Saturday, November 22, 2008

The World's Craziest TV Screen Caps

The World's Craziest TV Screen Caps

Just pretend you're watching this on Fox or Spike for a moment. You'll see some random show with a voice over actor highlighting some terrible clips that will make you feel better as a Television viewer. It's TV's Funniest Screen Caps. These are moments when you do a spit take with whatever you're drinking and look at the screen again to make sure you didn't just imagine it.

Around here I stick close to the motto that a picture says a thousand words. Usually those words don't sound like some drunk hillbilly. In this case, they probably do. Hopefully that'll be funny to you. Add in that when I do these types of post I can easily just look through a random folder of images and throw them against the wall to see what sticks. It saves a whole lot of time on actual content. Consider it the Best Of..., only it never was shown on this blog before. Either way, this just proves the whole laziness in my profile description. Enjoy these terrible clips!

The graphics guy was killed typing this in.




The next few are just a series of photos from the local news. Nice advetisements scrolling on the lower third area.

It's a constantly expanding business... Wait, what?

This one is stretching it a bit..

h4xOr3d teh Gibson
God, I'm going to throw up after typing that sentence. Ugh!

This one doesn't suck...

Should have gone with Apple...


Comedy options as the pic matches the text

WHOOP WHOOP. Holla at yo boi.

Reaching the prime demographics.

Wait, didn't I make this joke already? F. U. INTERNET!

Did someone order some extra large sausage?

New meaning to the Jersey turnpike.

Don't share that box of love with me.

Thanks for the description, News 9!

There's no kissing in Baseball!

Tell me what he had for lunch as well. Please.

Gotta nuke something. I seriously loved OLD Simpsons.

You said it, brother!

I hear your outcry, man.

Nothing funny here besides House. What a joker!

I just like Buffy.. Ok? More so I found her E.T.
like neck scary as all fuck! Quick Buffy, stab her!

Irony points for the glared picture.

And that's the end of this filler post. I'm sure I have enough to post part 2, 3 and eventually the prequel where it's all about the craziest radio broadcast. I'm looking your way, H.G. WELLS!

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