Sunday, September 30, 2018



It was pointed out to me that when describing a typical boyfriend girlfriend relationship, that I usually refer to it as a Partnership and not the gender roles of one being the boyfriend and one the girlfriend. It was also implied that I may do that because I have taken time in couples therapy in the past and that's generally how you are labeled in that setting.

It kind of was a weird feeling to think of it that way. Not because therapy is bad. The notion that couples therapy is only for a failing relationship is so outlandish, but then again mental health stigma in our culture is as common as sun in southern California.

In fact, I think that even if you're in the healthiest of relationships, you could use a trip down to the couples therapy session every now and then to make sure everything is right in its place and the two are on the same track for the future. It's like taking your car in for a check up, then again, I haven't had regular maintenance on my car in a while.

I felt a little odd that I had to justify that Partners means more to me than boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife. Mainly because all those titles have a long history of gender roles attached to them. Wife implies the home maker, the child care person... ultimately the submissive of the two. Husband and boyfriend seem to constantly be seen as the provider, the protector and the patriarchy oozes straight out of that one that it just doesn't hold any interest for my taste.

My Partner. That's what I call the person I choose to walk this life with. Because aside from "being my best friend", the significant other should be, first and foremost, your partner. the partner in crime, the partner thick and thin. To me it's not a derogatory definition. It means a lot more to me to be equals and honestly, calling the person you're spending your time and life with should be your equal.

Sometimes you will lack the ability to carry yourself. Sometimes your partner will be the one that needs the help. But through it all, you are a partnership and lifting up them when they're down should be the given. If you apply it to Girlfriend or Boyfriend, it implies that the woman should be feminine or loving and not at all in the position of power to be the strong one. The same, boyfriends and husband just gives the impression that they can't show an ounce of weakness or they'll be failing when it comes to being a protector and provider of the relationship.

These things are small, but I do think that they change the perception of the relationship and the roles in it, that should always be defined and evolve with the way the relationship grows in who has the strengths in certain areas while not always conforming to social norms. That's why I say Partnership. That's why I define as a gathering of two people to better the lives of both as exactly that. There could be weak partnerships, there could be strong ones. There could be wrong partnerships. There can be amazing partnerships.

But through it all, you and the other person are in it together as exactly that - A Partnership.

Saturday, September 29, 2018



Okay, so I went through a lot of conspiracy theories in a post a couple of days ago and I still had a slew of them more that I figured a part 2 to the whole thing was in order.  Besides, this pads out my post count for the month so I don't have to rant about some other stupid thing and can continue to make you think I'm even more crazier with these stupid conspiracy theories.

Mind you, I don't believe all of these. A lot of them I'm pulling from the sort of collective internet as the general idea of what folks believe in and what folks see as the truth to what happened. In many instances, just talking about conspiracy theories makes you sound bat shit bonkers. In other cases, it's perfectly normal ways to sort of rationalize something you can't explain. This is generally what the bump in the nights that you believe are ghost end up being. Your brain putting into place some "rational" explanation as to what that noise was, even though saying Ghost is as far from rational as possible.

So let's continue in this sort of Coast 2 Coast bullet points of conspiracies;

The general idea is that most of the people that you interact with online aren't actually "real" people. I mean, they exist. But they are mostly government tools making sure that normal citizens are forming the correct opinions in the sort of hivemind situation on stupid forums around the world. Look, I'm on to you fuckers. You can't fool me!

Though, when you think about it, shadow government conspiracies seem all sorts of cool and stuff, but the only real conspiracy that makes any real sense is that something outside of humanity is propping us all up, otherwise how can we be this fucking dumb and not let our whole world collapse under how short sighted we really are. 

The whole notion that American food companies promote an unhealthy diet is so that there is less strain in America's plumbing system, that probably is so far out of date, it would shock you. Instead of modernizing the sewage systems in most places, they just count on you having the looses of bowel movements. Just imagine, if everyone ate a carrot or two, society would just collapse and the infrastructure would just fall completely apart.

A while back when Hawaii got that nuclear warning message and to seek shelter, it was actually North Korea firing a missile at them and it was quickly intercepted by our missile defense. To prevent the cries for war and retaliation for this act of war, a union state employee was blamed for the whole mess and was "fired" into a nice retirement package with a huge chunk of land in Kauai.

I'm just not sure if I believe in a specific theory about the whole JFK assassination as a whole, but I don't believe Oswald did the whole thing alone. How come when Lee Harvey Oswald was briefly questioned on TV, he said things like  "I don't know what's going on, they haven't said they charged me with anything and I haven't killed anyone or committed any act of violence."

Typically in an assassination of a hugely political person, and on screen in front of literally the world to see, the assassin would take every opportunity to grandstand their grand manifesto on why they did it and who made them (usually God), instead of acting completely confused by everything. It's just really weird in the grand scheme of things. Also, strange how he was murdered in broad daylight, surrounded by cops, during a televised prison transfer and Jack Ruby's excuse of "Gee, I just wanted to spare a widow a trail!" just seemed.... well, off.

On a lighter note, the piss tapes are totally real and I'm sure that in this modern age of technology, will be around once Trump is... well, read above or tossed in prison.

There's this notion that the whole situation of Jonestown was something else. Especially that something else happened with Jim Jone's brain. If you weren't aware, he shifted from a civil rights and social justice leader to the head of a cult of personality who abused his followers, moved them all to Guyana and then forced them to drink the kool aid, which had poison in it. My guess is that it could have been some brain trauma or a natural tumor or a neurological disease, but then I wonder with the FBI fucking with civil rights leaders at the time, if someone maybe brain fucked with Jim Jones. I know he took a lot of drugs, but there's some indication he may have been self medicating for some kind of pain with unknown source. Yeah, this whole paragraph sounds crazy as fuck, but it may just be my way of rationalizing a senseless tragedy of the whole thing. 

Finally, "Aliens" and "Ghost" are pretty closely linked and are both manifestations of the same sort of energy. Nobody who ever died has become a ghost and no alien life that would have visited Earth ahs been seen or interacted with humans. But there's some kind of psychic energy out there that links the two things together. They may very well be both manifestations of a shared subconscious.

Think about it in pop culture. Alien encounters started off as strange shit. You had aliens that were giant metal boxes attacking earth and little green men, also turning women into giant blondes who attack small towns out in the middle of nowhere. All kinds of strange stuff, then the whole grey alien becomes the pop culture norm of the era and slowly every single alien encounter involved them anally probing some red neck.

Ghost have a very similar set of standards. If you read about them in ancient ghost encounters from the 1800's, you had ghost sticking their hands in people's butt checks, flicking noses and playing musical instruments and shooting ecto plasma all over the place.  As time progressed and their popularity went up, ghost encounters became "there's a bang on the wall, oh shit, a ghost!" and now that's the encounter everyone sort of bullshits with. 

You could just state that crazy people are just coping with generic story telling and the majority of these encounters are that exactly, but there's a small chance that people who really experience some weird ass psychic events but frame it as a spooky ghost or ass probing aliens is doing so because that's how the mind processes it. 

Well, there you have it. A lot of conspiracy theories to play with. Many of which are just bat shit insane and fun typing. Some... .maybe I'll get killed for.

Friday, September 28, 2018



The classic statement of "You come at the king, you best not miss." often indicates that your attempt to knock out the reigning champ is not going to be successful. Well not in this case.  The Red Delicious is no longer the best selling in orchards across the nation according to the U.S. Apple Association.

Good Riddance, I say. Red Delicious was everything that was wrong with America. In putting how it looks and how shiny it is in front of better and more important factors when you're choosing an apple. The blandness and flavorless garbage of Red Delicious was exactly the opposite of what it was called. But folks still bought it because we are a society that puts looks above all else.

How the fuck was red delicious ever the best apple? That flavorless piece of trash was never good for anyone!  It was the basic ass bitch apple. I bet not even doctors wanted to see that shit. Give it to your teacher? Naw dawg, you flunking this shit.

It should have always gone Honeycrisp > Fuji > Gala > a nasty ass sock >>>>> Red Delicious. And if Pink Ladies were in season, then they would go toe to toe with Honeycrisp without question. I mean, I guess what I'm trying to say is it's always nice to chomp down on a deliciously juicy Pink Lady.

And yes, you can say PHRASING right there. It was intended for such that.  But at least now The Gala gets the top spot and Red Delicious slumps down to second. Granny smith is still third, but by 2020, the Honeycrisp may very well crack the top 3 like it should. 

