Sunday, November 2, 2008

Do Over

Daylight Saving Time Travel

Call the system crazy, but for some reason, the Illuminati has us switch our clocks twice a year. At the beginning of the year forward, or springing forward, as they like to sugar coat it, and an hour back in the fall. Oh the act of falling back. When you put everything together and get it going, the whole falling back an hour means that you are going back one full hour. Any nerd or fan of Sci-fi can tell you that time travel is not something to be messed with lightly. You end up screwing some little thing up, like say stomping on a bug, sneezing near an animal, screwing your own grandmother, or clicking the hour button on a digital alarm clock eleven consecutive times to get you back up to speed. This last one is for home use only. Over all, you can create a time rift screwing up the whole space time continuum that eventually changes the whole course of time. That or just be an hour early for your job or school on Monday.

It's an amazing time every year when you get an extra hour back. You can relive an hour that you previously thought was wasted away. As much as I like watching Live at the Apollo as the next guy, I have to admit, giving me back the 2am time slot isn't really helping me here. There should be another way of going back and getting a better hour block to relive without having to go to Hill Valley and waiting for lightning to strike the clock tower. Don't even get me started on those police boxes. I just can't find them. Where's a Doctor when you need him?

If it's making a swooshing sound,
It needs some oil

I know I'm going to screw something up if I go back in time. They should make this hour leap back an optional choice. Perhaps if I drink an Arizona Ice Tea I'll somehow take in some of that anti-daylight saving time mentality they hold and not have to deal with doing the hour over. If only life was more like Super Mario Brothers 3. Then I could easily use a whistle to get to the next hour. That and people wont look at me funny if I ever try to fly wearing that raccoon tail.

It's only when you think about all the things that could go wrong is when you start to lose your nerve on when to set your clock back. Sometimes life finds a way to do it for you. I blame you, machines! Verizon changes my cell phone so that I travel back an hour. At least I don't have to redo all those phone calls I may have made in the last hour. What if I say the wrong thing on the phone? What would be the fall out? WONT ANYONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!?!

I just have to make sure to watch out that Biff doesn't take the 1950-2000 sports almanac. If I fail at that and I start altering the future, and I'm sure my profile picture will suddenly start fading away. I can always find a Jet-Engine, some dead dude in a rabbit costume to manipulate time and a tears for fears CD and I'm sure I can fix whatever problem comes my way!

Then again, I've just written the second blog about daylight saving time. That in itself created a worm hole of geekiness that will trap me in an infinite loop of nerdom. In the grand scheme of things, whatever happened in that time frame already is done. You get a second chance at it. Try to enjoy it and you'll realize that it's not all bad. You wont always have a rewind button to press, so when you're given that chance... use it wisely.

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