Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun With Zoom/Enhance : Obama

Fun With Zoom/Enhance : Obama

Today on fun with zoom/enhance we take a look at our President. If ever given the chance to be around the president, let alone in a picture with him, you would think that this would be a time to put on your best face, you may just be in the history books after all. So we get to this picture of Obama

And as odd as it may seem to have him hold a lightsaber while a fencer is standing there, you go along with it. How could you not? It looks like he's about to appoint the star wars kid as lightsaber czar.

It took me a moment to look for the hidden "where's waldo" precious moment in this one. I mean, the fact that he has a lightsaber should be enough to warrant this be a funny picture, but look closer and you'll realize

There we go. The real beauty to this picture. You're standing on the white house lawn and Obama is playing with a lightsaber and what do you go do, Pick your nose? What the hell kind of person are you? Come on, man. Couldn't just wait till you left the most famous unpainted home to do this?

Hee. Just gotta laugh. It's an easy throw away blog, but why the hell not. Comedy gold is being picked here.. or at least something is being picked.

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