The Red Delicious was all flash and no substance. It is the most pretty to look at and it just has this appeal that makes you wonder how goddamn amazing it will be when you bite into it. But chances are you'd rather want to find a worm in it than have to actually eat any of it. They were flavorless and pretty awful. They were the cartoon of apples. Perfectly unblemished skins, so that they would always look good to shops trying to sell the fruit. It's what you gave your teacher as thanks for the effort they put on you. But like any sort of caked on make up sort of thing, you really didn't want to see what it had under the hood.

Not to mention that the skin was always too tough to bite into and it had a way too sweet taste to it. The main issue behind its beauty is that red delicious had almost no flavor at all. Which is also why it's somehow of a paradox to the market it is in. It's alluring, yet completely undesirable. It's the most produced and arguably the least popular apple around. The McDonalds of the burger world. Really everywhere you turn you'll see one, but they're just so nasty to eat that you wonder why.

It's really a perfect example of the American food industry. The whole purpose is that they think folks will not buy something that is not perfect and pretty to look at. You put bruised or slightly ugly fruit on the shelf and you won't sell it regardless in how delicious it is. But you have to make it pretty, even at the cost of the flavors and taste and then the average consumer will buy it up like there's no tomorrow.

But hey, at least we're wising up. At least I'd like to think that we are.

Thursday, September 27, 2018



I like how it seems that everything now a days you have to pick a side to and stick to it. You can't be a Beatles fan and an Elvis fan. You have to pick one. Or in the case of drinking alcohol, you cant be a fan of macro beer or and micro beer. You have to pick one or the other and the line in the sand is drawn in front of you.

I don't understand how having interesting tastes and various strengths of alcoholic beverages is a bad thing that bud fans would totally piss and moan that craft beer exist and that those who enjoy it must clearly be some asshole elitist. There's like a couple hundred thousands craft beers to choose from of all varieties, so saying craft beer sucks is like saying food sucks, it taste bad!"

On the flip side, depending on where you live, your options for craft beer may be limited. Not to mention where you are drinking. Most sporting venues have huge contracts with the big companies. So you'll probably won't see them carry a wide selection of options outside the bud and coor's options. I wouldn't call them crap anyway. Sure, it's a lot more watery than what you're used to with a thick stout from a local craft place, but you have to respect the consistency that a company has in making a beer taste the same in California as it does in New York despite water variations and other factors like weather when it comes to making a beer.

Factor in that it's also fall, so Cider season is going to be blasting off in full effect. Though I'm sure there's even some who think that's a load of shit in itself.

Anyhow, the biggest thing I like about the whole craft beer thang is that it's really very seasonal. You get all sorts of cool stuff that pairs with the weather and may not have the big enough pull year round for the breweries to release under different situations. Right now it's really hot in Southern California, and a super light lager and pilsner or single IPA that hangs at around 4-5% ABV is the perfect thing to drink.

When Autumn gets full on, Marzens, red and brown ales and rye beers really hit the spot in getting you in the mood for that coming of winter. Strong beers keep you warm by numbing the senses. So you can really develop something that goes along with the season in terms of how you're eating. It's very similar to how you would cook with the season in terms of what is offered in your local market or farmer's market. And it's a good indication to see what season it actually is, especially in a place that doesn't really do much in terms of marking the passing of one season to the next.

And yeah, I get it. Pumpkin beers are not looked highly upon. They're the basic of the basic in terms of flavors, but you know what, they sell. So why the fuck not. I'm not going to sit here and say "Those people are enjoying something I do not like. This will simply not stand! As I crack my knuckles and begin to type some rant.

Everyone enjoys something different. Its the nature of life. So you drink what you like. I drink what I like and we're all one big happy... place.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018



There's a few things to consider now that Bill Cosby has straight up been found guilty for being the worthless piece of shit he was and raping women by means of drugging them.  One thing is that he's probably going to die in a prison ward hospital. And honestly, that's perfectly fine.

Then again, it's also good to know that he got labeled a 'Sexually Violent Predator' by the Judge. Whatever else happens and however many years he actually does of the 3 to 10 years due to his money and status, at least that label is not going to go away and The Cosby Show will never see another day on screen. 

Because, to tell you the truth, I thought he may actually avoid prison entirely on a mistrial. At least my jaded "people with money straight up don't need to follow laws" mind. But to find out that not only has he been found guilty, will do time, but he isn't even going to be allowed any time between now and when he needs to start his incarceration - man, I'm really surprised by all that.

I do find it a bit ironic that Bill Cosby, a beloved film and tv actor, can be held liable for a sexual assault from 35 years ago - Yet the man the GOP wants to sit in the highest court of the land, The Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh can't be held account and it's just stated as "Boys will be boys"

Then again, Cosby is black. I got to remember that we're still in America. I also have trouble writing about this because I am, self proclaimed, backed up with actions and philosophy, a feminist. Which being male, can always seem problematic or at least your motives are questioned. There has been too many wolves in sheep's clothing type of situations where a douche bag pretends to be a feminist just to get in good with women. That classic "I'm a nice guy" but really they're a piece of shit jerk who just feel entitled to something, type of people out there.

There was a vice writer who wrote articles under the moniker The Male Feminist by day and then choked and punched women by night. And yes, I understand that this "New Batman" sounds fucked up - Sidenote - Even the promise of seeing Batman's dick didn't get me to buy the newest Batman comic. This must truly mean that I'm over comic books as I'm reaching my 40's. My dead dad would finally be proud of me, I guess. But the whole idea while I write this that basically my "feminist" credibility could be questioned is what makes this situation so sad. 

Cosby, by some account, had about 60 accusers who came out to say he raped them. Just imagine that shit. 60 times this piece of shit drugged women and assaulted them and the sentence he got was 3-10 years. That really doesn't make me feel like society has any value on the safety of women and even more so, doesn't see it as lives destroyed. Same with the Supreme Court nominee. How, as a society can we really value one another as people when we treat the majority of the population as if it doesn't matter if they're sexually assaulted.

It's just sad and I can go on about this shit, but let's just end this with me saying that Cosby's publicist is one of the most vile human beings I have ever seen.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018



So I have been up late watching a lot of the X-files. It was a show that I really loved growing up and it... well, it hasn't always aged well, but it has constantly had a standard that I enjoyed in terms of conspiracy theories and the like. So I figure with it getting closer to October and all things spooky, what's  more spookier than "the truth", or at least the conspiracy theories that many believe in.

I'll just run through a lot of conspiracy theories that may or may not hold any weight in the grand scheme of things. It's up to you, the viewer, to see them for what they are, or to believe the lies that a corrupt government has been feeding you in spoonful of lies.

Remember, even Scully was a skeptic to all this shit until she was abducted and probed and had some strange alien freaky baby that well, who the fuck can keep up with the core story arc of that shit, I always liked the stand alone episodes far more.

Anyhow, the conspiracy theories that are out there such as "Paul is Dead" or "Kubrick filmed the apollo landings on a sound stage" and "the grieving parents' dead kids were actually holograms turning the frogs gay" or "That chick from Singled out told me I shouldn't vaccinate my kids against rubella so he doesn't get autism, I swear, the boob chick gives me good health advice" just make you wonder what crazy thoughts are out there in terms of what people actually believe. So here's a collection of theories leading to a spooky time of year. 

Off the bat, there's always the notion that Hitler escaped to South America, where he lived the rest of his days out drinking whatever the fuck you drink in South America. I don't know what it is, I'm no expert, but the folks on the History Channel can't shut up about it half of the time.

As listed above, the government is clearly putting chemicals in the water to turn the frogs gray. I don't know why they want them gray and not green. Don't ask me, that's probably a side effect of having so much metals in the water. Just ask Flint, Michigan. I'm sure Michael Moore can't shut up about it. 

Even though I loved the X-files, I don't actually believe it was an alien spacecraft that crashed in Roswell, NM. But I also don't believe it was some weather balloon for a second. Though, I guess a sort of high elevation radar device attached to a balloon for the long range detection of nuclear missiles could be it, either way, it was some sort of shady shit that the government was all too happy that nut bags thought it was aliens since they were in the middle of this sort of advance in technology and didn't want the Russians knowing what they were actually working on. To the point that I think they actually admitted as much many years later but no one seemed to give a shit because they sure liked all those tourist dollars that were coming in because of it.

Oh yeah, about that Stanley Kubrick theory, I'm pretty sure it is accurate that Kubrick was hired to direct the footage of faking the moon landings, but the dude was such a perfectionist that he just flat out insisted on shooting it on location.

