Thursday, January 30, 2020



So I don't want to talk too much politics this year, but then again, it's a fucking election year so good fucking luck with this bullshit. Now one of the potential swing republican votes to go for witnesses has said he'd vote NO to having any witnesses come into the impeachment trial. In fact, he admitted the Democrats proved Trump is guilty. but he wants to leave it to voters. So, he believes Trump attempted to extort a favor to benefit his own political campaign, and he doesn't care. He wants Trump to be on the ballot and it's okay if he does cheat.

That's what just happened. I can't help but be crushed. Him saying that there is "no need" for witnesses on this and new evidence into the trial and damn. I mean... damn

And of course, now that Lamar Alexander has said he would vote no, Susan Collins can have the courage to the same. Republicans are always watchful for a consensus to do bad things because none have the balls to do the right thing. But Lamar sides with Trump being guilty of avoiding the politics of removing a president... which, what the hell, is the checks in this whole checks and balances. You can't have it any other way besides that.

Which is really the biggest aspect of this.  He flat out said he knows Trump is guilty. He doesn't care. He, just like Susan Collins decided that they don't have the fortitude to remove someone who believes they are above the law. And this just proves that he is. Leaving it to the voters is not the 

Which, I will just have to bring up the biggest question I have still - Why the fuck do we still rely on Susan Collins for key decisions in our country? He goddamn state literally only consists of Stephen King, a dozen lobsters, and possible a bear. She's just as bad as all the other fucking, republicans.  There is literally nothing she is useful for and I'm tired of constantly being disappointed by her in attempts to make this country a better place. 

But what this shows is that more than ever, the laws that governor us are written for the poor and common people. The rich and the untouchable will always avoid the repercussions of their own actions and choices. They will continue to get richer and more powerful off the backs of the common folk and it's just sad that we're all a joke to them.

More than ever we need to show up in November and put an end to this falsehood that is the Trump administration's attempt to be for the common people. If our elected officials won't stand up and be the voice for us, then we need to vote them out as well. This isn't a test of an impeachment of the President. This is a test and a sign of what our representatives are. 

I get the poor farmer who economic situations have passed them by being fooled by Trump's words to make America the place they remember in which they had economic prosperity. But it's a fools gambit to believe that he ever had anyone else's interest at heart other than his own. This situation in itself showed that he wanted to enrich himself in a deal, not the American people. And that's what it comes down to. 

So here we are. After two weeks of political theater and repetition of the same message, there's not even an attempt to listen to witnesses or get details from those who were close to him when he decided to hold help hostage for his own benefit. 

All I can say about this situation is.... 


Tuesday, January 28, 2020



On the last Tuesday of January lands the national day like most other national days randomly scattered along the calendar year. But today's National Day is National Plan a Vacation day. Honestly, I fucking need it.

The other day I got a letter for the Estate of my ex's mom and it sort of hit me. I mean, it's just a collections attempt and I'm used to seeing this sort of that stuff because I had to deal with it when my own father passed away a little more than six years ago and for the years that followed. It was frustrating and most of all, I was confused more so that they'd send it to me when my ex basically made sure all her mail was sent to her new place. Anyhow, I guess collections will just try to reach out to where ever could potentially be a relative.

Okay, enough of that. Just an example of what sort of shit I have been going through. On top of somehow getting a bit more emotional this year about my father's death anniversary, things have just been a bit heavy lately and I have been thinking about the weekend... or those attempts to escape the daily grind - which, I guess is funny for me since my daily grind isn't the average daily grind, so to speak.

But I need to get out. My father traveled a lot. Sometimes it would be fake business travel to places with a mistress, some times it was with my mother to far off places, especially around the next few months time period. Always traveling around my birthday, skipping it. But I have been thinking about it. I haven't done my fair amount of traveling to my liking. I talked a big game and sure, I went to a lot of places the last few years like Colorado and Florida. Most for official business or on the job sort of thing. I miss the open road. I miss the adventure.

I recently took a trip to San Diego for a day and went to places I hadn't gone to when I used to go there every month or so, back in the day. And it was fun. It was a great experience to discover new sights and to just breath in something new even if it was close by. Got to see Frank Baum's house and the Hotel Del Coronado. Which, fun fact, was the inspiration for the Emerald City. Seeing it in person, I can tell you that it did not disappoint. The fixtures, the entire building filled with wood carved everything. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

Anyhow, National Plan for a vacation is more than just some window dressing. Think about it. If you were to die tomorrow would your work give two shits about it? Do you even think that it would have a moment of silence for you? More than likely not. Shit will just move on like another day. Replace your ass in a couple of days as it takes to get background checks and applications submitted. So why give them your hard work, your time and commitment without taking care of your needs first? If you have sick days, use them. If you have time off. Use it. We are too stuck in this rat race to be seen as useful and half the time you're so not appreciated for the person who you are or the work you do. So you really shouldn't give them more than they require.

Take that day of. Schedule some time off and use it for yourself. You only live once and it's only one life to live. You may as well fill it with as many adventures and memories that you can possibly fill in your mind because you don't know what will happen tomorrow.

I'm writing this... after a long time of not writing, because I need to remind myself that the responsibilities that I take, that I'm still here for me and the life I live with be what I owe to myself. So yeah, this year will have a lot more adventures. Will have a lot more follow through to what I will do. I need to hold myself to account and I need to live for me.

So this year I will make it to New York for spring or summer. Shoot to go before it gets too hot and I will goddamn make it a trip filled with delis and Broadway shows and just experiencing things. Because hey, why the fuck not. 

I have a choice to make on making it to this trip to Cuba, but man, I'm heavily leaning towards doing it. Because when else will I do it? When else will I have the chance?  I also want to do Florida and perhaps, even maybe... do Paris. I need to check that off my list. Who knows what the rest of the year has in store for me, but that's some thing I look forward to. I need to go back up to S.F. this year because I owe it to myself to see what I haven't in a long time. And Vegas is a spot, which I don't think it's too crazy, nor is it a big trip. but I need to make it to see the Tim Burton exhibit and I need to go since the last time I went was with my ex and that wasn't the most fun experience and has some bad memories behind it since she had just lost her job and even though I didn't know it, it was the start of her decline into basically moving away from the relationship. Oh well, I still love Vegas. I want to do it right and I'm long over due for a trip that is about having fun and not about putting the needs of others before my own.

basically, that's what this is. Me holding myself to the mark and doing things for myself. For doing trips for myself. Anthony Bourdain, another man I admired and who's death hit me hard, he didn't start his life traveling till he was 43. So now that I'm in this golden years where I'm basically retired of basically doing much other than finding my own passion, It's time for me to fulfill that whole aspect where folks would tell me that I reminded them of Bourdain. I need to travel. To see the world and what it has to offer, what other cultures have to show me about themselves and show me about myself.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the year. I'll make it the best goddamn time and travel that I can possible handle.