Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't Jive Me, Turkey!

Don't Jive Me, TURKEY!

Or is it Don't Jive ME, turkey? I can't get my street lingo straight. If only there was a television show on that could teach me how to keep up with my street cred. I also can't live by my name without putting the TV in WeirdTV unless this had strange television news. Well, here you go.

Stephen Colbert... Making Black Friends IS easy!

NBC is working on a sitcom to the Nick Adams book Friends with Black People. If there's nothing that NBC knows more, it's how to make a show that will be canceled soon after it airs.

NBC is developing a comedy based on the book "Making Friends With Black People," a buddy comedy that will focus on the state of race relations in the U.S.

"From time to time, race bubbles up in the consciousness of the country and then dissipates," said "Making Friends" author Nick Adams. "Now, with Obama, people are talking about race a lot more. We hope to capitalize on that and not let the dialogue die down. ... It seemed like a good opportunity to strike while the iron is hot."

First thing I thought was that finally a comedy covering the same ground as Rush Hour but even worse! This should be as topical and popular as "chocolate news"

NBC would like to buy a vowel.

Working at Fox I thought I saw a lot of shows get canceled. That's nothing compared to the massive amount of trimming of the fat that NBC is doing. My Own Worse Enemy got the shaft as well as Lipstick Jungle. It wasn't long ago that NBC was the number one contender when it came to prime time. They can barely hold on to Thursday night and they've dropped to fourth place over all on the network ratings. I would say that they needed some Heroes to get ratings, but even that has suffered in the last two seasons.

So they think that with President Obama that they'll be able to reach a new demo? I mean, it's not like anyone tried to appeal towards the African American community before. Well, not counting WB or UPN.... But I'll stop there before the sarcasm meter breaks.

Even this guy could make black friends
What's your problem?

Are they really going to make an entire show based around awkward handshakes and fish out of water social faux pas? I guess it worked for like 11 seasons of Frasier. What's the need for a show about having a show based only on the black friend? Everybody's friends on Clueless and Malcolm the Middle were already Black they should just show those instead to save money.

I'm sure you're just wondering what sort of material we'll be getting out of this. Well, here's the writers stand up on the subject...

six minutes of nothing but stereotypical racial humor lol blacks are good at basketball and "heroes should be called negroes". Seriously if you aren't convinced that the show is going to be painfully unfunny and stereotypical watch that clip again. Maybe you shouldn't. If you wanna find a good racial comic you look no further than Jeff Foxworthy.

I can already see the weekly scripts. This week, on a very special "Making Friends with Black People:"
Black Friend: "I know you weren't trying to be rude, but you saying the N word is totally unacceptable man! That is a word that was created solely to denounce African Americans, and has no place among decent conversation! It's impossible to even think about using the word without knowing and experiencing the suffering that my parents and grandparents have gone through so I could be where I am today!"

White Friend: "I dunno... I used to work customer service at Macy's. How's that for suffering?"

Blaxploitation hasn't died quite yet folks. So don't you worry. I'm counting down to hilarious conversation about usage of the word nigger. This show is gonna have the promos where a white dude walks into a room full of black people and goes "what's up my n..." and then a record scratches and all the black people give him that confused dog look and then "Why can't we be friends?" plays.

Now don't you dare Jive this turkey...

Hey NBC, I read the internet. I know of the website about Black people/White people comedy and how to make Black Friends. How about you give me a comedy sitcom to work on? I think the only thing that can make this fly is if it's a show that stars Mike Meyers and Kanye West.

In the end when this show fails, perhaps network execs will be shown proof that it's impossible to make friends with black people.

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