This one is a big one and I'm pretty sure I'll get flack for it. But the government allowed 9/11 to happen to justify implementation of the Patriot Act and the cultural shift that came with it leading us to where we are now. I'm not entirely sure about the other aspects of the whole situation that went down during 9/11, but I'm pretty sure that a plane didn't hit the side of the Pentagon. That one just never made any fucking sense to me. I wont get into all of it with the Pentagon. You can easily google that shit if you feel like reading about it. Majority of it is dumb as fuck, but it really doesn't add up proper on that one aspect of it.

Mind you, I'm not saying the government orchestrated the whole situation, And I am not one of those who will say that the twin towers were controlled demolished, but the explosions people were hearing was molten aluminum coming into contact with the water from the firefighters. In which case, Molten aluminum explodes when you add water to it and each plane was made of tons and tons of that shit. Doesn't mean that the plane strikes weren't part of the conspiracy though, and if there was one, I'm guessing plane strikes would have probably been enough to get us to the point where we fucking take off our shoes at the airport for some unknown goddamn reason.

Attacking the other side of the political spectrum now - I'm pretty sure that Osama Bin Laden, who was pretty well known t be in poor health prior to the whole 9/11 situation, died of natural causes in late 2001 and was buried in an unmarked grave out in the desert. This was stated and confirmed by CIA agents who had arrived to visit his death bed in Kandahar shortly before the US invasion began in full effect.

The Bush administration didn't really mention all this shit even though it was reported in some local media and a few other western news outlets quickly discredited the claims and moved on to a portraying him as an elusive ghost who lived in some crazy series of cave mazes and bunkers. The administration planned to use a fabricated attack by US special forces to claim he was killed in a raid before the 2004 election to push support for the wars and help win a second term, but decided to hold off and keep the plan in reserve for a future use. Especially since Saddam Hussein was captured in December of 2003, so there wasn't much use for that whole plan of attack.

The Obama administration, dealing with backlash over the great recession from the occupy wall street movement and dealing with their own reelection battle in the coming year decided to put out the original plan into action. Initiating reports claimed he was killed by a helicopter gunship, but that story was quickly changed to an epic special forces raid that had a Hollywood level sort of production packed gunfight and daring escape from Pakistan state agents. The movie practically writes itself and you saw it all on screen. They then "buried him at sea", which come the fuck on, really? REALLY?! and released a single picture of some random dude with his face conveniently shot off as proof of their claims. I don't know, that one just didn't sit right with me and I wonder what exactly is the bullshit behind all of that because it sure as fuck stunk to high heaven.

I'm also pretty sure that when the doctor hits your knee to test reflexes it's actually just a test of suggestibility and deference to authority. 

When you think about it, there's really no good reason for Marijuana to be illegal. It's illegal simply because of racism. The government cracked down on opium dens that sprung up during the railroad constructions and they just didn't want to seem to be picking on only Chinese laborers, thus they outlawed marijuana and other stuff at the same time to prevent alternative methods of tool making, especially from hemp products.

Not to mention that it increased incarcerations in minorities a great deal. High numbers of them is basically needed for legal slavery in shitty paying prison work. So yeah, totally racism, but there's way more layers to that onion that I could spend many different blog post about.

Speaking of which, I wrote a lot already in this one piece, so how about I take a breather, take off my tin foil hat and come back to this subject in a few days with more conspiracy theories to tell in the dark... when the government turns off your power.

Monday, September 24, 2018



I have to say, the old gmail was nothing but a simple grid and you clicked on boxes and handled your shit. It was fucking good and simple in terms of how you dealt with your email. Google pushed out a new one that is completely filled with bubbles and all this bullshit. I have to wonder if this is some sort of web 2.0 sort of nonsense cause the last thing I want when it comes to checking something as simple as my fucking email is bubbles, circles or any other sort of polygon that has a vertex other than 90 degrees.

This is why I am still using blogger. I like old shit that doesn't change. Not even a new code on here to break the way things look and make it updated for some unknown reason, as if updating something makes it better. I haven't updated half of the apps I have running on my phone and they work just as fine. Updating shit is just a tool the devil uses to get you, I say.

Worse of all, every time I try to delete an email, it now sort of stalls and freezes. As if my old ass laptop just can't handle this new world of high tech updates. I just wonder if one day the shape of cans will change and you'll have to find a new can opener and we'll all just starve to death because fuck you change.  But seriously, the new update on Gmail is goddamn awful in every possible way for no reason other than to stay on the cutting edge of looking like it is fancy or some shit.

I constantly think that instead of changing things, companies should just keep them the same and give people far more time and more of a chance to figure out how to actually use them. Look at Microsoft Office, what the hell was wrong with everything being in the old drop down menu style? Nothing! Having a new menu layout and more shit as icons doesn't make it easier to use, you just have to learn things are in one location vs another now.

Take for example the new apple podcast app on the iPhone, it's a complete piece of shit and functions far worse in every possible way compared to the older version. it's as if these companies web developers realize that it has been X amount of months since they fucked with something pointlessly and rush to get some newer uglier shit out there in the event that their boss might start asking why they are paying these workers.

In the end it just substitutes one inconvenience for a new inconvenience. For example the whole notion of replacing rabbit ear TV antennas with digital signals, you won't worry about bad reception, but you'll have to start worrying about buffering and glitches. The tools change, but in the whole scheme of things, the convenience to inconvenience ratio just stays the exact same.

Then again, I could have just clicked the little gear to open the settings and change it back to the old Gmail layout at any moment, but then I wouldn't have written this long ass old man style rant, now would I?

Sunday, September 23, 2018



Today I am in Denver. I came to Colorado for a beer festival. One unlike any other beer festival I have been to. Let me tell you, in my "craft beer" drinking profession, I have been to a lot of beef festivals and this was one not like any other.

But that is a story for another day. What I'm here to talk about is Bourdain. He said he didn't like Denver. In fact, it was a statement he later took back, but he was on the stance of never making an episode there based on a trip in 2002 and finding it lacking in quality food during a book signing experience. Eventually he back peddled on that a bit and put in his time in Colorado in an "American Heartland" episode of No Reservations.

Here I stand after a few days of enjoying what the city has to offer in terms of food and nightlight and I have to say, things must have changed greatly since Tony proclaimed the city was not worth the visit. And sure enough in that No Reservations episode he did two locations that looked like the city was in the swing of making a big difference in its scene.

What's the point of this blog post? Since it is a far cry from the post I have been working on for several months in remembering and talking about the man who inspired to write, eat and travel in the way I do. It's just to tell you that CNN's PARTS UNKNOWN returns tonight in the final episodes that Tony filmed before he committed suicide.

I have yet to write my piece on how that effected me and how I'm still hurt whenever I see an episode of his shows, thinking back on how much of an impact the man meant to me. But I will say this, I'm looking forward to the final pages of this story that is Bourdain's travels.

So hey, a blog that wasn't filled with much content, but with a piece to say, let's watch Anthony Bourdain travel around 8 or more places one final time. Conclude the life story of a man who was an influence to many and an inspiration to the traveling soul.  I'll share more about my time in Denver another night.

Saturday, September 22, 2018



I always wonder why in the films whenever they're about to kill some one by lethal injection, do they rub a cotton ball with alcohol on the spot they will poke them with the death stick. I mean, it baffles me that this is actually something that happens in real life. Wouldn't want you to get an infection when we poke you with your last needle.

Anyhow, aside from that sort of oddness, I have to wonder why the whole concept of lethal injections seems so complicated to the point that many prisons had so much issues with them either not working or even getting the proper ones that are approved. You think that the amount of drug choices is vast out there that a combination would be a quick and humane way to take someone out but then again here we are. Odd since we seem to humanely put down pets all the time.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that we can't find prison workers who are experts at things like IV access or medication administration for whatever reason, but I think it's just a strange situation all around. I guess the problem I face is that maybe I'm making the assumption that they want to be humane at all. We view inmates as a sort of not human, and even to the point that they don't deserve that three hot and a cot that our tax dollars provide them, and if they're on death row waiting for a needle injection, then they aren't even animals worth worrying about how they get put down.

Perhaps the best way to solve all this is to just flat out ban the death penalty altogether. But then again, that isn't going to happen because we live in a society that regardless if their life guide book says an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, they still want that sweet sweet taste of vengeance towards anyone who committed a crime.

Let's face it, if they didn't want people to suffer during the whole process, they'd just have tthem inhale some inert gas for a while and go out like a sleeping baby. the whole concept of the lethal injection is both to be the means of execution and to have a tad bit of torture tossed into the mix.

And torture them pretty efficient if you ask me... 

