Saturday, November 29, 2008

Obama New Policies to Ban Pianos!!! All Pianos Must Go!!!

Obama New Policies to Ban Pianos!!! All Pianos Must Go!!!

By now you've seen all the right wing wackos rant and rave about putting a black man into the white house. It's common to hear them toss around the idea that once Obama is in the oval office, he'll be banning all guns. Which had folks go out in masses to get themselves a shiny pretty bang bang thing.

Forget all that fear mongering, I know one way to one up that sort of mentality. Much like George Bush don't care about black people, you might as well start a chant that Obama don't care about Pianos.

Yamaha, Baldwin and many other brands of used grand pianos offered by piano technician who is retiring after 30 years in business. Uncertain of how the economic policies of President Elect Obama will affect small business this business owner is calling it quits. Every piano will be sold by Dec. 31. This is truly wholesale to the dealers please. The best deals will go first so hurry. Contact by phone only 704-644-0212 7am - 9pm. If voicemail please leave message and someone will return your call promplty.
Oh the wonders of craigslist. I know what you're thinking. This seems like good news if you're in the market for a piano. But think again. What about Joe the Pianodealer? What will he do? First Christmas and now pianos? What will those godless liberals stop at ruining for true blooded pro-Americans?

Like guns, Obama will clearly ban all pianos and subsidize 80's casio synths in efforts to bring back real hip hop. When Pianos are outlawed, only outlaws will have pianos. The choom gang will be brought back together. Where can a simple small town pro-American call his home? If I recall correctly, that Chevy truck ad said that this was ARE COUNTRY! Not some Piano and gun hating liberal tree hugger!

I'm just curious as to why this guy isn't aware or sure on what Obama's policies are going to be towards small business despite them being clearly laid out on his website. Then again, this was from the Charlotte craigslist which also has this fine ad..

Anybody here know how to fry quail? - 47 (union county)

Me and a buddy shot a nice mess of birds yesterday and how tasty they'd be fried up with some thick brown gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, biscuits, and washed down with some sweet iced tea. Hopefully there are still a few practical uses for a good iron skillet beyond creasing the hat or parting the hair of a wayward husband, boyfriend, or otherwise significant other...

Of course it wouldn't hurt either if you were somewhat angelic to look at and filled out a pair of jeans the way levis, lee, wrangler, etc, intended. I doubt if I'd kick up much of a fuss about an angel with one wing smoldering, jeans that require a deep breath to button, or a halo with some slight tarnishing either. Those are the keepers. The ones every fella wants but only one can have...

Happy Thanksgiving!
So you can see the demographics here.

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