Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Kids Aren't Alright

The Kids Aren't Alright

As Hank Hill would say it, That boy ain't right. Only he should have meant boys. Kids these days are far from alright. First off we have an 8 year old shoots and kills his father and another man. Very strange.

ST. JOHNS, Ariz. (AP) - Police in this small eastern Arizona community are looking into the possibility that an 8-year-old boy who is charged with killing his father and another man with a rifle had been abused, the police chief said Saturday.

"I'm not accusing anybody of anything at this point," he said Saturday. "But we're certainly going to look at the abuse part of this. He's 8 years old. He just doesn't decide one day that he's going to shoot his father and shoot his father's friend for no reason. Something led up to this."

On Friday, a judge determined there was probable cause to show that the boy fatally shot his father, Vincent Romero, 29, and Timothy Romans, 39, of San Carlos, with a .22-caliber rifle. Under Arizona law, charges can be filed against anyone 8 or older. The judge ordered a psychological evaluation of the boy.

Melnick said police are pushing to have the boy tried as an adult, but he acknowledged it's unlikely a judge would grant that motion.

"This is a severe double homicide, premeditated, and that's the right thing to do," he said. "We're going to use every avenue of the law that's available to us, but we're also looking at the human side."
Now you may need a moment here to soak that all in. Come back when you're ready. First there's many people that are just screaming to give the little niglet the chair or the gun crazed that shout out that if the parents had more guns this never would have happened because then they'd have guns to shoot the kid who took their guns. Lastly there's the Big Lebowski who would have simply said 8 year olds dude. I guess the whole matter now is if we do give an 8 year old the death row sentence we'd be trying to out-do Iran with the fucked up conservatism stance.

An 8 year old on death row would be an awesome new low in the "Lets try and out-do Iran with the fucked up conservativsm" stakes.

Who's excited for the Law and Order SVU episode ripped from the headlines?

Then this one is a little off. This dumb ass died after running away when he couldn't play video games...

TORONTO — Investigators believe it's likely Ontario teen Brandon Crisp died after falling from a tree in the rural area northeast of Barrie, Ont., but they're not sure yet how long he survived in the outdoors before perishing.

Autopsy results on the body of the teen, found just over three weeks after he ran away from home, reveal he died of injuries to the chest.
I would have felt worse if he was kidnapped or hit by a car, but this was honestly just a dumb kid. So he's not allowed to play Call of Duty on Xbox and thus he ran away from home in an act of aggression to show them. Because nothing says "I deserve to play video games" like running far away from said video game. Then to end up climbing a tree for who knows what reason and ends up dead. Stupid Stupid Stupid.

I say stupid because this who situation went from a kid turning up missing and even having Microsoft chip in 25k as a reward to finding him and then turned into a case where the kid was just a dumb ass and ran away from home, failed to climb a tree and died a painful death.

I know fall damage in Call of Duty 4 is much more forgiving. I'm sure little Brandon is calling people faggots in heaven now. Then again, I really hope there isn't an afterlife because if there is this kid has to live (...dead?) with being the world's biggest joke for all of eternity. Being a teenager, running away because he can't play xbox, and dying from falling out of a tree?

If he had spend more time outside instead of sitting in front of the TV he would have known how to climb a tree better I guess. I know there wont be any gg respawn in 2 min gogogogoogo in this kids lack of future

Then we finally have this little tyke.

Here is why I'm asking grown-ups to vote for Barack Obama. I am 7 years old so I can't vote......

My mom told me that I shouldn't base my election analysis on "feelings" (I like him/her) or "beliefs" (I share his/her beliefs) but on logical arguments. She asked me to create my own rational explanations for my support of Obama. Here is one of my arguments:

McCain and Palin are not be qualified to be President / Vice President of the U.S. The President's job is to do good for the country and the world. To do good for the country, the President must make smart decisions on important situations.

Governor Palin believes the world is 6000 years old. This is absurd. This is not a rational belief. This is a mistake. Scientists, experiments and evidence have shown this to be completely false. Therefore, she is not rational. If she is not rational, she should not be allowed to be President or Vice President.

Please vote for Barack Obama.

Why?! I understand the concern but when I was 7 I wasn't concerned about the president. I was more worried if Donatello and Ralphie would make up in time before Shredder planned another evil plot. Let the children go and be children. Yeah, we're fucking it up and getting them into major debt that their generation and the following generation after them wont be able to pay. But it shouldn't cause them to get gray hairs already. Let them live an existence of just enjoying the fun carefree days without the concern on who is president.

Shit, that stuff is inane even for me and I actually like to follow politics for the simple subject of mocking it. Let the children play. They don't need to worry about getting abused and having to kill their father and face a death sentence. Nor should they be dumb enough to run away because they can't play Xbox longer than they want to. Most of all, don't introduce them to politics yet. You're just pandering at that point.

Wont anyone think of the children?

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