The state had used pentobarbital, a barbituate, but manufacturers have largely stopped selling the drug to anyone using it for executions.

In January, the Tennessee Department of Correction adopted a new protocol for lethal injections, relying on a three-drug mixture intended to put an offender to sleep before stopping the lungs and heart.

In practice, executions using the drugs in other states left offenders in clear, protracted agony, if not alive. During executions in Oklahoma, Arizona, Ohio and elsewhere, midazolam — the drug intended to render the offender unconscious — failed to work.

Tennessee corrections officials knew this could be a problem, according to documents obtained by the USA TODAY NETWORK-Tennessee that are also cited in the lawsuit. In September, a supplier noted potential problems with midazolam in an email to Tennessee prison officials in

"Here is my concern with does not elicit strong analgesic effects. The subjects may be able to feel pain from the administration of the second and third drugs. Potassium chloride especially," wrote the supplier in an email.

"It may not be a huge concern but can open the door to some scrutiny on your end."

The second drug in the mixture, vecuronium bromide , essentially paralyzes the offender. That means the offender would still be conscious but potentially appear as though they are not feeling pain.
That is really some fucked up shit. If I actually believed in an afterlife at all, but just wasn't sure about the details of said place, I would have some concerns about entering it in a pure state of agony. I mean, I'm sure the mind, at that point, just zones you the fuck out of there and you're in a blissful state of nirvana forgetting everything because of the levels of pain your body and mind are going through. 

So we land on the simple fact that they just don't care or they just don't want to because they enjoy inflicting an agonizing death upon someone who they see as guilty of a sinful act. That because their actions are officially sanctioned with no legal ramifications, they are above it all. Then again, you probably can't expect Arkansas to figure out concepts like "science" and "decency", and I'm pretty foolish for even thinking I should.

I just don't get why we still use sodium thiopental and potassium chloride to kill people when they could do a lot better by just pumping them full of morphine or fentanyl. I know Nevada was working on a fentanyl system to kill someone. Hell, just pump them full of what the dentist gave me when I had my wisdom teeth pulled out. I was happily out of it and was not aware of the dentist jack hammering into my jaw. You probably could have slit my throat while I was doped up and I would have never known and just slipped away.

So in short, I'm anti death penalty, mainly because it cost a lot more to kill someone than to just lock them up for life. On top of that, it's not really conducive to a civilized society to do so. But if we're going to be barbaric, at least can we class it up some?

Friday, September 21, 2018



There's a lot of tough choices to make in this life and one of them is the basic choice on if you should take on your constitutional right in baring an arm like your founding fathers decided you damn right have the ability to.

So it's high time you ask yourself one simple question - Should you buy yourself a gun? This helpful blog post will run down some of the situations that you may find that you need to shoot something until it stops moving in either the direction towards or away from you.

First off, ask yourself if you live in a forest and want to make hunting easier. If the answer is yes, than buy a gun. if it's no. then perhaps you should have a better reason to buy a gun prepared.

Maybe you can start by buying the bullets and seeing how you feel. Then if you like them, perhaps buy other parts of the gun. Slowly though, you don't want to rush into this decision. Go with the trigger last or else you'll just be clicking that thing all the time and getting annoyed with yourself. In the end you should shoot them around a bit. If you like that, then you could totally give a grenade a try. But make sure you pull the pin out first and see if you like it. Then buy the whole grenade. It's really the best way to purchase anything.

On top of that, make sure that it is super impractical. I know, that doesn't sound productive. Neither does buying a gun. The more impractical the better. This way you get style points for holding it and you never have to shoot it because it's intimidating enough as is. I think that the pistol-grip shotgun is a cool looking piece, but I'll bet that they're just not very easy to shoot as other shotguns. In reality, they probably have terrible recoil and are harder to aim. They absolutely look so much cooler holding, so the obvious answer here is to buy that specific one.

Another helpful tip is to go to the gun store right before closing. They'll just discount heavily on the day old guns. That's if you even want to buy a gun. With the way modern technology is these days, you can just 3D print one at home.

If you're going to buy one, you should probably consider going a bit classier with it and getting a WWI artillery cannon instead. They're a bit pricier, you can't conceal carry them or anything, but people will take you a lot more seriously if you drop the cash for it. Just think of it as the ultimate dick swinging gun.

"I own a gun and don't suffer from erectile dysfunction and small penis syndrome."
-Said by nobody ever.

I get it, the need to own a gun if you live in America is goddamn huge. You feel otherwise worthless if you don't have something to go BANG BANG with, but let's just say that if you smash in some heads with a bat, it's 10x's more satisfying than just pulling a trigger. Stop being a pussy and do what you gotta do.

I guess if that thing you gotta do is to buy one and do something incredibly reckless with it, than so be it. You can then jump in to the world of being an open carry enthusiast, maybe start your own Youtube channel about being a worthless piece of shit gun nut. It is your new thing after all, so jump right in to it with both feet and have a blast with it!

See what I did there with blast? Yeah. sorry.

Just realize that at this point, I've probably killed more animals with my car than with my guns. So they probably should offer licenses for driving.... or at the very least outlaw cars. Maybe then we should use guns for transportation instead, so you'll just ride it like a Harry Potter broom and then jump up and shoot it behind you allowing the force of the shot to make you fly forwards. You know, it's basic physics in all of this.   

Thursday, September 20, 2018



I don't usually go to Subway because I generally don't like to support the arts and sandwich artist just seems like the worst of the liberal arts degrees that you can get. But I found myself hungry and decided to go in to one and made the mistake of getting a meatball sub. Probably the worst choice you can make at Subway.

Why, you ask? Well, I don't know if I fully grasp the concept of math, but you have a 12'' subway sandwich and you put only 8  1'' meatballs in to it, wrap it up into the paper and give it to me like some child who is proud of their shitty crayon drawn piece of art? I'm sorry, but you can go fuck yourself.

You should have taken a couple more math classes in between your liberal arts degree. And for those who aren't understanding the joke, for a while subway employees were called Sandwich artist. Okay, let's move on.

This shit sort of makes you wonder what sort of scam Subway is trying to pull on you. I mean, the scam already is that the sandwiches really aren't that good and holy hell, are they not healthy by any means after you dumped a shit ton of sugar filled sauces and other crap along the way to the finish line in making it. Sure, not Chipotle levels of unhealthy, but still enough to wonder what the fuck were you thinking when you assumed you'd have a healthy lunch option going here.

Yes, I am aware that I'm being a fussy eater here. I mean, it all literally ends up turning to shit. But I had half a mind to give them a stern look and yell  "BALLS!" at them in increasingly louder voices until they put at least two more of those saucy bitches on my foot long. I don't care if this whole 8 ball policy comes down all the way from Subway corporate, I demand satisfaction.

Oh, some of you will point out that you need room for the marinara sauce and cheese. But come the fuck on, that lava mild liquid can't possibly occupy the space of four meatballs. I am also aware that if you put four more meatballs on it, it'll sort of be a precarious situation of having a meatball go over the cliff. I say to you, challenge accepted.

This leads to a bigger question that I should have asked about at the time. Subway offers double meat options for an increased amount of cash, I wonder if they have attempted to do a double meat option for meatballs. I did discover that you are allowed to add meatballs to any cold cut sandwich.  Sure, inexperienced sandwich artist may not know how to tackle this strange feat, but if you are compelled enough, you can argue with them and fight it up the chain of command all the way up to corporate.

They will relent and provide your food desire needs. Even if they try to rip you off on the fact that you get only 8 balls for your 12'' sandwich. This is like the whole 8 buns for 12 hot dog wieners situations that grocery stores have been behind this entire time. I just wonder where it will all stop. Who will stop all this madness?!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018



Something you should know - Costco has a website. I mean, it's some website indeed. If you want to order a month's worth of rations, well sir. You can get it there. If you were in the market to buy a Mustang themed pool table. Man, does have some amazing $11,000 pool table needs to take care of you with.

Their website has some really weird problems though. Like, it used to always link me to the Canadian Costco despite my US settings and being closer to the other boarder. They also do offer free shipping, but you'll notice that the price of the item has increased over the price of what you will see it at in store.

On top of that, the website has a lot of items that the store simply won't carry. Much like that Mustang themed pool table. So in many senses, the website can be a little janky and clunky. though.. now that shit is goddamn amazing.

The last minute cruise deals are pretty fucking amazing. Being near a port, the Alaska cruise terminals just down the 110 freeway means that you can make a decision on Thursday or Friday for a quick week off on vacation on the real cheap. 

