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Charlie Sheen demands Obama meeting on 9/11 cover-upCharlie Sheen Demands Obama Meeting On 9/11 Cover-Up

Charlie Sheen Demands Obama Meeting On 9/11 Cover-Up

Just to show you that I'm not an entirely awful person in hating anything and everything American by my mockery of how we remember 9/11 and the downward spiral and abuse in power that spawned from the terror attacks, I do have a logical reason to stand on my reasoning.

I can at least say I'm not one of those truthers. You know, those moronic fools who believe that 9/11 was an inside job. While I can't stand behind those blind followers that believe that unless you have a red, white and blue pair of truck nuts and don't unquestionably get behind the troops then you're a terrible person. I can't also stand by those who believe that the attackes were some sort of inside job.

But those truthers that do rally around this idea, even though it can't keep a damn thing secret without it being leaked to the media do have someone to rally behind. It's their beacon of.. um.. truth, Charlie Sheen as the LA Times Reports
Normally, when an A-/B+ celebrity issues some political pronouncement at the start of a new television season or just before a movie release, people might suspect it has something to do with publicity.

A lot of rich, pretty people speak out on causes they support at times like that and the world goes, So what?

But when someone with the gravitas of a Charlie Sheen issues a statement, anyone is forced to listen.

In an exclusive contact with the website, Sheen reveals 1) that he voted for Barack Obama in November and 2) that he [Sheen] has become convinced that the 9/11 attacks were an inside government job perpetrated by people inside government for inside and no doubt nefarious reasons.

The idea being that Osama bin Laden and his posse were (maybe still are?) really working for the U.S. government to help justify faraway wars. (This might also explain why the U.S. government has "so far" been "unable" to capture or kill ObL.)

Sheen apparently figures that if Obama can waste all that time talking to American schoolchildren who can't even vote or pay $2,500 for a Democratic fundraiser yet, the president who garnered so many millions from Hollywood people ought to make time to talk with one of them. Or at least read their letter.

Just in case he doesn't get the Oval Office confab, Sheen has published the fictional transcript of a hypothetical 20-minute conversation with Obama in which the actor instructs the president on the ins and outs of the conspiracy and presents irrefutable evidence on "that bottomless warren of unanswered questions surrounding that day and its aftermath."

As the self-professed agent of change to believe in, Obama, Sheen reasons, should be burrowing into this obvious conspiracy to uncover the truth, unlike previous administrations.

Raising such questions about a 9/11 coverup recently cost green aide Van Jones his White House job. Or the other way around.

Oh and coincidentally, Charlie will appear today on the Alex Jones radio show to discuss his charges.
Please give this news story the great attention that it deserves and pay no mind to the fact that eight years after the tragedy, there's still nothing being built on the site of the world trade center thus showing that we're moving forward and that, in fact, terrorist can disrupt our lives by causing destructive acts like this.

I love the following quote so much that I will be quoting it a couple of times in this post
But when someone with the gravitas of a Charlie Sheen issues a statement, anyone is forced to listen.
It's great that there's some journalist in the world that can type that without laughing so hard that he bashes the keyboard keys till they don't work anymore. It's Charlie Sheen we're talking about. He's only field of expertise is getting busy. I'm sure that he has STDs scientist have yet to discover.

I love how Charlie Sheen request.. nay.. DEMANDS an audience with the President about this utmost urgent concern that needs addressing. I demand a meeting to see who the fuck actually watches Two and a Half Men that show is the worst shit I've ever seen. I watched a few episodes of it and I honestly don't know how the fuck it's made by the same people behind The Big Bang Theory, which is actually witty. I know a couple of people who can watch and enjoy it, it's basically fart jokes and oppressive mediocrity, so I don't understand the appeal. Maybe they should change the name to Two And A Half Truthers.

Coming to a CBS affiliate near you soon

I would like to say that this wont be very good for Mr. Sheen's careerhahaaha- who the fuck am I kidding, his show is on CBS, it'll never be canceled. I think the biggest defense against this idea that the government could have anything to do with the 9/11 terrorist acts (and I say that because EVERYONE in New York fails to realize that there was other sites attacked) is the idea that the American government could ever act in collaboration with people from a different non-white culture. We can't even have our politicians keep their adultery secret, how do we expect some big ass secret like this to ever be kept under wraps?
But when someone with the gravitas of a Charlie Sheen issues a statement, anyone is forced to listen.
Gravitas: Another word killed, stripped of all meaning, and left to rot in our yard. Did Webster's recently change the meaning of gravitas to mean "nice hair" or "syphilis"? We really seem to be tossing that word around a lot these days without any concern or worry that we're watering it down. Let me know if Gravitas should be used in the same context as Charlie Sheen, because to me, someone who had two chicks up in his room ready to have sex with him and his real doll, but once the two girls saw the doll started laughing at him and walked out.. That's not someone who deserves that word ever near his name in a sentence.

