Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 - The Sound Track

9/11 - The Sound Track

No one is going to forget the things they witnessed on 9-11-01.. but just imagine, in a couple of years there will be a slew of children who grew up and were too young to remember 9/11... what then? WHAT THEN?! How could they never forget if they don't remember?!

Well, if I know one thing about kids these days, it's that they like music. So in an effort to keep the spirit of 9/11 alive, let's preserve it through the wonders of music inspired or about 9/11.

Have You Forgotten?

No 9/11 would be complete without the ladder..

I hear 9/11 is no joke.. oh wait.. what does flava say about this?

This is a strange one.. but if you didn't puke over the stupid "Have You Forgotten" video, then this one should at least be touching.. if not a little strange.

I mean, the dude is singing about losing his girlfriend.. or maybe that he wanted to be a cowboy. How should I know? Yeah, sure, I speak Spanish, doesn't mean I actually pay attention to what people say in Spanish. Well that does it. At least I didn't put up the Tribute.wmv Shows that I have some class.. right? Oh fuck it. I've already alienated friends and have been disowned by family.

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