Monday, November 10, 2008

Kickin' It With Kim Jong-il

Kickin' It With Kim Jong-il

Will The Real Kim, Please Stand Up?

Glorious people of north Korea, do not believe the western dogs lies in speaking badly against the condition of your glorious dear leader Kim Jong-il. Your magnificant leader is in great health and has been touring army bases in between going to the latest releases in theaters. He certainly did not suffer from a stroke. Nor did we photoshop dear leader in any picture to fool you. Carry on and work for the mighty and powerful leader Kim Jong-il.

Just to show you that dear leader is alive and stroke free we show you these others pictures of the very much alive and non-brain operated leader. See how he has fun. See how he is very much alive and not dead, as many are speculating because they are jealous of North Korean super power.

Our dear Leader was seen welcoming new American oppressors. He looks forward to threatening him with nuclear weapons as he did previous american swine leader.

So roney.

He'll be spinning all weekend.

To be honest, everyday in North is like Battle Royale

Where's Wal... Kim Jong-il?

Well, he did have a love for film. It only makes sense

He's McLovin' this media attention

Prink Froyd

One of our leaders favorite films

Kim roves Rinkin Park.

In truth, he really was at that army base

Now back to work, North Korean slaves. Nuclear warheads wont make themselves!

Brought to you by the state-controlled media of North Korea. All rights reserved. Any rebroadcast of this without the unwritten approval of our glorious leader will be met with threats of nuclear war, you American scum.

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