On top of that, Costcotravel covers you in ways like only a condom does. Shit is strapped on so tight and well, okay, let me start this over cause this got really strange, really fast. Costcotravel really does go out of its way to make sure your trip is top tier quality. You can rent cars through them and it has full protection and coverage on anything that happens to it.

Basically, Costco travel is some awesome stuff and you should be using.  Man, Costco needs to start paying me for this paid content.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018



Well, by now the Hurricane Florence wrap up has probably all finished up with the clean up and I'm sure FEMA, fully funded with their money has helped everyone. Time to look back at this silly Hurricane with the storm surges and what not to see the comedy in it all.

Take for example this kind gentleman who decided to open up his house to those who had no where else to flee to. Really doing the lords work, if I must say so myself.

That... is creepy. I mean, man. That's a face that screams run away. Stranger danger. It's a Cat 5 Creeper. But hey, ladies, who's up for some... ugh, I can't even anymore. that's just... wow. 

Then there's this photo of the chaos.

That there is one high quality table.  But um, excuse me, excuse me, mister tree, that picnic table is RESERVED!!!

I think it was a good indication about how bad the hurricane was when the Summerville, SC. waffle house was still open at 5am on the day the Hurricane made landfall. That is a better gauge on the threat level. Sure, grocery stores are all closed, some liquor markets were open. Has to be some prime time to get a patty melt plate, scattered, smothered and covered along with some booze to ride out the hurricane coverage. And let me tell you, there was plenty of that. We also can't forget the severity of the storm as told by newscasters.

Yup, seems accurate.

Then again, that is going to set up a nice precedent for future storms. I can see another one coming next year that a large group of people just flat out ignore and then get carried off into the sky to their doom. I mean, if a Cat 4 couldn't hold its shit together at a high latitude during shearing periods, let's just flat out discount all storms going forward - is the mentality.

You'd be amazed at how many morons will just go "Ugh, I evacuated for nothing with the last one that they screamed it being the storm of the century!"  Which will happen because people are morons and never learn anything from precautionary stuff.

Oh well. I guess we can wrap it all up now, FEMA's there and sure, some morons did die staying, but I mean, that's just them naturally selecting themselves out of the gene pool.

Monday, September 17, 2018



So it seems that a lot of California cities are about to get a much later than 2am last call and well, I honestly don't care. Maybe it's because I'm about to reach my 40's and I'm an old ass mother fucker who probably shouldn't "hang" till well past the already 2am last call, let alone the soon to be 4am one. I also have inside knowledge of working as a service sector of the economy and let's put it this way, moving last call to 4am just fucks over a lot of already fucked over people.

Think about it. Those bartenders kicking your drunk ass out of the bar at 2am after giving you a half hour last call already just want to go home. They're probably not going to be cleaned up and closed out and ready to lock the doors until at least 3 or 3:30 in the morning anyway. What the fuck do you think that moving last call to 4am will do other than screw them over a little more and have them get home around 5:30 or 6am as is.

I'm getting ahead of myself here with the editorial part first and not even throwing out the facts so you know what the hell I'm talking about.  State Assembly members voted to approve a bill that allowed nine California cities to extend the last call at bars from 2am to 4am. The bill, SB 905, is the newest version of this legislation to be introduced that has in the past been struck down time and time again.

It's a five year pilot program for cities that expressed interest in doing the later last call. The cities include  San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, West Hollywood, Long Beach, Coachella, Cathedral City and Palm Springs. and was supported by S.F. mayor London Breed and Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf.

The cities wouldn't just automatically extend the late-night hours, but would have the option to do so. Basically giving them the control over if it even suits them to do so. It would also only take into effect come 2021, well when I'm past 40 and in my 41st birthday, man. I'll be so old then that I'll be asleep by 9pm easily. But this is a means for the cities like Downtown L.A. and San Fran to take control of their own needs in terms of nightlife and decide their closing times.

You're probably wondering if that won't cause more folks to be on the road during the early morning commute times drunk. Which, I guess that could happen. I mean, if you stumble out of a bar at 4am after they kick your ass out, you're probably going to hit the early risers in the 5am commute. But then again, the flip side is that you'll have much more time to enjoy your drinks instead of pounding them back at 1:15am when they're about to call last call. On top of that, you'll spread it out and probably fade of sleepiness before the alcohol really kicks in.

The problem here though is that Los Angeles' public transportation is pretty laughable. In that it was hard to even have any night life before when trains and buses were done for the night around midnight anyway, let alone 2am, and even more so you won't find shit to get you home other than some really lonely 4am uber drivers and taxi drivers that deep into the night.

You also have to factor in that the service industry is going to hate this. How many customers are there going to be from 2am to 4am anyway? Is it going to be worth it for every place to stay open and pay a second night shift for the hours? Because that's what will have to happen. Managers will have to have basically two night shift hours. One to start off the night and then the other to continue it at some point. That means less pay for both shifts vs. one long good night of tips for a set of staff that is on for the night. So it will cause a nightmare in terms of actually hiring and keep on the clock.

To add to that, those late shifters already have a bad enough sort of lifestyle that leads to unhealthy choices in life if they're pulling vampire shifts in their life, getting to sleep at the early morning times when everyone else is just getting up. And for what, so you can drink for two extra hours?  This sort of lifestyle is normal in New  York and I constantly have folks tell me that they miss it when they're here in Los Angeles, not ever realizing that there's a reason why it works there and doesn't work here.

As much as I'm for later hours to drink, I don't think the benefits out weight the cons on this one and while it's good to have it as a choice, I don't think I would ever really fully take advantage of the whole later hours if and when they come around in 2021 to Los Angeles.. that's even if I'm still here and not in some cabin out in a fly over state just typing away on a type writer some strange story.

Sunday, September 16, 2018



As you well know, I dislike Papa John. His company hated him as well and that's why the locked him out. Well, now the idiot has created a website to try to save his image and here's the words straight down from PAPA  himself;
As I said in a recent letter, I miss you all very much. More than words can express! Papa John’s is our life’s work and we will all get through this together somehow, some way. I can only imagine how difficult this entire situation is on you, and I’m very sorry you all have to go through this. Know that in every minute of every day you are all in my thoughts and prayers.
Yes, a man who would rather place the burden of the affordable care act on to his employees instead of charging an extra 14 cents per pizza to cover them healthcare wise is now appealing to the hearts and minds of those same employees in an open letter.

Man, I wonder how this is going to turn out. I'm sure to get right on donating my time and effort to a guy whit a house the size of a museum and two underground garages. Yup, that seems like a good use of time.

I think it's pretty clear that we should have known he was a fucking asshole the whole time when he not only gave himself a nickname like Papa John, but used said nickname as the title for his business. It was right there in front of us the whole time and we fucking missed it.

The real question is why is he still bothering? He is a billionaire after all, why doesn't he just go on a fuck off with all his money. I guess the answer is because the richer people get, the more paranoid they are about losing it all. So they constantly feel they need more and more money to fill the void that their soul would have taken the space of.  It's like something breaks in people after a certain amount of wealth and they need more of it. It's why the Koch brothers keep fucking everything up even though together they're worth 100 billion. Though in their case, they keep funding studies to prove their moronic theories and each one of them comes up proving the exact opposite. So they're at least constantly experiencing karmic schadenfreude and it's amazing.

In this case, I guess I'm just in the mindset that we shouldn't let the billionaire who doesn't want to pay his employees a living wage say the N-word. The dude just really needs to take a hint and go away. Hell, this is still a capitalist society were we're all self-made men. If Papa John was any good, he'd make a new pizza company and start over to show Papa Johns who's boss.

At the very least it does seem that Papa John has a very punchable face. So if all else fails, if he did some sort of kissing booth situation and instead had it that you can punch his stupid face, he'd probably make another billion easily.

I didn't even link to his website where he fucking hosted this stupid plea because, well, that would be a waste of your click. Fuck this dude.

Saturday, September 15, 2018



Attn: Carolina Hurricane Survivors

Even though the rain and high winds should be your first concern, you should also make sure you're prepared for any alligators that wash into your area.

It is not uncommon for water animals to get dragged in from the coast and alligators are no exception when hurricanes roll around. They will creep up on you all quickly and quietly and even though they look dorky as hell and harmless with their "like boot" skin, you need to be very careful around them. Once an alligator gets within 10 feet of you, it will try to knock you into the water, where it is a much stronger and faster creature than on land. You will quickly become lunch meat and a quick meal. They can be pretty aggressive, but will back away for a moment if you give them a stern and hard bonk on their nose with a flashlight or oar or oxygen tank or something.

