Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Health Care Debate - I'm Not A Liar!

The Health Care Debate - I'm Not A Liar!

A couple of days ago I asked you folks to pay attention to when Obama gives his Universal Health Care reform speech. Well, it seems that Joe "You Lie" Wislon, who seems to be the republican pet this week as he went ahead and became a douche of the week by shouting out "YOU LIE", which is oddly enough a very common statement in the world of politics going back to the early years of politics.

If you're wondering what the average congressman makes, I can answer that for you - A mockery of the chamber. My question is why does anyone continue to give a fuck about an insignificant douchebag like Joe Wilson? Sadly though, Obama is upholding the exact same sentiment as him. Don't believe me? Just notice how both take the stance on their position:
Barack Obama: Illegal immigrants should die from preventable dieses.
Joe Wilson: Illegal immigrants should die from preventable diseases... BUT YOU ARE LYING ABOUT YOUR COMMITMENT TO THIS NOBLE IDEAL!
This idea that illegals are less than human is an ideal most believe, though none really take it to the limit that the republicans do when they propose to build that huge wall on the boarder or have devoted minute men patrol the boarder.

And where the hell does this idea that Illegals can abuse this non-passed universal health care anyway? Anyone who looks at the bill could tell you the same thing. It's just not in there to sneak by the system. There's not even a loophole that anyone can really take advantage of. Read it and weap, righties.
Section 242(a)(2) Treatment of Family:
"—Except as the Commissioner may otherwise provide, members of the same family who are affordable credit eligible individuals eligible."
There's really no excuse for Joe Wilson's action. It was a joint seasons of congress, what kind of fucking stuck up brat of a child must you be to speak out in that fashion and call the president a liar like that? Have some fucking tact, will you?

Then again, this is the republican party we're talking about. There isn't any sort of thing as tact when it comes to the right. These are the people who, when you are at a disagreement, instead of saying they agree to disagree, they'll just call you an communist socialist scum... Oh yeah, and that you clearly must not support your troops for perserving your freedoms. YOU'RE FREEDOMS, man!

In reality if you attempted to debate this issue with anyone who follows Fox news, listens to O'reily or Glenn "I'm batshit insane" Beck, you're not going to get anywhere. You're better off just looking at this video.

It's really sad. I mean, I listened to Tom Leykis when he was on the air daily. It was quality entertainment and while he may have been a bit crazy when it comes to dating advice... and by crazy I mean true based on what reality is really like. But he doesn't even get to the same level of Glenn Beck mob mentality.

People wh watch Glenn Beck use the YMCA big/little brother mentor program to get easy access to children. Now that, right there, is something to say worth getting sued for! Ha. Who am I kidding? No one who's a right wing wacko is reading this blog. Fuck you, you fuckin' republican scum!

For those of you who didn't watch the speech and are wondering if we finally got Universal Health Care. To answer you simply.. if by UHC you mean massive piles of money being delivered to insurence companies in the form of regressive taxation and mandatory insurance plans that will cover nothing and removing any recourse you may have in a malpractice suit where a doctor botches a procedure or misdiagnoses you and destroys your life.... Then yes, we are almost there.

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