Wednesday, February 17, 2021



As this is posted, I am not completed with my second dose of pfizer's Covid vaccine and my body is working on creating an immunity towards the corona virus. This is a modern day miracle. Created on the backs of decades of research in methods of delivering the blue prints on how to decode our DNA and give it the building blocks with RNA delivery systems. 

Some people may wonder how a vaccine could be developed so quickly, but we have seen thousands of test subjects go through heavily monitored observation as well as clinical test to show the efficiency of this vaccine in helping our immune system learn how to battle this deadly virus. It's not rocket science, but then again I guess it's just science science. 

What I'm trying to say is that when you are given the option to take the Covid Vaccine in which ever method you can,  FUCKING DO IT!  

Don't question it. Just do it. 

Currently, the vaccine is being offered to health care workers as well as 65 and older. But a lot of these healthcare workers are waiting some time to see how it plays out.

I honestly am annoyed by this. For one, if you don't want the shot right now, then step the fuck back and let someone else who wants it gets it. More than anything else, you, as a healthcare worker should know the importance of being part of the solution. If you have worries about the side effects, or fear some sort of future problem, do the research for the vaccine and learn that it is safe and effective in stopping the spread, as well stopping the potential of it mutating because it is running wild.

Some folks wonder how one shot could have the same effect on all types of bodies, and of varying weight.  You realize that vaccines are pretty much a one size fits all solution. You see, Vaccines work differently because it's not about having a certain level of it in your blood, it's about stimulating the immune system, and most importantly their immune system will react to a very small amount of whatever it is that they're being exposed to, to build up that defense for it if it encounters it in the future... and considering the amount of spread that is happening with this virus, it will see it again regardless of if you are wearing your mask or not.

Vaccines have existed since the late 1700's. And I mean, if that isn't enough for your concern doubtful self, the realization on how they work is again above. We have eradicated a whole slew of illnesses that would have wiped out a whole lot more lives. 

Then there's those who want to pick and choose which one they get because they are pretty entitled, and yes, I'm being rude but this is fucking annoying by now. as for the differences in each of the vaccines, here's a list.   But realize that the first one you are offered is pretty much the best choice because... IT'S ACTUALLY GETTING ONE!

That is the important aspect to all of this. We are trying to build heard immunity and the more people who get it, the sooner we will achieve it. Once that happens, we can potentially get back to the lives we used to be living. That is at least the hope.

The article did also point out that a black physician  is hesitant and that's the bigger issue we need to tackle,. especially during black history month.  The historical mistreatment of people of color by the medical system is a huge issue and we really need to tackle and address that and build far more trust in those communities because covid is really hitting them the worse. 

What I implore you to do is to just get whatever is offered. Currently there's two in circulation with another one just about to be released in emergency safety measures. Just get whatever you can and let's stop the spread of this and stop the mutations before we all fail and we're back to square one on it all.  Thank you

Wednesday, February 10, 2021



Let's put it this way, when a train stops, which takes a lot of energy to be absorbed to completely stop, it takes a lot to get it moving again. Such is also the case with our new world in this covid filled era.  When you pull that emergency stop lever, it's going to take us a while to get our economy back moving in the way that we were once used to. 

So many people are having trouble paying rent and bills that the stimulus that is coming from government isn't so much a relief, but more so a band-aid over a gashing wound. the average amount of people late on rent, for example, is at least in the 40%.  Times are fucking tough. On top of that, businesses are suffering. They can barely afford to keep the rent paid, let alone keep employees on payroll. The whole thing is really troubling and businesses are doing their very best to just survive. 

We needed mortgage and rent freezes. The banks have been bailed out in the past and there's nothing telling me they wouldn't be bailed out now. They could sit on those loans for a minute or two and for profit landlords could have applied for some sort of program. As it stands, there's no way that any tenant will be able to cover the cost of almost a year's worth of back rent whenever we get to the point that a eviction freeze goes away. This has lead to landlords making some tough decisions. 

Take the situation I am in. While I still maintain paying rent and doing everything I normally do?  Take for example my apartment building where I live.  The crisis kicked off and in the triplex that I have been for the last, I dunno, close to 10 years or so, the front neighbors decided to move out to Ireland. I mean, cool for them, they could do it, why not.  But that move out as well as the fact that my downstairs neighbor has had financial issues and hadn't been paying his rent on time, meant that I am now the only one contributing to the landlords pocket book on the regular.  Which, causes them, an elderly set of brothers, to throw up the vintage looking building up on the market. The property is pretty much in the 2.5 million range, and I for sure thought that the only people who would be in the market for this type of place would be to level it and build an apartment building that can fit triple the amount of tenants like the apartment buildings that have been erected around me. 