Alligators, as everyone knows, are really good at crawling along the ground. So they may get into a house when it floods through those crawl spaces. Make sure you patrol around your windows to make sure they can't get in. Thankfully, they hunt mostly during the day as they get really sleepy at night and often make a lot of noise so you should be able to figure out when an alligator is close by. If you have a gun, they are not endangered by any stretch of the imagination. So knock yourself out and shoot them. A live alligator in your basement could mean a lot of trouble later on, but it also can mean some killer boots if you play your cards right. Play them wrong and they will eat up all your rations down in the basement.

Even though they are very dangerous, they are useful if you can trap one and keep it as an alligator protector. You need to meld minds with one by doing the sacred dance. Or maybe by simply getting around them and jumping them. You may have to put up with a bit of a struggle, but if you can time them up, they can catch food for you. Just make sure to punish it with a bop to the head if it tries anything sneaky on you.

Below: a pack of alligators (called a congregation) in the wild. You can spot the difference between the male and the female based on the broadness of their head and the darkness of the crest on their bellies (sometimes referred to as a vest). You will generally see them stalking around in pairs but be careful: they hunt in packs and there could easily be 2 or more behind

Keep a watchful eye to make sure these bastards can't harm you or your pets or children or wife or grandpa. Good luck and stay safe and dry!!

Friday, September 14, 2018



Don't you know it's well past labor day. You're not suppose to be wearing it anymore. Hell, Disneyland already started up their Halloween decorations. So I have to ask, why the fuck are you still wearing white?

I'll tell you why society has deemed it unacceptable of a thing to wear in this modern day and age - past labor day, that is. How that came to be? Well, dear readers, put your peepers on this here article and I'll run down why you're so afraid of just wearing your white clothing now that fall has come around.

White has been something you can socially be accepted to wear between Memorial Day and Labor day. Once that passes, you throw those clothing into the closet and you pull out the warmer stuff. For, of course those of us in Southern California know that you're not dealing with warm weather now, are you? HA! Anyhow, how did this happen?  A few reasons to be true to form.

When you're dealing with fall and winter, you're not going to be dealing with white clothing because, well, back in the olden times you were using a coal burning system to keep warm. So if you're going to be handling the blackest of the black in coal, you probably wouldn't want to wear something white. I know that when I wear a white shirt to do any sort of task, within 20 minutes of putting it on, I already have some sort of ketchup or other object stain right on it. So white was kept for the times when you didn't have to use coal to warm yourself and just depended on the sun to keep you nice and warm.

Another reason was peer pressure in terms of the fashion scene. Back when you were told how you should dress through smaller options in outlets, you sort of had fewer options to choose your look. Taste-makers back then basically pushed you to not wear it. Though Coco Chanel was famous for trying to push white as a staple in her style all year round.  And it's really worth noting that the whole white rule just doesn't hold mustard these days and it's pretty okay to wear it, if you can pull it off... those white pants are just never going to really be able to happen, though. You just have to know how to pull it off because it is a look that doesn't always go well with everyone.

The last bit of reasoning was classic classism. You see, the origins of etiquette can be tracked to French royal courts of the 1600s and 1700s, but back then they would refer to those who are suitable of breeding to be able to use only three fingers, extending both the ring and pinkie finger to denote status. So it's just flat out saying that there was a clear distinction towards who was someone from class and who was a dirty mud fucker.  So dictating that you are of lower rank than I because you couldn't afford different clothing for summer time than winter or some such thing like that was just perfect example of how to distance yourself from the lowly peasants.

So there you have it. And let me again repeat, those white jeans... not pulling it off no matter what season it is.

Thursday, September 13, 2018



I have to tell you this with a heavy heart, but your love of bacon and pork products in the face of this very scary Hurricane Florence that is hitting North Carolina is going to make for some shitty times. I warn you, what I'm about to tell you will make you squeal in disgust.

Since North Carolina is one of the bigger hog farming states in the US. Let me explain to you what a typical hog farm looks like. It's a lot of warehouse looking stables and because there's so many pigs there, the waste is run off into a sort of pool of manure. It's called wet animal waste and about 10 billion pounds of it is produced in NC a year.  They store the pig's shit in uncovered, earthen lagoons and they can get to the size of football fields. And despite urging farmers to prepare for the storm in one aspect of draining them, I don't think many actually did. So now the storm is set to roll right though the areas today and tomorrow.

This isn't a new concept. In 2016 when Hurricane Matthew plowed in, 14 hog manure lagoons were flooded out. While the farmers did a lot more to pump out and haul it out to sort of limit the damage, the big concern was eventually that the flood waters merge with the hog feces and it makes a sort of toxic soup that fucks up the ecosystem as it eventually was blamed for algae blooms and killing a lot of fish and other wildlife.

It also adds a lot of bacteria from the pig feces to the groundwater and that would be a major issue for the future of the land. As it stands, the feces pools can handle about 25 inches of rain without a problem, but the forecast currently is showing that around 40 inches of rain is expected in parts of North Carolina.

Then you have the other factor, it's a goddamn hurricane. Imagine millions of gallons of pig shit just going 140 miles per hour as the beast rolls by. Mind you, there's also another scary thing. Back in 1961, a plane carrying atomic bombs had to make an emergency landing and dropped its cargo - thankfully it didn't explode in NC, and while the recovery found 2 of the bombs, a third one was sort of "lost" in the buried mess. While it was sort of deactivated, it still was a situation that the thermonuclear core was just gone in the wind. Maybe Florence will find that when it passes through. 

Think about that, an 80 foot wave of pig shit powered by a thermonuclear core. I wonder if you got coated in high velocity, radioactive pig shit, could you come out like spider-man, but only with some sort of shit storm pig powers?

But hey, at least we have FEMA to help out with the clean up of this eventual disaster. Oh wait.. that's right.... while widely reported all over the place, it's worth noting once more that President Trump moved 10 million out of FEMA and put it into ICE services. So yeah, when the hurricane relief efforts are as bad as Puerto Rico - Okay, well they won't be that bad cause both NC and SC can vote and representatives actually care about white people, but when it's horribly mismanaged and underfunded. Just remember that a lot of that money that could have helped rebuild or bring relief to the area went straight up to lock up children in cages because they walked passed an imaginary line in the ground. 

You know, there's a theory that one of the extinction events possible is that the huge meteor impact that was the demise of the dinos really caused hypercanes, which are hurricanes the size of the US with about 500 mph winds.

All that I'm saying is that Death is pretty much certain.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

9 1 1

9 1 1 

Oh you know, fuck it. I'm going to write a quick something and then observe a moment of silence(?) I mean, as best as I can on a blog post that is all written for this,

Happy 17th anniversary to the war on Afghanistan. Wait, is it something you say "happy" for? Like Happy Memorial day? I dunno. It's just one more year and the people who have been born into perpetual war can finally sacrifice themselves to the machine. Just think about that. There's going to be legal adults soon that have known nothing but a post 9-11 world.

That just makes me incredibly sad. I mean, no more sadder than my American true blooded self on this day anyway. I mean, come on. This is one of those days when you can't dick around. I have to wonder though, is NYC finally paying for the medical treatment of those surviving fire fighters and first responders that got all fucked up from breathing in the debris of the collapsed twin towers? Or are they still operating on that whole "stall until they all die off" policy, like everyone dealing with the asbestos claims?

I mean, I know the answer to that, but if it's anyone who actually needs the help, it's those who sacrificed their health to go in and try to save folks trapped.

Also, never forget that our current President celebrated the fact that his building was once again (not really) the tallest building in NYC. Yup. That's who you voted for. Then again, you also voted for someone who used the attacks on the WTC on 9/11 to justify a war, as I already stated, that has lasted 17 years now.

Now for the moment of silence...  I won't type anything, but pictures will be posted. I guess that technically counts as a moment of silence, right?

never forget



Charleston, SC was one place I wanted to visit this past summer in a sort of Southern road trip. I thought that the location would be a great place for some food, some culture and to see the life of what part of America currently is.  Well, not to make this about me, but it seems that my plans to visit will have to be delayed. As Hurricane Florence has just pointed its path of destruction in the way of that coastal land of Southern food and hospitality.

Reports started yesterday that a mandatory evacuation for the entire 187 mile coast line and all schools being closed indefinitely was issued. This, is not a good sign and I don't know if I ever seen this big of a move before,  but many projections have it doing a loop right off North Carolina coast at a Category 5 strength and then just going in to really wreck up the rest of NC.

In living in Florida for a stint, I have a general policy that one should get the fuck out of the area and path of a hurricane good and early before it actually hits. The amount of time that it takes for society to get back up and running can vary and given the humidity of the south, why the fuck would you want to stay in a place without power for long periods of times.

