Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Toast To A Loaf of Bread In A Cup

A Toast To A Loaf of Bread In A Cup

Today, September 24th, is the 250th birthday of the Guinness brewery and its famous brews. Now, I really can't tell what the 250th birthday is celebrating. Some places cite that it's the day that it's the 250th Anniversary of Arthur Guinness signing the famous 9,000 year lease at St. James Gate in Dublin. But that was on December 31st of 1759. A little shy of that, aren't we?

Hey, what's a couple of months when talking about 250 years, right? That's a whole lot older than I can ever hope to achieve. So in honor of this festive day when, back 250 years ago, the Irish got wise and decided that they didn't want to pay the extra tax and just roasted their barley.

I have to say, I love Guinness. It's a delicious drink and even though it is considered a meal in a cup or that it's too heavy, the drink has one of the fewest calorie count for any beer. Only 170 calories for a pint. That's lower than just about any other beer. To add to that, because of all the all the things that go into Guinness, it's actually a really good beer to have when you eat as it helps your stomach break down and digest your food. So there's a lot of healthy benefits to drinking. Though if you're driving, maybe you shouldn't be drinking too much.

In accordance to this anniversary to Arthur, the Guinness company will be celebrating in Dublin as well as other places around the world. So at Dublin time 17:59, they will have an official toast to Arthur. Let me do the time difference here and that makes it 12:59 Eastern and so 9:59 West coast time.. Hmm, Are there any bars open at that time of morning anywhere around here? Geez, I don't want to get a drink at that time anyway. Seems awfuly inconvient.

Why can't they extend this? Oh who am I kidding, it's the Irish we're talking about. There's already something in the works to extend this from Thursday all the way till Sunday. Is there any excuse not to celebrate a St. Patty's Day II? Hell, it's roughly about 6-7 months from St. Patty's Day anyway. Might as well make a celebration for it.

Guinness is one o those amazing drinks. It's a benchmark for Dry Irish stouts. You can't compete with it and you might as well not try. There's something about this drink that even with the pitch black dark full headed foam that gets you every time. Some say that you can't get the same drink outside of Dublin. That the Guinness you have there is like no other you've ever had.

I suppose that could be true. You see, Guinness iis served on nitrogen. That's to say it's nitrogenated instead of carbonated. This helps the bubbles be finer and makes it smooth. In the states you have to compensate for the lack of nitrogen in the bottles some how, this is why your Guinness makes a noise when it's empty and you shake it. That's the widget inside. Though that was only invented 50 years ago. So hey, new anniversary for that in itself! God damn, can they stop with it. I have enough anniversaries to worry about as it is.

Though if you really can score some, try the 250th Anniversary stout. It's hoppier and reverts to carbonation as if taking a sip from a pint from way back when. It'll blow your mind. Though I'm sure you wont find any place open at 11am. So while you shouldn't and more likely wont be chugging the liquid loaf in the morning, make it a goal to get a pint of it somewhere sometime during the day. You can even go all out and try the 250th Anniversary Guinness that's floating around a good number of bars. That is if you're able to be bright enough to know where to get it. I know I'll be stopping by some watering hole and getting myself a pint of the stuff. Though, maybe you should also pour some to the curb for dead sloths everywhere... Oh, don't worry, it'll be explained in the next blog.

So with that, let's toast!

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