Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Are You Ready To Rock?

Are You Ready To Rock?

That's right, I know you're gearing to rush out today, on this 9-9-09 and pick yourself up some Rock Band: The Beatles. Well tough shit, loser. Everyone else is going to do the same. It's Beatles day and if you can't tell by the amount of Beatles blogs I've written today, I'm excited. Though the downside here is that everyone else will be rushing to the local Bestbuy and WalMart to get their Breakfast with the Beatles on. You'll more than likely wont be able to find it anywhere.

What is a young impressionable fake musician to do? Put your heart in with Jesus and get yourself Guitar Praise!

Strap on the guitar and play along with your favorite bands—tobyMac, Relient K, Flyleaf, Newsboys —and more. SHRED the riffs…THUMP the bass…BLAST that solid Christian Rock!

check out the killer tunes and the flash video here

Sure it's no Strawberry fields, but where would you rather be forever? Heaven or some fruit filled field? Living is easy with eyes closed... which is pretty much what religion is, right? Ha. I know, it's like when you were a kid during Christmas and you asked for a specific name brand toy from your parents and then you open your presents on Christmas morning to find that they got you a generic brand toy. Instead of a Sony Walkman, you got a Son-I Walkfriend.

I have to say, they missed out on a real opportunity by not having a gimmick guitar with a cross for a head. Maybe stylized text that says "inri". They could have called it Guitar Martyr.

Besides that, The Beatles are a band that parents weren't happy with their kids listening to back in the old days. When John said that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus the christian reaction was not good. The reaction was instantaneous. Radio stations across the country, but especially in the South and Midwest, stopped playing the Beatles records. Death Threads began pouring in directed at all the members and bonfires appeared and went up where people burned albums and other memorabilia as the fuel to the flames.

In South Carolina, for example, the Klan Grand Dragon Bob Scoggins nailed a Beatles record to a large cross and set it on fire. Other Klansmen justified their campaign on the grounds that not only were the Beatles blasphemous, but that they were not really 'white' either. Oh, comedy, I tell you. In Cleveland, the Reverend Thurman H. Babbs threatened to excommunicate any member of his congregation who listened to the Beatles. Way to destroy all those sought after Beatles memorabilla that is worth a ton of cash these days, you christian wack-jobs!

Children, don't settle for anything less. While Christian rock may technically be considered "Rock" it's still not good. Besides, if you invite your friends over and they see you with this instead of Rock Band Beatles, you'll end up having a lot fewer friends. Be the cool kid, Obama told you to dream big and achieve it at any cost possible. Dreaming big in the sense of actually getting a real music video game and not some stupid religious knock off.

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