You know, the best thing to do if you're in the middle of this thing is to just stop reading this now and focus on news from official sources, get on the many freeways that turned both sides into escape lanes and get the fuck out of there now. Most of my blog is from a perspective from the other side of the country and hell, half of the time it's all about apocalyptic fantasies mixed in with piss poor journalism.  Don't take this as any good place to get a news source view on.

Escape, stay safe.

Even if the only thing you can do are to hide in the bathtub, official sources may only tell you how fucked you are and when it may end. Riding out hurricanes are fucking crazy. Especially if Florence builds up to a Cat 5, and has a direct hit on the Outer Banks. There's a strong possibility that it will literally obliterate the outer banks, and again, for selfish reasons, that fucking sucks ass. I really wanted to see them. Again, selfish as all hell, but I heard that they were amazing. 

But yeah, buy water and have an emergency radio handy. In fact, here's a couple other things that you should be putting on your shopping list right now.
-Whiskey and Beer
-All the canned goods you could possibly still find.

And I say that knowing full well how picked over the stores are probably getting right now. It's interesting to see how quickly the wheels fall of society if there's any sort of widespread panic. If you wait too long and there's essentially no food to be had and no gas anywhere, you're pretty much fucked and trapped with whatever you already have on hand.

Also crazy how this is effecting a lot. Following a couple of links to stories, I see maps of the whole southeast US and it's odd to see that Louisiana is also getting flooded right now, but just from a regular random storm.  I guess Louisiana is just straight up going away little by little. If you ever wanted to see it, perhaps you should do so in the next few years or you'll just flat out won't have any chance to see the big easy.

In saying all that. Stay safe, folks. I would have written something about 9/11, but jesus, are we still talking about that shit? See, only one sentence in and I already totally got disrespectful. There's no telling how insulting and in poor taste if I devoted a whole blog post about this patriotic moment of a pity party. Just know it sucked, the lives lost not just on that day but every day since we justified the shit our nation does towards other countries and our own people because of that day is just sickening and sad.   #Neverforget

Monday, September 10, 2018



As of late there has a little backlash towards the Southern Californian.... well, the South and South West chain In & Out Burgers because of what the Orange County based company uses its money on politically.
The Irvine-based company gave $25,000 to the California Republican Party this week, according to a state filing noted on Twitter by journalist Gabe Schneider. And that's not the first time. In-N-Out also dished up $30,000 to the party in both 2017 and 2016, according to Los Angeles Magazine.
"Et tu In-N-Out?" California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman said on Twitter. "Tens of thousands of dollars donated to the California Republican Party. It’s time to #BoycottInNOut – let Trump and his cronies support these creeps... perhaps animal style!"

I mean, I dunno, a company that has bible verses on their food product goods just doesn't seem like the one that I would be all too surprised that they lean republican in how they spend their money. Not to mention that it really doesn't matter. They do pay their employees a really nice living wage while also providing me the freshest and tastiest of food products in terms of burgers.

Though I have to be honest, I haven't had an In & Out burger in a while because the last few times I have ordered it a specific way and it has not come out to the quality I remember. Again, personal preference and it always comes down to how they expedite their orders. I am also a very picky person when it comes to how I order my hamburger if you present the option that it can be custom made to the very specific of standards.

All I'm saying is boycotting a company because of who they support is a bit silly. Especially when that company is doing actual good in cranking out products that are of quality and paying a living wage to their employees. More so than any other company. It especially looks silly now that Nike got a lot of shit for having the snowflakes go all nuclear because they put Collin  Kaepernick on an ad and the whole fucking "patriotic" left who felt offended a football player didn't stand for the singing of a song to a flag.

In which case, I guess that's a good thing for In & Out, as it took the heat off them on the national spotlight. But this whole topic is foolish. I honestly don't care if a company supports evil practices. I don't think my dollars spent there or not spent there will do anything to change their mind in terms on who they choose to represent them or the policies they decide to back.

I think that's the biggest take away. Your opinion matters and you should totally put your money where your mouth is, but stop announcing it. That's just acting needy and for attention. I don't give Walmart my money and I don't rant about it. I just let them do what they're doing because there's people that will support them and my money not spent there will not force them to change their employee anti-union stance or anything like that.

Besides, In & Out burgers are fucking delicious and you should just enjoy them anyway without something hanging over your head. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018



I'm talking about your boy Elon Musk.  It's really an amazing thing that happened. He went from a sort of  "I'm so crazy and out there I'll put a car into space!" to flat out "I am completely fucking mental now, seriously. WATCH WHAT I'LL DO NEXT!" all within the single span of a year.

And here I thought I had a strange year, this guy has got me beat by a mile in terms of crazy plot twist and out of left field nonsense that he has tossed out there. Maybe it's the "120 hour work weeks" that did him in, but man, he's just going full tilt LSD tripping out with Grimes, cause he ended up on the Joe Rogan show, something I didn't really even think existed, and "smoked" some pot. I would like to think that someone worth this much would have hired people to hold his reigns to make sure he looks good in the interview and to the public, but then again, he plays by his own set of rules.

What the fuck was that weak ass puff? Did he even inhale anything? I'm sure even Bill Clinton is ashamed of such a lame ass attempt at that sort of just holding it in his mouth and blowing it out tactic. But hey, it wasn't for nothing. It looks like because of this stupid ass Joe Rogan interview, a Key accounting and HR executives resigned.
Tesla’s chief accounting officer, Dave Morton, has resigned after less than one month on the job, the company announced in a regulatory filing today. Morton says in a statement that “the level of public attention placed on the company, as well as the pace within the company, have exceeded my expectations.”

Shortly after the announcement of Morton’s departure, Gabrielle Toledano, Tesla’s head of HR, told Bloomberg she has decided not to come back to the company after being on a leave of absence. She’s the second Tesla executive to have not returned from a leave of absence this summer. Doug Field, who ran the company’s vehicle programs, stepped down in July after having gone on leave in May.
 On top of that, Tesla stock just took a bit of a dive in losing 6.23% of its value. And while I say nothing really matters in the stock market world, this still does matter some that the company spearheading us into the future in technology is run by some crazy ass spiraling nut bag.

Really makes you wonder what the fuck dumb thing he said on that show. I wouldn't know because I just don't want to listen to a nearly three hour long podcast of two people I have no interest in hearing talk. More comical is that there's a condensed 25 minute cut of it on Youtube, but I couldn't even be bothered to watch that either. 

Which is odd, because I straight up want a Tesla like nobody's business. But straight up fuck Elon for being the shit that he is. From what I gather from run downs, the general topics and line conversation included;
-Samurai swords 
-Living in a simulation.

Which just makes me not even want to listen to a 3 minute version of that conversation. But hey, at least we now know that weed basically kills any stock price or any confidence in your leadership

Or perhaps the stock is going down because the market expected him to take deep hits and finally relax a little. It's been a rough year with extreme delays in the Model 3, that has basically had folks pulling back that 1k deposit left and right. So maybe he did need to inhale deeply so he could calm the fuck down. 

I'm just as ready to watch Tesla crash and burn so that the prices come down like everyone else, but man, this is pretty silly compared to his admitted ambien dependency. I guess no one expected the devil's lettuce to be in effect. Doesn't he know that stockbrokers are all coke men. Not this lazy man's pot shit.

Then again, he does want to buy Tesla's stocks and make it for himself again, perhaps this is the great way to drop down the price of the stock to the point where he can pick it up for pennies on the dollar.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

SHE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE... and a cell phone

SHE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE... and a cell phone

So you like looking at your little social media hand held box, do you? Well, you know what... don't think you're going to be looking at many things too long. According to science, the high energy visible light that emanates from the sun and your cell phone, monitor screen and everything else digital, has an effect to disrupt your body's circadian rhythms. And basically this means that physicians have figured out that we're all fucking over our eye sight the more we try to stay connected.

Just think, in another 20 years the world may not have ended, but your need to socially brag about doing shit and looking so cute with your duck face will have ruined your vision to the point that the world will be dark for you with the power of eye strain, glaucoma and macular degeneration. What the problem here is that Blue light can trigger irreversible damage to your eye cells. Visible light goes from red to violet, so on the far end are infrared and ultraviolet, which are outside of the human spectrum. What you have is photoreceptors in your eyes, and they're get zapped with blue light, which can cause damage to your vision because it's killing all your photoreceptor cells.