I was wrong in some sense and now my place is on 45 day escrow. What this means to my future, I have no idea. But it goes to give you an example that these tough times have some crazy side effects on all levels of the economy and that everything has a bit of a butterfly effect where everyone is at risk.  Will I be able to live here after the new buyers decide to move in a relative in one of the units? The unstable ground around me now has caused me a bit of a concern. 

I have grown to love and make this place my own expression. The amount of art on the wall... the level of care I put into it and the way that the vintage 1930's look really does appeal to me and I do want this place to be my home for some time to come. It's a bit anxiety inducing to say the least. 

We shall see, but it does seem like the domino effect and we'll see once all this is said and done, how many of those around us fall. And what sort of world we come out of with all of these crazy surprises.


Sunday, February 7, 2021



SCHOOOOOOOLS OUT FOREVER!  Look, I like musical titles. Anyhow the subject of the whole blog will be schools and how we get to the point where parents will be glad to send their kids back to the SOCIALIST program that is government paid for education that parents really just treated as a means to have free day care for their spawn during the day while a two parent household found means to pay for rent and food and bills. 

It's comical when you think about it. At the beginning of this whole covid lock down, folks were praising teachers for pivoting and being all amazing in how they adjusted and worked with it. Finally getting the credit they have long since been ignore because let me tell you, from having a sister who is a teacher and having a relationship in a past life with a teacher, the amount of work that one does as a teacher is so vast and goes well beyond the 9-5 sort of time frame that most folks assumed.  Shit, even the whole criticism that they get summer off was a misinterpretation of what the job holds.  

In many cases, they had to work for free through the night. I remember a huge amount of issues with my past relationships was that my partner was completely exhausted and I had to be the one to tell them that they should put the lesson plan down at 9pm and to enjoy some food or just relax. Because the job is that grueling.  

So now we are past that gratitude and into the "Fuck it, let's get our kids back into the school districts, I need to make money!" mood. Tired of the zoom classrooms and completely over having to do some of the heavy lifting in being the teacher to their kids in making sure they learn a thing or two. Now we're just pushing  to get kids throw back into the fire of the school system. The thing is that this covid pandemic has not equalized shit. It has highlighted class struggle and the inequity that comes from different racial branches. The upper class folks can probably go back to school because their class rooms were never overcrowded messes where they stacked 30+ kids in a single classroom.  so social distancing wasn't ever an issue. 

But look towards the inner city and you'll see a different world. One where a child goes home to a mult-family household where two or more families of 5+ live under the same roof with too few rooms to spare and basically are on top of one another. Where the child is in daily interaction with their grand parents and those who are immune at risk of covid. So yeah, some kids won't be a threat of passing it on, but the fact is that they will take it home with them and pass it on to those who it will effect in the worst way possible. 

And let's talk about those teachers who no one gives a shit about their struggles. My sister has lost two fellow teachers in this time of covid already and that's with schools NOT in operation other than via zoom or whatever video chat. And they're not even talking about making sure teachers are properly vaccinated before going into school again? With this notion from the CDC that it's okay to carry on in person school without it?!!?!?! 


Part of me feels like while it's noble to take care of the elderly over 65 folks, we really need to ramp up vaccination for those who are on the front lines every day. the essential workers at grocery stores who deal with dumb customers who don't know how to put on their mask in the first place. As well as teachers who will be seeing the grossest of the gross kids on the daily. Where getting sick is a regular thing with them when it comes to flu and every other stupid virus those plague rats seem to carry. So to me, they need the vaccine asap before ever thinking of stepping back into the classroom setting and that is without fucking question. 

That's just my opinion. You can't have that "thank the teachers" mentality with this bullshit that you want your day time freedom again and so want to throw the kids back to the classroom daycare setting. Take ownership of your child's education. Or be thankful at the overworked and underpaid task that teachers have been doing since forever and try not to just be all for the actions that will end up with their longterm illness and deaths.



 While I do not have any sort of doctor's note or test results to show it, I am 100% confident that I got covid this time last year. To say I'm a stubborn stupid idiot when it comes to taking anything for illness or even acknowledging that I'm sick is an understatement. I do not take sick days and I know that's toxic as fuck and I'm sure that perfect attendance record for school had me going into class when I sure as shit should have been home in bed resting and not passing on whatever the hell I had to my classmates.  What can I say, I was young and dumb and determined. 

 Perhaps that gives you a picture of the type of person I am. If I have the flu, I do not go for the medicine unless it's really bad and what I had last year was far worse than even that. So much so, that I went to costco feeling like death and got myself some Nyquil and I wanted to just chug it in the car. I waited until I was home, but I drank it down like I was pulling a rip from the bourbon bottle.

