Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Attack on our Democracy

 The Attack on our Democracy 

A week has passed sine Trumptards decided that the only way to fight what they believed was an attack on democracy, fed with this notion that the elections were not fair.... even though 60 plus thrown out court cases and a long list of disputed claims of voter frauds have shown that it was not only a fair election, but it was the nation's most secure one ever. That's what happens when you live through a questionable Russian influenced election in 2016.

 What happened last week at our nation's capital was shameful. it was spitting in the face of being an American. When these people, who are the same one's who were appalled when a black football player took a knee to peacefully protest police brutality and was called a son of a bitch by the President, took to the Nation's Capital building, waving blue lives matter flags while disgustingly beating Capital Police officers it showed something perfectly well. It was never about backing the badge. It was always about being against black guy on the field for how dare he question anything in a manner that doesn't fit their way of protesting.

 Well, we discovered what their way of protesting was and it was sickening. Five people dead, a stain on our nation as traitors to the country acted out treasonous acts of breaking in and causing destruction to elected official's offices that they disliked. More than that, they demanded blood. To bad they were too stupid to know what to do when they got in. Much like a dog chasing a truck, the moment it caught it and not knowing a single thing on what to do with it was a perfect example. 

 But the fact that armed solider of fortune assholes broke into the capital and overtook it for several hours all at the command of the asshole president with limited time in office just goes to show you how fucked America is. We are deeply divided and the answer these men and women had was to go and attempt to subvert the will of free and fair elections by attempting to stop the democratic process of certifying the elections was just something else entirely. 

Even more, they have no concept on what damaged they did or even attempted to do. In their mind, they rationalized that they were doing it to give Trump another four years. Four years for what? Since November when he rightly lost, he has not wanted to do anything that a Presidential title entitles you to do. That it commands you to do. He has been fighting to keep a job he has no interest in doing. He likes the power, but has no desire to do anything for the will of the people. Not that it comes as a surprise as that has been his motivation for the last four years of this waste of an administration. The promise of America first has been a joke and I'm just wondering why these citizens feel like they can eat up all the bullshit that he is spouting off. 

 It's a fucking joke. 

 Just like giving the air force vet any sort of moment in the sun. She died trying to go into a broken window into another part of the capital and rightly got shot down. Look, I don't want to praise police violence. But this was not a protest. this was not a situation of action that our constitution gives its citizens the right to do peacefully. And having been in the BLM protest last summer, many of which felt like there was a heavy presence of police brutality just waiting to happen in the air, this situation just sickened me that white privilege was front and center. As if this was a situation where BLM were peacefully protesting, one step on the those stairs would have caught you a bullet.  That San Diego ex Airforce vet died a fucking traitor to the country she served and I don't give a shit about folks who carry out acts of treason. No pity from me on that.

What is also wild to me is that so many republican stooges who had planned to contest and object to the carrying out of the electoral college votes, an act that is by all accounts a ceremonial process at best, directly after Trump sent an angry mob their way to kill them, decided that one the lock down was over and the will of democracy was resumed, to continue attempting to object to the tally of the count.  Mother fucker, the asshole just tried to carry out a public lynching and hold hostages to affirm his place in power at the white house. The whole notion was to kill democrats, get rid of Nancy Pelosi, who would be next in line when you killed off Pence, which they actually were chanting outside as their intent to do, wouldn't mean that Trump gets to keep his power. This whole thing is sickening and I'm at the point that if someone tries to justify it or tries to defend it using the riots and looting of last year by fringe groups acting like blm protesters, I'm ready to just fucking punch them in the face. I have no patience for such stupid shit and straw man arguments. 


And if you think they are and proclaim "well what about when ....."  I will just tell you to shut up because that shit is not needed.  Own up to it. We're four years in, you should just own up to the fact that you back trump because you're a racist piece of shit who gobbles up all the bullshit he spouts out because you feel like you're not poor, but just temporarily displaced economically. If only it wasn't for others keeping you down by stealing your jobs - something, which, if your boss hires a cheaper immigrant to do you job, your problem is with them not wanting to pay a living wage and rather have cheap labor, take that shit up with the company.  But seriously, trump supporters typically fall in line to specific disenfranchised Americans and you need to not let assholes like trump manipulate you like that.  Because if it's not trump, it's another asshole who will use you like he did to carry out his dirty work. 

 I can't count how many duck fucks tried to blame it on Antifa.  Stop it. OWN IT.  You may not have been at the capital wrecking shit up, but you buying into trump's hate speech has gotten us here and it's all on you to stop listening to this fucking bullshit and own up to the bad image. Own up to the hate that you have believed and that you have given out in the time during trump and most of all, before. Stop this. Realize that he lost the election. Not even by a little. But by a lot. He lost with the same numbers that he won four years ago and you all decided that was a landslide victory. And believing in this steal the vote bullshit is getting you nowhere because again, there is no proof of it. You believe the lies that Biden will be some asshole  to you and bad for america and he'd bring some communist state. What the fuck are you even talking about with all that?  Again, stop eating up the bullshit that this administration and everyone who gave it a moment to put it on a platform has tried to instill the fear into you about. 

The whole notion that this election was rigged, again... if the left was going to rig it, why the fuck did we have all the down ballot close races go the way for republicans that they did? Know why? Because republicans couldn't stand trump, but still wanted to the representation in bout the house and senate. We have a situation where it's a tied senate. it came down to a very close call for democrats in that, don't think that if this was a rigged election that they would have made it that close of a fucking race. 

Ugh, I just had to vent that. because again, the scenes that were on the screen one week ago were just too much.  I mean, I haven't even touched on consequences. Because let's face it, this asshole needs some consequences to be hashed out. We have morons who basically outed themselves via social media post who are going to do a lot of pound you in the ass prison sentences for dumb shit. It's high time that the President who couldn't be told NO, Don't do that, to finally face some ramifications of his own actions.  

The check comes due, asshole.