about this

Roseanne: Yeah, I'm Talking About It

At this point, almost three or four weeks out, it seems like this isn't even a conversation piece anymore. But given the fact that I haven't written my opinions in a very long time, you'd perhaps forgive me for being a little late to the party. I'm still catching up to the fact that I've been silent all these years.

I guess this isn't too late to talk about given the news that yesterday ABC revived a spin-off show with everyone BUT Roseanne in it. So I guess that means I had my finger on the pulse of this topic bringing it back almost beyond its life. The Conners will totally be this generation's The Hogans, and if you get that reference, you're too fucking old - just like me. But in the following topic, you'll see why ABC was in the right to do this regardless of some blowhards' racist shit on twitter, as the characters in the show touch on the real heart of America in its current state.

First off, I won't defend what she tweeted. Mainly because, let's face it, tweeting in itself is a narcissistic thing in general. Ironic as it is for me to say, not everyone should have a voice. Or at the very least the context of said voice should be known. You can tell from the tons of other post where I am coming from and if my credentials match up in being able to spout stuff that isn't just ignorant bullshit.

But Twitter and the modern age of social media has given everyone a voice and that is the biggest problem. Not every one can be trusted to have a soap box to yell shit from. You have to earn that through a long history of actually having your words matter. We live in an America that is all about putting the spotlight on one self. I'll get in to that in another post some time down the road if I continue this endeavor of writing, but let's get back to the queen of controversy. 

Look, let's point it out first. ABC is a fucking idiot to bet it all on... racism. They have known for many many MANY years now that Rosanne is a piece of shit. I won't defend her. She is human garbage who was given a voice in a grand platform and has used it solely to highlight how much human garbage she is.  ABC should have accepted the fact that Roseanne Bar has been a goddamn racist piece of shit for decades now, and yet they still allowed her to have a come back show because the risk was less than the reward of having a tent pole high ratings piece on their network.

But for the moment, we need to look inward in to what America is now.  I know, we had glory days way back when. We keep bringing them up in how we saved the French's ass in the war or how we were all about Freedom blah blah blah. But much like the middle aged fat ass we choose not to look in the mirror reflection at, we lost our way. We are no longer that same person. We allowed the worst aspect of our society, something we had for a long long long time now, don't get me wrong, we allowed that to be okay. We got out of shape and clearly aren't willing to look at ourselves and what we have become lately.

Because the show itself was a pretty harsh realistic look in to what and who we are today. A society that would rather allow the elderly to become Uber drivers in a shitty gig economy to supplement the soon to be dried up social safety net in medicare and social security. She is a highlight of what the average American deals with now. And it's pretty fucking sad.

A society that no longer cna make ends meet and has to worry about a natural disaster to flood the basement in order for the uncaring government to give out a handout in the way of... well, state of emergency funding. A society were the gig economy is the only way to get by and that means losing the power of unions and workers rights. A society were we are so knee deep in foreign conflict that it's a norm to have a spouse in active duty and have to worry about getting a window in the late hours of the morning for a child to even communicate with their mother stationed in a war we have little interest in other than what big business can make off the oil there.

There was a lot of buzz early in its run when it was stated that Roseanne would have voted for Trump. I mean, yes, I wasn't a huge follower of the show back when it originally aired, and she did have a lot of pro-gay and left leaning material in it, but at its core, that's probably the case. I say this because THAT'S WHAT FUCKING HAPPENED, AMERICA!   Blue collar workers voted against Hillary. Many voted for trump because he made a lot of nice words, most didn't actually think he'll come through with the shit he said, but they just didn't want Hillary to win. simple as that.

Then you have the liberal pleasing side. One of Becky's kids is a gender fluid, give no care about much of anything sort of attitude, and you know what, that was a pretty interesting take since I have no seen that in any sort of modern television, though to be fair, I haven't watched much of any "Modern Family" because it offended my sensibility that it was ripping off Arrested Development too much.

Then you have Roseanne's character. which.... well, is pretty much as American as it can be. She is on pain killers and riding a line of addiction because she doesn't have the means to pay for a minor surgery that will fix her knee pain. Yeah, if that's not America, then I don't know what the fuck is. Our medical system is pretty goddamn fucked to the point that folks will just take the short term over medication by big pharma than be able to ever think of affording minor surgery.

