Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why Do You Hate Us, Mike Judge?

Why Do You Hate Us, Mike Judge?

I miss the days of Beavis and Butt-head. Those were simple times. Happy times. Music videos were generally terribly made and crude cartoon jackasses could say the things I was thinking. Not to mention play frog baseball and do other stupid things while I was still too young to really get high. So it wasn't the pot that made it funny.

When that was all done I was hopeful. Sure King of the Hill was nothing like Beavis & Butt-head. But I was still hopeful we would get them to show up at least once or twice. No dice. Mike moved on to films.

Office Space was great. Though it spawned so many catch phrases and was a running meme that got played out. It provided us some great humor. He followed this live action humor with Idiocracy. Which wasn't very good. I don't know why. I just didn't care for it. Ok, I do know why. Let me break it down to this and I'm surprised that no fans of it have caught on to it

*makes movie making fun of dumb people*
*has narrator hammer plot through audiences' collective skulls*
*fails to notice the irony*

I'm pretty sure the moral to idiocracy was that smart people need to fuck more. There's a very good reason why Fox, who I agree with this time, shelved it for a year and then just released it onto DVD. It wasn't very funny!

Then after 13 seasons of King of the Hill kept him busy, Fox finally canceled it last weekend. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a terrible show. At worse it was good satire on the stereotype of a family in Texas. But it wasn't Beavis and Butt-head and it was in the way of getting us more of anything similar to that.

This meant that "Animation Domination" was over at Fox. But it allowed Mike to move on to bigger and better things. Then all of a sudden, just as soon as I pressed on the gas to go 100 mphs into a new future, a brick wall comes up and I come smashing into it. It comes out that Mike is working on a new animated sitcom for ABC.

The Goode Family is an upcoming ABC animated sitcom from Mike Judge. The show is set to premiere in March 2009.

The Goode Family is an obsessively “green” family who live a politically correct lifestyle. The reason why their last name is Goode is because they are always trying to do good. For example, they reuse their shopping bags, drive hybrid cars, recycle, etc. They are also Vegans.

If you're like me and stopped reading when you got to this line "The Goode Family is an obsessively “green” family who live a politically correct lifestyle. The reason why their last name is Goode" then I can't blame you. This sounds awful. Simply awful in every possible way.

Why yes. Lets further belittle the things that might actually stop humanity from ruining the fuckin planet in 50 years. Sure I think that the green movement is full of it and sounds more bloated than it really should sound. But this show would do nothing to help that.

Oh goody, another prime time animated TV show NOT on Fox. Yeah, I smell a huge success... ok, maybe not. Especially when the premise is as stupid and looks as dumb as this. Didn't South Park take care of all the green jokes in one or two episodes of their show? This show will get stale after that and people will tune out.

King of the Hill was relatively subtle with its jabs at the conservative right. This is hammer to the face retarded in how it'll just be in your face on how silly the movement towards being eco-friendly is. I've made fun of it on my own, but I'm not trying to make a half hour show about it.

In the end, perhaps this just is a clear sign that Beavis and Butthead wasn't that great. I was simply twelve years old during the time and well, any pee and fart jokes could have entertained me.

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