Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So What Are The Chances Of Health Insurance Dropping You

So What Are The Chances Of Health Insurance Dropping You?

Hope you had a good three day weekend. Here's hoping you and your buddies didn't go to the woods or the beach for one last Summer festivities and get too crazy ending in you having to go to the hospital cause you got hurt in your drunken stupor. But if you did, I wonder if while sitting in the waiting room did you ponder on the real important questions. Such as, what are the probability of your health insurance being canceled when you get sick?

The answer, you will sadly come to realize, is that the chances of your insurance being canceled when you're sick is pretty good. At least if you read the material on this website. So you might as well put the shotgun barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger.

It provides a pretty good breakdown, written entertainingly, which I do appreciate as a comedy writer. So when I say Death to America, I'm simply pointing out the problems that will actually happen due to our terrible health care plans.

The sad part is that the website will not change anyone's mind on Healthcare reform because anyone actually taking the time to read and watch the youtube videos linked there is pretty much convinced of the argument that is put forward. These breakdowns, no matter how detailed will not beat the "GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER OF MY MEDICARE!" Canard.

If businesses didn't provide medical insurance, we'd have a nationalized health care system by now. The only reason most people don't want to fuck with it is because their employer carries the real burden of their policy, despite co-pays and such. Remove that screen, and suddenly people realize just how much they're being ripped off. You really get better legal protection (As a consumer) ordering wood from home depot than you do for ordering cancer treatments.

Euthanasia, something that if I was in a stage that I was not living a quality life that I have come to expect, would like to be carried out on me, isn't covered and is mostly illegal. If you try to commit suicide privately and happen to fail, the government will lock you up agianst your will in a mental facility. You're better off just pulling the trigger.

It's really ironic how private insurance companies can drop your coverage after three months if you have a condition that requires long term care. Hey all you suckers paying a private insurance premium, you just got dropped. Sucks to be you. Retroactively canceling your policy makes it sound like you'd get your money back. I bet you don't get shit back.

"Oh I'm sorry but we discovered you had the measles and do you know what, it's VERY unfortunate but we are not the best provider of measles cures. You'd be much better served going to a better provider and that is why your health insurance is canceled and we are keeping every cent you ever paid us."

So in a sense, you're better off in the whole Obama public option where you get to choose who you go to. But at the same time, there needs to be some sort of health care program for anyone who isn't able to afford it. It's not socialism, it's looking out for your fellow human.

If you don't have health insurance then you're in a world of hurt if you get injured. Try catching a cold and going to the ER as you wait for five hours for some one to help you, slowly choking to death on the fluids filling your lungs. The staff will check a box saying they looked in the waiting room, but they haven't. What do they care? In your final moments you'll notice a security camera and attempt to write "help" on the carpet with your finger. The lights are starting to fade out and sounds seem distant. You can't quite finish the E before you fall unconscious, everything turns dark, you wont ever wake up again.. By the way, this actually happened

So as Obama gives his Health care speech to try to sell you on it, I implore you, no matter how boring you think Politics is, please listen up and don't jump to conclusions thinking that it's automatically a bad thing simply because it has hints of items found in socialism. Besides that, the republicans have been a one protest-note wonder since the good ol' days.

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