Sunday, December 20, 2020



Honestly, I don't.  and it's not because I don't have any compassion in me to care. It's that my laptop keyboard lost the F key and now I have to mush into the gaping, but glowing area where the F used to be in order for it to register and man, I wonder how much longer I'll keep mashing into that weird little spot and it works happens.  I mean, it's not your typical whatever words per minute sort of speed to get in there and have it register. 

 So yes. I literally can't give an F if I really wanted to try. But then again, here we are in an era where autocorrect probably ucks up your sentences anyway. And that's another thing. How or why are we still into everything being spelled out neatly and having grammar matter anymore.We live in an era where technology can mess up your intent on the daily.  Or how often do you actually intend to use the word Duck instead of cursing out something?  

Yeah... didn't think so. 

We all need to chill on being grammar Nazi's and just learn to adapt to whatever is happening in the moment and if you can't understand a sentence, then perhaps as for clarity on the matter. Because sometimes you lose an F key on your lap top and you just have no clue how to replace it. I mean, I should know.  But I can't actually be sure that what I'm ordering for spare keyboard parts is going to work for my laptop. 

Which just has me going in circles and slowing down to type as I hit that F stroke.  Sometimes we just need to embrace imperfection. Some times that ineptitude is a result that something out of our control is handling it. Like, you know, when your keyboard is faulty.  I guess we just all have to realize that these things happen and maybe one day that f key will be fixed.