Around that time I was making use of my Disney pass. I was in the parks at least every other day and in those early days of Covid, I'm pretty sure I put myself in the midst of the most dangerous levels of getting it from vacation goers at the parks. What happened next was that I was on my sofa laid out in the worst way possible. I had chills and even after drinking down a good majority of that medicine and just being a miserable pile of  a mess for about a week to a week and a half. Not even able to do much between sleep and go to the bathroom. I still had to go and feed cats, but I was not in any shape for anything. Shakes, lots of them. A lot of laying on the sofa having a lot of problems breathing. Like deep heavy breaths where I felt my lungs just heavy with whatever it was that was in me. and the coughing. 

I'm pretty sure that I was a long hauler because for the next two months I had a very tough time with the lingering coughing and fatigue plagued me for a long time to come. Some friends would ask what was up with the lingering cough. But at that time it was too soon to really know that the area was filled with this sickness. 

It was not fun and it was probably the worst I have been ill in the better part of a decade. The only other time I felt that shitty was when I had food poisoning from some Carl's Jr. gimmick burger and was laid out for the week between Christmas and New years. But yes, I am 100% sure that I had Covid in that period. It checks out of getting it from a well traveled and commuted area like Disney and that sickness was just completely wicked with a lingering nagging cough for several months to follow, as well as a few other long hauler symptoms like not really being all clear in the head. Because it sure did feel like I was forgetting a lot of things and stammering through communications a whole lot more. 

 The moral of the story? I mean, there isn't one. I just wanted to share what I went through at the time and most of all display that you don't want to get what I got, let alone a worse version of it in what is going around these days in the newer variants. So if you're offered the vaccine, whichever it may be - GET IT!   I can not stress that enough. Just get it. Get it and be happy that you will most likely avoid the mess that it fucks you up with. 

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Marilyn Manson - A Dopey Show


If by now you haven't figured that this asshole of a piece of shit is problematic and are trying to defend him by saying shit like  "Wait until a court finds him guilty" or fucked up shit like  "How can I believe some vindictive ex", then you can go fuck yourself and die in the process. Please do so with something sharp. 

I recently got a nice long vacation off a social network because the news that Manson was in fact the person who Evan Rachel Wood was hinting at was her abuser for so many years, a lot of fucking idiots who wanted to defend him and bring out the example of Johnny Depp being abused by Amber Heard - I won't get into that bullshit too much other than to say that both those piles of trash are toxic and they abused one another.  But these assholes kept on with the whole mentality that perpetuates this cycle of abuse. 

In which they just assume it's one person's word against the other. Regardless of the fact that several women came out to back up that statement with their own stories on how Manson was a toxic problematic asshole who did the similar thing to them. Then you have so many former band members and Trent Reznor and a slew of others coming out to state the same thing - Marilyn Manson is just trash. fucking trash. 

Worse of all, he fully admitted to acting like a problematic pile of trash in interviews, suggesting he wanted ex's to suffer. wanted to smash their faces in. Then his response to all of this is

"My intimate relationships have always been entirely consensual with like-minded partners. Regardless of how — and why — others are now choosing to misrepresent the past, that is the truth."
This is sort of concerning, it’s almost as though he’s saying “yeah I did it, but they asked for it” when it’s clear from these women’s accounts that it was anything but consensual. 

In the case of Evan Rachel Wood, he was grooming her from her teenage years while he was 38. That in itself was a pretty fucking strange aspect to begin with. Which brings me to this - Manson's bullshit lyrics and music and his whole image told us entirely who he was. He laid the cards on the table and we took it as some sort of nonsense sexual liberation and adolescent titillation. When it wasn't any of that social commentary and it was entirely this predator displaying what kind of pile of trash he was the entire time. He was and still is an abusive trash human. 

A side note, for anyone who is spouting off bullshit about we being in a cancel culture happy society now, what the fuck is wrong with you?  No.  It's that society is now in an actions have fucking consequences culture and that's a good thing. No longer can dick bags like this guy go around and conduct predatory bullshit like this without some repercussions to his actions. Oh hey, he may have said stupid shit in interviews and everyone just brushed it off, but to carry out the mind fucking manipulating tactics that he did. No, that's not right and while the statue of limitations is well past it, I'm really glad for Evan Rachel Wood to be able to free herself of that burden in that.  Fuck this guy.  He deserves to get wellness checks by the police because his house of fucking cards life is crumbling down around him. Fucked around and found out.  
More abusers need to be outed for the actions they have done. Regardless if some shit stains will throw that old treasure chest of a "not until he's found guilty" bullshit. Because it serves as one major thing, to out those fuckers as well.  Fuck them also.