I guess that's why they tell you to NOT look in to the sun. It doesn't help that the average American spends almost 11 hours a day in front of some type of screen. I am doing so right now in typing this. So consider it my sainthood act of the day in dying for your sins. Then again, you're straight up injecting that blue light into your own eyes in reading this. Man, I'm sorry you wasted those photoreceptors on this shitty article.

What happens is that when you stare at your screen, especially if the area around you is dark, then you channel the light into a very small area inside your eyeball. It then intensifies the light emitted from the device a lot more so, kind of like seeing it through a magnifying glass.

So what can you do about this? Apple does offer a "night shift" setting and I know on my desktop, I have a program that sort of dims down the screen a little when it's night time hours. This helps blot out the blue and filter their screens through a sort of sunset hue. It's a sort of desktop screen protector and you should totally look in to downloading one to protect your peepers.

I'm sure this does mean that the future sort of is dependent on making a chance in the technology wee use. I do wonder how the current generation will hold up once we're older. I guess the future doesn't have to be pretty because we won't be seeing it anyway. Not in the we'll be dead sort of way, but in the "oh shit, we're blind!" sort of way.

Friday, September 7, 2018



This week has seen Nike just doing it, in the sense of pissing off a lot of white snowflakes in the form of making their spokesman a football player who refused to stand for the national anthem. Collin Kaepernick was made the face of the product and oh man, people started cutting their logos off their clothing and burning their shoes. It was all sorts of comedy to see how folks just went off the rails at the knowledge that... well, this person the President has talked shit about was now making millions off endorsements while not even playing active football.

Last night Nike dropped an ad for the whole "Dream Crazy" campaign and, well, it was something else entirely.

So even after Trump blasted Nike stating "Just like the NFL, whose ratings have gone WAY DOWN, Nike is getting absolutely killed with anger and boycotts,"
-The blowhard on Twitter

 Honestly though, if you can look at that ad and not feel motivated that you can do anything regardless of your position in life and that you can't just follow your dreams, as crazy or farfetched as they could possibly sound like, then I don't know what the fuck your problem is. That ad was motivational as all hell.

Did Nike's stock dip a little? Yeah, just a bit, but let's put it this way, the move was always going to piss off some. And to blast the NFL, which just started the new season, seems a little off. I think that as a whole, Nike has been up nearly 28 percent in the stock this year. You know, fuck that. the whole aspect that folks seem to forget is that ratings and stock percentages aren't the real factor here. This ad motivates the youth. This ad tells you that you can be anything. This ad hits you in the feels and that's all that should fucking matter.

Having a football star that basically lost his career because he had the guts to stand up NOT to the national anthem or the country's flag, but for his own personal feeling against police brutality. That is in itself an achievement.

Honestly, the statement should be the note I end this article on;
"Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything."

Thursday, September 6, 2018



I didn't give him on account that I was at my wits end in finding and feeding strays in the back of the building I own. I kept feeding them a couple of cans a day because, we'll, i'm not a heartless human being and these are creatures that co-exist in the world around me. But the moment I saw him, I knew he was just one of those eager strays. No clue if he had a home before, but given the fact that he had no fear in me, it could very well mean just that.

He was a cat with two tones. Black on the top and white on in his belly and for half of his face. Looked constantly like a masked super hero in the night as you can only see the eyes as well as his underside.

He was a real aggressive one when it came to food. I would put the canned friskies on the plate outside and he would bolt to it being the first one to chomp down as much of it as he could. The other normal strays that I put out food for would just take their time because they knew I would show up or I always had more. This little guy was desperate and you could tell. I felt terrible for him.

Especially a couple of weeks ago when he showed up, bolted to the food with what looked like his back legs being held up with a puppeteer's string as he seemed to have a gash on his back butt and tail area. He still was eager for the food so I had hoped that he was still in good spirits.

But yeah, he was stumbling around a lot with the two back legs that looked like they could take some weight but were just wobbling back and forth. I put some treatment stuff on it when I could and as he was distracted, but I had no idea if it would do anything for him or not.

A few nights later I saw him out in the front of the building hiding under some cars waiting for me. He meowed a little and then when I gestured that I was taking some food out back, he wobbled his way following me. It was a nice little feeling, that even though he was hurt, he still looked to me for some help and it made me feel good to help out a little. Life can be tough, making it easier for someone else is one of those things that you just should do as a human being.

The last few days he hasn't been as eager to eat. It used to be he would still be the fastest to the food even with those wonky slinky like legs. But in the end he just didn't care for the canned food sitting right in front of him. Ants already crawling on his gash on his back and on him. He just laid down near me completely flat on the floor and accepted the petting that I could provide.

I could feel there was already dirt in his fur. He hadn't been maintaining himself at all. It probably didn't help the open wound that he was laying under the building for most of the day. It just sort of felt like he was slowly already burying himself.

Stroking the top of his head, getting dirt in my fingers, I could feel him purring. I have no clue if this was doing much for him productively, I just knew it was what he clearly wanted right now.

I regret not giving him a name. Then again, there's a lot of strays that have left me in their short lifespan that I did name that I later regret not remembering what I called them when I think of them. I suppose it's better that I just think of them at all. They're remembered. Not that it matters to them, but it effects and touches me in a certain way to know that even for a brief moment, I made a life a little easier -  A little better.

In the end of the day, that's all anyone can really do

Wednesday, September 5, 2018



This post was totally done while in an emotionally exhausted state while I was probably laying in a bed silently. Why you ask? I mean, I don't know, perhaps it's just a state of depression. These things happen. Even more so now that the Holidays are coming up.

You all had that feeling every now and then. None of us are safe from it. Those days you get home fro work to just lay in bed with your work clothing still on, watching re-runs of some boring sitcom you really have no interest in because you literally can't get your body to do anything else. Then you can only twitch when thinking of actually getting up.

It's not the best of states, but it happens. Then that cycle repeats for however long it takes to be late for something important. Only to feel like even more of a piece of shit and you decide to pull the covers over yourself even tighter and forget whatever it was that you needed to get out of bed for.

I know what you're thinking. "Come on, Life's not THAT bad"

To be honest, it can sometimes be pretty bad. Then you try to think of how you can improve the quality of your life and become emotionally drained from thoughts and lies down for another few hours dwelling on it.

Not to brag, but a top depression highlight in my past was not eating for days on end because I was too lazy to go to the grocery tore, then leaving to buy booze the second I ran out of liquor. Gotta have priorities, man.

One time when I was down I got asked why I'm depressed again. I didn't feel like explaining it, just needed to realize that it's something that happens sometimes so I shrugged it off, they continue to tell me that I should just cheer up. 

Thanks man. 

As for therapy. I have the idea that while therapy may not be able to fix a sort of chemical imbalance that can cause this sort of thing, it can teach you things like coping mechanisms t deal with it or fix the toxic thought processes that it causes. And you know what, I'm not opposed to any of that.

There's also the factor that personality disorders are present and that complicates shit because there is a huge percentage of psychs and LCSWs out there who feel the need to gatekeep the hell out of basic healthcare with shit like  "Are you sure you're really depressed?"

I would like to ask them if they think "real doctors" would insist a patient prove their illness is real. Are you sure your broken leg is actually... broken? Really makes it difficult to trust the system that seems to just want to cast anything that isn't easily treated with pharma medicine aside.

Then there's the issue of socialization. Man, I don't know about you, but there's been one or two instances were you just stare at your unread phone messages for days, getting more anxious about it as each day passes by in terms of how or when you will respond to them.

Reaching out to old friends after being completely apathetic about the friendship is one of the most troubling and stressful things you can think of. I'm pretty sure a lot of people suffer from this. Even though we live in an age where you can literally contact anyone a hundred different ways ranging from email, social media, telephone, cell phone, smoke cloud, carrier pigeon, etc. I think the best advice for this is to be apologetic while also not groveling or whining and most of all not making excuses. Everyone realizes that life happens and you can just chalk it up to that. 

Even so, you can get to a place where you just start typing in your phone but then doubt sets in and you get that pathetic feeling and it will make any small effort feel like climbing a mountain. Ultimately the best advice I can give you for this or when you feel like you want to actually do some socialization but... not really too much. Just reach out with the statement

"I can't think of anything to say. I'm not ignoring you, I just think I'm too dumb and boring for friends.  In conclusion, I want to be your friend, but I don't know if you hate me and you're much cooler than me and I sort of just hope you'll initiate this friendship even though you probably think I hate you because I'm too pussy to interact with you"

Man, that got dark fast. But you know what, that's not a problem. Sometimes it's okay to feel the way you feel. Being sad is okay at times. Just do you, man.