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If Kanye Liked Beyonces Video So Much, He Shoulda Put A Ring On It

If Kanye Liked Beyonces Video So Much, He Shoulda Put A Ring On It

I'm still surprised that MTV has a video music award. Mainly because I don't recall the last time I've ever seen a music video on MTV. To be fair, I haven't tuned into MTV all that much anyway. So I can't really comment on it so much as to say that it's usually filled with mind numbing shows like The Hills.

I'm under the assumption that most people don't view music videos on MTV, but instead view them on Youtube linked to them by their many "friends". Well, that is in till Viacom or the respected record label takes it down. But let's go with the idea that MTV actually shows these videos enough to warrant the need of an awards show. These are, without doubt, a stage to simply highlight this years more-than-likely staged event that will be in the papers the next day. This year's stunt just showed that Kanye West is pretty much a douche bag we already knew he was....

West, who is known for his outspoken ways, jumped up on stage while the 19-year-old Swift was making an acceptance speech for best female video for her hit song You Belong With Me, beating out singers including Beyonce Knowles and Lady Gaga.

"I am really happy for you," West said. "But Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time."

MTV said West, who was spotted earlier on the red carpet drinking alcohol, was ejected from an awards show already known for its circus-like atmosphere.

West received loud boos from the crowd when his name was mentioned later in the show.

Since Viacom is pretty strict on youtube, can't link you to one that would be around for more than three seconds. So here's this very strange vpod format of the event:

Watching that video was really painful. Not only was it MTV on the screen, which is painful enough, but Taylor Swift looks devastated and all of this took place immediately after she said "I sing country music, so thanks for giving me a chance!" What an awful thing to do to someone, to completely ruin their moment for them like that.

The reaction on Beyonces and the other folks in the seats was pretty much dead on. Though.. like I said in the opening, the chances of this being an MTV staged event is a Vegas odds favorite. Anything on MTV in the last decade has been completely motivated by ratings and advertising. Let's face it. The joke's on all of us. It just has to be, right? Kanye West is the Soy bomb of the music awards world. Kanye West even parodied himself a long time ago.

But let's take a few seconds to think that this isn't some planned staged event by MTV to gather ratings to their shitty network. Clearly the integrity of MTV's programming has been...compromised. Oh wait, who gives a shit about this award? This is the MTV video awards after all, Nobody gives a fuck about who wins. It's not a Grammy or anything. It's a statue of a guy in a space suit holding a flag. Should Kanye really get upset that Beyonce didn't get every single award possible? Somewhere in America, Chris Brown is watching a video of this shit and planning his comeback tour with a smile on his face. Because after tonight, people won't give two fucks about what he did to Rihanna.

Saying in the middle of a solid block of capitol letters that you are not crazy is pretty fucking futile. This is basically Kanye saying that he wants to have sex with Beyonce. Get in line, Kanye. Why was he so white knighting it in order to defend her honor anyway? Besides the fact that it seems like it had to be staged, there really wasn't a point to it. Maybe we should see what videos were choosen over Beyonce's in the best female video catagory? If you're so inclined to see female singers in some music videos, take a look at the nominated films HERE.

What was so great about the "Single Ladies" video? It's just her dancing and lip-syncing. Basically, her live performance. Beyonce's video is basically her shaking her ass for a few minutes and occasionally pointing to her robot hand. I can't even understand the simple lyrics she's running off about. All I hear is:
"I'm a thing o' lettuce, I'm a thing o' lettuce"
At least Taylor Swift kissed a dude in her video. You know, acting! Let's look at more of the lyrics from Single ladies:
If you cant pay my bills, my telephones bills
if you cant then you and me are through
Wow. Seriously? At this point I'm thinking Beyonce is just a huge bitch. Thanks for prepetuating the stereotype of women as being money pits.

Times like this I'm so glad I'm going on 30 and officially "old" so that I now have no need to defend my complete lack of interest in these people and their music. Though for some odd reason I'm writing a blog about the whole instance? Much like other bloggers, I like the sound of my own voice.. or.. the look of my own typing... That and I think typing helps work my fingers out. NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!! WOOOOOOoooo!

Another question that should be asked is if these singers even have creative control over their music videos? I don't understand that aspect of it. Why they give the best video awards to the singer. Shouldn't it go to the director/firm that actually made the thing? I sure as hell would like to see future film directors up there instead of the band/singer accepting, what in essence is, a best actor award. Way to lip sing your song, buddy!

Though, this sort of thing happens often enough in the ratio of award ceremonies. Oh what? You don't remember the 1998 grammy's and Ol' Dirty Bastard?

No? I guess people just forget too easily.

I also can't believe there's a song called "My Life Would Suck Without You." Sure, it's upbeat and then it's a little addicting as in, it's stuck in my mind right now. But that's because I've actually met Kelly Clarkson (Oh snap, watch me drop names...) And if that doesn't take away any street cred I had in me, I suppose the next part will totally destroy all that built up edginess I had from those really crazy (but true) things I said on 9/11... Tayler Swift's video was sort of cute.

There. I said it. It was a cute. Cute enough that I'll embed it into my blog so that anyone can point at this blog post when I'm trying to be hard or mean and say "Look, you pussy, you enbedded a Tayler Swift video into your 'oh-so-edgy' blog"

It's not ground breaking at all. It's pretty forumalic. But it was sure as hell a lot better than some stupid black and white video of three women dancing around with some Michael Bay style camera movement. And I'll call anyone who believes it was all one shot a fucking moron. There's no way it could have been that. I see a few spots where it was edited so don't play that card with me.

But Ms. Swift's video at least told a story. Be it a generic one of nerd girl who is only contacts and some make up away from being a popular hot girl pinning over the high school jock who has a bitch for a girlfriend. It's not new and frankly, the formula has grown old on me in the last few years, but I still enjoyed that video and the concept.

She sure as hell didn't deserve to be upstaged like that. But hey, I guess that's what happens when you let him guzzle Hennessey before the show. At the very least Taylor Swift fans.. or just people who hate douche bags like Kanye, reacted back and acted out some revenge today.Look at what they did to Kanye's dead mother's site. I wonder what his PR people are doing to keep him at bay from that. He sure was really destroyed (as anyone would be, but just a little more) by her death.

Added to that, At least Taylor Swift has a sense of humor. I do give Taylor Swift more credit for at least having fun with her country music roots and mocking herself

See, now that's comedy. Ok, maybe I just like whitey over beyonce? The point is that Kanye West hasn't been doing a whole lot of things other than booasting his own ego and thinking that the world gives a shit about his opinions enough to force them down our throats. Where as in I, on the other hand, know people are only to read this if they want to.

But more than that, what has Kanye West done that has ever registered on my radar? I can't say I really like his music at all. In fact, the only positive thing I think he did was introduce a lot of main stream listeners of rap to Daft Punk with his Stronger Video.

Sadly, people just assumed he created that awesome beat and so, in a sense he leached off someone else's amazing creative content. Way to go Kanye. I'm not sure many people even know now that Daft Punk is a group that creates most every song that they hear in the club. Hell, Daft Punk should be getting MTV awards. At least the award sort of looks like the musicans who get it.

On that note, I'm going to end this on said awesome band. DAFT PUNK! Yo.

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