Then you have John Goodman, oh, you're a wonderful actor, my friend. But you have Dan as a contractor who has to deal with the undocumented worker situation creating a bidding market to have to cut his rates and not be able to hire his own friends. I mean, maybe it's for the best that Dan didn't get the chance to open up his small business of a motorcycle repair shop with DJ because they would have just been fucked by Trump's tariffs raise anyway. But clearly these are issues that effect the average blue collar worker and contractors to stay competitive with folks who are willing to take a much cheaper pay to get work.
Darlene's husband, real actor who died Mark, is dead on the show and she has to deal with being a widow at a much younger age than you would expect. That shit in the show was real. now she struggles in making ends meet in a shitty bartender gig. It seems pretty American.

 You have DJ. who has a bi-racial child and his wife is overseas and he's dealing with being a war vet that has to struggle with the ships in the night sort of deployment relationship that our country's struggles internationally have created. That is a rather new item to be seen in American television.

While I talked about Becky's kid a little already, it's worth noting that Becky had to move in with her parents because of financial instability and a lack of a job and a broken marriage with two very conflicting sort of children in her life. One, already mentioned and the other who is the standard rebellious type.

When you look at it, the new season of Roseanne was essentially a mirror of the American blue collar family that you would see if you go through the center part of this country. Why we didn't like it or at least complained about it doesn't seem to be mainly because of Roseanne Barr's stupidity, but because we don't want to look at it from afar and realize that this is us. THIS IS AMERICA.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Don't Tell Me The Odds -or- I Got A Bad Feeling About This

Don't Tell Me The Odds -or- I Got A Bad Feeling About This

Looks like Disney may have overstretched themselves when it comes to Star Wars stories. The box office take in of SOLO: A Pointless Star Wars Story that told us the gripping tale of how Han Solo got his blaster, his Falcon and his fucking name.... ugh. for god damn sake, why did they have to explain that one?

Was there literally ANYONE who wondered why in a universe that had last names like Skywalker and Organa ever question the legitimacy of the name Solo? That fucking sounds like the most sane name in the damn Star Wars universe.....

In any event, yes, a film that pointless had to bring up topics such as explaining what the Kessel run in 12 parsecs actually meant. Something I was okay with never really knowing much more than it was suppose to be impressive measure of time/distance to do in this Galaxy so far far away.

The problem here is that the movie just didn't really hit the mark. Like Han himself, the moment it tried to punch the hyperdrive into light speed, it gave a lame noise of failure. The film made about 84 Million in the opening weekend and so far has grossed $192 million domestically. Add in the almost $340 million worldwide, it may not have been pretty, but it had it were it counts.... well, not really for the bean counters at Disney.

Rogue One opened at $153 million and had went on to gross around $424 million domestically. So it's not like SOLO was a complete box office failure. It just failed to live up to the expectations of the past Star Wars films for factors that could include being sandwiched between Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool. The first was a film that had everyone feeling all the feels for a while after and the second was just deadpool. Can't blame that.

Maybe Lucasfilm and Disney shouldn't have put two really big tent poles next to each other to duke it out. Or perhaps, and this one is another explanation. People don't need a new Star Wars film every six months.

For as much as I was entertained by the film for what it was when it wasn't trying to fit in shoehorned answers to shit I didn't know people were asking, Ron Howard did a really amazing job at making a pile of bad intentions get turned in to a film that was alright. Sure, not worth the two hours you're going to plop down for it. But there was large hints of a sort of young Harrison Ford in the mix as well as Lando stealing the show with the magic of Donald Glover.

But more to the point, folks were already not too thrilled with the film anyway given the reaction that many had to the Last Jedi sort of throwing their precious childhood lore into all sorts of strange feels. Many questioned the level of feminist movement in it. I don't know, that was stupid and maybe they just didn't like that the direction that J.J. Abrams was going suddenly got turned on its head and  even Luke didn't act very Luke like.

It was misguided anger and ultimately left a lot of Star Wars folks feel like they were betrayed by a franchise was there for them in their time of loneliness growing up and so they didn't want to support SOLO. So there was a lot of factors in this sort of poor performance. But you also have to realize that Disney and Lucasfilm was pushing this hard because there was a scene in it using Darth Maul, back from the dead and all that shit for the first time in view of many movie on goers. So they did set up for a new sort of "A STAR WARS STORY" saga trilogy to go across many of the future films in the pipe line. One for Obi-wan and one for Boba Fett going deep in to production that is now currently on hold.

