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I Got 99 Blogs And This Ain't One!

I Got 99 Blogs And This Ain't One!

So it has come to my attention that this blog has now reached 100 post. I really don't know how that happened. Well, I guess I know HOW it happened -by me making a series of button pressing and drunk rantings about whatever it is that I found funny or worth pointing out. That still doesn't explain the how of it. Especially with my stance of being counter internet culture.

I don't consider social media as anything more than a comedy option. Sure I spent hours on message boards. Even had internet celebrity as the one with the most post on some DVD forum. If a large number of people found something entertaining, interesting or informative, chances are I hated it and ridiculed it for no reason other than the fact that I could. I never took part of live journal or any blogging sites because I was aware that the world didn't want, nor cared to hear my daily adventures. It would have consisted of something along these lines:
Mode: iNSANE
Dear Journal, Today I drank a shit-ton of Pepsi and then played video games. I may very well watch the Matrix later. Peace out yo!

If they weren't suicidal enough, I'm sure my crazy talk, which I believe makes some people shake their head and wonder what's wrong with me, would push them over the edge and kick the chair out from under them.

Stepping on the grave of those LJ Suicidal peeps

I like the idea of using all these tools to be ironic. Much the same I look like a hipster with my threadless shirts and my casual wear in the same ironic sense that I'm using all these web 2.0 tools to openly mock the internet culture.

This blog rarely, if ever, reflects what's going on with me as a person. Sure there's a lot of my views and opinions littered over every post. You can see what I care about through these post but there's no real description of myself here. That side bar with a profile description? Layers and layers of sarcasm. Though I stand by the stance that I'll openly mock people on the internet. Perhaps it's time, with this 100 blog, that I strip off the protective layers and show you who I am.

Weird.. I know.

Javier is a twenty-eight year old male who resides in Los Angeles. I have boyish good looks with an eccentric nose that looks right on a person working in the industry. There are dark blue rings under my eyes and I have the skin pallor of a man who has toiled under florescent lights for too long. I wear the bemused expression of a guy who knows how bad it can get. Who is always looking and waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm not so much a screamer anymore.

That is the primer of all this. I'm a deeply complex person who seems to collect a lot of silly images from the internet in a vain effort to post them again some day. I have folders and folders of images that will more than likely end up as image macros and played out internet memes.

Serious Discussion

I have made an effort to keep as much personal life out of here. You don't want to hear about it and frankly, I'd rather escape those situations through a series of comedy writings highlighting what I find funny. I'm proud that this hasn't gone down the road of most live journals. Content is king and I try to keep this as entertaining as possible. Conflict may be the essence of drama but it seldom makes for a good read to those not introduced to the characters of your story.

I like to think that I live up to the name WeirdTV. It holds a special meaning to me growing up as it shaped the way I viewed everything. Weird TV was something that shaped the 15 year old mind of mine. It was a late night show on the now defunct KCOP Channel 13 in Los Angeles. It would make more sense if I was either drunk, high or a combination of both. For what it was, it was the bullet in the gun of my creative mind and turned me towards broadcasting. I wanted to unleash such madness on others.

So here I am thirteen years later working in the industry. It's a big part of me and what I'd like to consider my future. For all you film students, interns looking to move up the ranks, personal assistants and the otherwise unemployable actors who make up so much of our work force, I have some knowledge to lay upon you from a little over ten years of doing all the wrong and some of the right in the Television and Film industry.

Striking for fellow writers

For the growing number of people who come out to L.A and are considering entering the industry I have some advice, too. In fact, let's dispose of you first.

So you want to be in the industry? You really, really really want to be in this industry? If you've been working in another line of business, have been accustomed to working eight to nine hour days, weekends and evenings off, holidays with the family, regular sex with your significant other. If you are used to being treated with some modicum of dignity, spoken to and interacted with as a human being, seen as an equal with hopes, dreams opinions and aspirations. The sort of qualities you'd expect of most working persons... Then you should reconsider what you'll be facing when you graduate from whatever quick film school or theater troop that filled your head with this nonsense to start with.

I'm not kidding when I say that at least in the beginning, you have no rights, are not entitled to an opinion or a personality. All you can hopefully expect is to be treated like a gopher, only less useful. I wish I had a dollar for every well meaning career changer who attended a four month course and showed up to be an intern on one of my film sets. More often than not, one look at what they would really be spending their first few months doing, one look at what their schedule would be, and they ran away in terror.

To those serious ones who know what it is they were entering, who are fully prepared, ready, willing and able, and committed to this career path. Who want to be whatever they want to be in the industry, must work on a studio lot, whatever the personal cost and physical demands. Willing to have to deal with months without work only to jump back on the wagon and do sixteen hour days. Then I have this to say to you.

Welcome on set. Stick around long enough, do your job in some half way decent way, survive the long hours with little to no personal time and I'll be glad to take you out for a cold beer after work. Don't worry, we wont stay out too long. I know you need to get in some sleep before the next call time.

Yeah, back to the weird.

And after I finish writing this I just realize that I actually have 99 blogs this year with 11 last year. This whole blog was built on a foundation of lies and much like a city built on Rock and Roll, it's not structurally sound. So hell, this is actually the 111th blog and is simply another arbitrarily number in a sea of mind rantings. Then again, 111 blogs later, it's never too late for me to introduce myself. It goes without saying that the About The Author section of any book is at the very back.

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