Even more so because after being laughed at for having a Real Doll and not getting his four way going, Sheen decapitated the doll and had his body guard take the "body" to a dumpster rolled up in a rug. I shit you not, this event actually happened. Two Men and Half a Real Doll body.
But when someone with the gravitas of a Charlie Sheen issues a statement, anyone is forced to listen.
But hey, if you want to trust you CBS 9pm guilty pleasure show actor, then perhaps you should also know the real truth to this truther.. In that his real name is Carlos Irwin Estévez. Yes, that's right.. HE'S A MEXICAN!!!!! How can we trust one of them? What? it's not like they ever checked a birth certificate for those Major League and various other Baseball movies. It's not like they check birth certificates in that sport.

If you want to read what Charlie Sheen came up with in his crazy head on a hypothetical meeting with Obama, Click this whole sentence. Here's a sample of the funniest fan-fiction you will ever read.
Charlie Sheen – Good afternoon Mr. President, thank you so much for taking time out of your demanding schedule.

President Barack Obama – My pleasure, the content of your request seemed like something I should carve out a few minutes for.

CS – I should point out that I voted for you, as your promises of hope and change, transparency and accountability, as well as putting government back into the hands of the American people, struck an emotional chord in me that I hadn’t felt in quite some time, perhaps ever.

PBO – And I appreciate that Charlie. Big fan of the show, by the way.

CS – Sir, I can’t imagine when you might find the time to actually watch my show given the measure of what you inherited.

PBO – I have it Tivo’d on Air Force One. Nice break from the traveling press corps. (He glances at his watch) not to be abrupt or to rush you, but you have 19 minutes left.

CS – I’ll take that as an invitation to cut to the chase.

PBO – I’m all ears. Or so I’ve been told.

CS - Sir, in the very near future we will be experiencing our first 9/11 anniversary with you as Commander in Chief.

PBO – Yes. A very solemn day for our Nation. A day of reflection and yet a day of historical consciousness as well.

CS – Very much so sir, very much so indeed…. Now; In researching your position regarding the events of 9/11 and the subsequent investigation that followed, am I correct to understand that you fully support and endorse the findings of the commission report otherwise known as the ‘official story’?

PBO – Do I have any reason not to? Given that most of us are presumably in touch with similar evidence.

CS – I really wish that were the case, sir. Are you aware, Mr. President, of the recent stunning revelations that sixty percent of the 9/11 commissioners have publicly stated that the government agreed not to tell the truth about 9/11 and that the Pentagon was engaged in deliberate deception about their response to the attack?

PBO – I am aware of certain “in fighting” during the course of their very thorough and tireless investigative process.

CS – Mr. President, it’s hard to label this type of friction as “in fighting” or make the irresponsible leap to “thorough,” when the evidence I insist you examine regarding 6 of the 10 members are statements of fact.

(At this point one of Obama’s senior aides approaches the President and whispers into his ear. Obama glances quickly at his watch and nods as the aide resumes his post at the doorway, directly behind me.)

PBO – No disrespect Mr. Sheen, but I have to ask; what is it that you seem to be implying with the initial direction of this discussion?
Sure makes you want to read more embarrassingly bad fan fictions written by celebrities, doesn't it? Even in Charlie Sheen's own fanfic Obama thinks he's a lunatic. And here I thought Denise Richards was the crazy one. Maybe he should act out his presidential fanfic with his dad in blackface. West-wing style.

I'm sort of half expecting Dan Aykroyd to get in on this and demand Obama meet him regarding the Roswell cover-up. Why are we even looking to celebrities to measure what our society should do. Half of them are on drugs and the other half are bat shit insane. I should know, I work with them every day. One more time.. just for the sake of hammering it home:
But when someone with the gravitas of a Charlie Sheen issues a statement, anyone is forced to listen.

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