Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Super Villains Just Need To Be Bad Sometimes

Super Villains Just Need To Be Bad Sometimes

Comic books are something I write a lot about. Mainly because I read a lot of them. Yes, I am a nerd. But that's ok. I'm sure any girl willing to accept me is more than likely going to be into comic books as I naturally have a stupid superman/Clark Kent curl when my hair gets long enough. Though I don't think I have a Lex Luther.

On the subject of super villains, you ever notice that super villains are a little off these days. Well, at the very least they really try hard to make these characters scary or over the top evil. What ever happened to the good ol' fashion bad people just doing bad things on a small scale? Take for example Joker in the following panel.

God what assholes. He just took that kids report card. Now how will his father ever trust he got good grades? Batman should really do something about this. Though more than likely he's busy being a millionaire playboy.

Then you have Lex Luther. He's not always doing high priced crimes or attempting to expose Superman as the illegal immigrant that he really is. Sometimes he just wants to steal cakes.

You see this? This is glorious. I could read shit like this all day. And if you're like me, then maybe you should pick up the 4th World books by Kirby. This is pretty much what Darkseid does the whole time. At one point he builds an evil amusement park on Earth. Sadly it didn't make it into Final Crisis. In this park he tortures some of the main characters behind the scenes. Sure, this is all typical super villain stuff, but there's one scene where he makes a little kid cry by being an asshole. The kid's grandpa yells at Darkseid, but he basically responds with "I'm Darkseid. Deal with it."

And if you're not into the basic "Badboy being Bad" deal, perhaps you should read it for all the unbelievably fucked up deathtraps Darkseid sets up. I think it was Serifan and Vykin, and they stuck Vykin in a hole in the roller coaster so that his head popped out, then they hooked Serifan up to a leg press. Every time the roller coaster was coming, Serifan had to time the leg press exactly, because the leg press was wired to sink Vykin below the oncoming coaster, allowing him to not die. Serifan had to perform this task repeatedly for hours if not days, Lost-style, nonstop, or his buddy would die.

In short, Darkseid is the most evil villain ever and Kirby is the fucking man for walking the line of being mean to kids as well as creating death traps for the heroes.

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