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"Fuck You Got Mine" Conservatives/ Prop 8 Blows

"Fuck You Got Mine" Conservatives /Prop 8 Blows

Yes, this yet another Prop 8 related blog. I realize, I must want to have my gay marriage now, right? I just think that this prop and the people behind the campaign to get it passed are the lowest form of scum. This is one of those confusing election choices. A vote for no means yes to rights of others and a vote for yes means no to human rights.

As many were passing out candy on Halloween, there was a handful of people passing out something worse than dental floss, candy corn and pennies. They handed these fliers out to parents out with their children advocating a YES on Prop 8 by using scare tactics on what they're children may or may not be exposed to in schools. The kicker here, even if prop 8 is passed, your students can still be taught about gay marriage in school. There's nothing in the writing of prop 8 that eliminates the ability for schools to teach about gay marriages.

If you're a teacher and prop 8 passes, I implore you to go right ahead and teach about gay marriage in school in the context of this very same proposition stripping gays of their equal rights to marry. That'll show the knights of columbus and Mormon groups. Then again, if this gets passed and gay marriage is taken away, they'll be happy anyway. So it's a lose/lose situation no matter how you cut it unless prop 8 doesn't pass. Again, MARRIAGE ISN'T TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS TILL THE MIDDLE SCHOOL/HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL! And even then parents have the rights to opt their kids out of the class if they feel the need to be so ignorant to do so. Oh yes, this is during Health/Biology class and Sex ed. So it's not a freak'n surprise!

Dirty Pool, Pro-prop 8. Dirty fuckin' pool!

I recently talked to a friend from out of state about the props on the ballot this year and he wondered why Prop 8 was looking like it was going to pass. How California looks to be a generally liberal place. Not so much. Most of California is backwater shit holes filled with rednecks like Bakersfield , Fresno, and the Inland Empire. Then you have Orange and San Diego Counties that are bastions of "fuck you got mine" conservatives. San Diego is Bakersfield with a beach and comic con. There are dozens of better California beach front cities that aren't filled with brain dead soldiers and bitter old people.

Orange County is a horrible shit hole filled with upper-middle-class tools, racists, bros, and is home to Saddle back Church and that asshole who wrote the Purpose Driven Life as well as the Trinity Broadcast Network. So it doesn't surprise me that it spawns such hatred that driving through there has a sea of YES ON 8 signs plastered everywhere. It did give us Nixon and was a city who latches onto the L.A. name for a baseball team as well as going bankrupt while having a major theme park in their city. Talk about Reaganomics.

This is why I understand when people want
California to float off into the ocean

That's the key here. "Fuck You Got Mine" is the only mentality that kicks in here. Straight people have had the right for marriage for as long as anyone can remember. Will it really hurt their marriage to allow gay people to join them in that dreaded celebration of misery?

I have never heard a reasonable, thought out response to someone asking why marriage is somehow in trouble, and why people think voting against gay marriage is "protecting" marriage. does your marriage become null and void if gay marriage becomes legal? I just don't get it. Also, this whole battle has changed my opinion on Mormons from "whatever" to "fucking cult assholes."

I hate that people say heterosexual marriage is what is traditional. If we were going for tradition we would still see marriage as an exchange of property, not love, and require dowries. It's bullshit that people are trying to defend a false institution. Marriage has never been sanctified in the first place, throughout history its been a tool of oppression and then when it finally becomes more or less equal it is debased by reality TV and divorce rates

I can only hope that it fails due to the bradley effect. People say yes yes keep those faggots from marrying, then go into the booth and think "what the fuck am i doing? here i am voting a black man in for president then voting against faggots, what the fuck is wrong with me?" I don't even see anywhere in the new testament where god gives a shit about government. If anyone tells you "It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve", just slap them. Seriously. Slap them.

Make the right choice. Vote NO on Prop 8

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