Personally, I'd be happy to see a film about Obi-wan, especially if Ewen McGregor was attached, Given that he's currently in the age range of when it would take place as well as he was the best part of the prequel trilogy.  Honestly, don't give a fuck about Boba Fett. My feelings are well known on this blog. He's a worthless piece of shit that so many morons love to worship as some bad ass despite every moment in the films we saw him in proved he was either really lucky at getting whatever he was after or just flat out the worst bounty hunter around. So fuck that guy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Doing The Humane Thing With Imaginary Lines

Doing The Humane Thing With Imaginary Lines

I walked away from writing in this blog because the news of the day was just getting to bleak, I questioned my own writing abilities to meet my standards because of essentially rejection to it. But I mean, wow. this past year and a half have been some of the worst situations I have seen in my adult life. It needs not be said that the Trump administration is stomping on everything that was once sort of okay about this nation.

As jaded as I was in even the Obama's Hope and Change administration, I'm down right sickened by what is happening now and can barely stomach listening to NPR stations cover it with this air of "this is what the normal news cycle is now". I can't deal with it.

Today Trump bravely saved us from some 60 year old policy of stripping immigrants of their children. A practice that wasn't really happening till a few weeks ago. We should all stand up and cheer this man for doing what no other president could do. Stop the cruel acts that he kicked off.

Really, it's the perfect thing. Act like a complete shit and then get credit for when you stop acting like that.. but still act like a shit.

Side note.. I know I'm not one to talk shit about piss poor grammar and errors. I mean, have you've seen any of the thousands of pieces of shit articles I have written here?  Yeah, but you couldn't spell Separate right? WTF.

What the Trump administration did was like if your neighbor suddenly decided to throw rocks at your door nonstop and when you notice this odd action of a fucking moron, told them to stop and that it wasn't right. Which they respond with  "Wish I could, bro, but it's in the HOA manual.". When pointing out that no such thing exist and they're just being a cunt of a neighbor, they continue to throw those rocks but then write in a law into the HOA manual stating that no one should throw rocks at doors again and wants you to thank them for doing something about this terrible action they decided to start for no good reason at all.

Only there is good reason as to why they went full stupid in this action. It's clearly something that comes from the mentality of the ART OF THE DEAL. Shoot big, then when big doesn't work, settle for something small, but equally stupid.

Yeah, families will no longer be separated at the boarder, but that doesn't change the fact that, you know, they'll still be imprisoned indefinitely and in camps.... for the simple act of walking across an imaginary line between parcels of land.

Ultimately they over promised god awful human rights violations and now we're only left thinking we got some victory with some minor human rights violations. We walk away thinking that we... got something?  Yeah. That's basically par the course with this new American standard and it's pretty fucking sad.

Next question one should ask before waving the "WE GOT'EM! HE RELENTED!" banner is what happens to the 2,000 children already separated from their parents and out in the wasteland of limbo of the system. If it's anything like the lost ticket I had to deal with for six months, I can't imagine how fucked this situation will be in courts in just reunification. How the fuck are we suppose to think that the process of reuniting the children to their parents will be easy or even cheap.

We complain about how much illegals are costing us in terms of tax dollars. But this whole dick swinging act and over playing of the hand to get a still shitty deal just means that we spent a lot of money that could have gone back towards the struggling Americans with social programs... or shit, if we weren't complete pieces of trash, actually accept those fleeing persecution. You know, like what the statue of liberty as inscribed in it.
Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free

Guess that shit doesn't matter because "My family came here the legal way!!1" chant coming from the local Walmart patron. I mean, "illegal" immigration is less than a century old. So congrats, you got in because of the work of your grandparents or their grandparents who just strolled right in - even though if they were to do so now, they would more likely not have met the standards and would have been turned away.

I just can't believe this is the America we are living in now. It's profoundly sad to think and makes me long to slap the jaded self of the past and tell him that it can and will get worse and to enjoy those moments as much as I can. Because... shit.  This is not the America that will prosper. This is not the America that will be seen in any favorable light to the outside world and will only bring us down.

I don't even know how this update to the Executive Order helps anything out anyway. In the end we're just detaining people seeking a better life. We should embrace those seeking help like, you know, the good ol' religious nation we all claim to be. I'm not even religious and I support helping out our fellow man in pursing that dream of happiness. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

You Maniacs. You Blew It Up!

You Maniacs. You Blew It Up!

We now live in a world where we have shitty trailers for world diplomacy. 

Fuck Me.

Fuck Me.


I don't want to live on this planet anymore.  How in the fuck.. How in the mighty fuck.  Side note, I do like the subtle threat laid in there when North Korea goes from dark to light after the nukes come back in reverse. Really heavily implicating that "You try this, mother fucka, YOU DEAD!"

In any event, I'm going to go enjoy the sunset, who knows if it'll be the last one I see.