Saturday, September 26, 2009

Glenn Beck Hits The Boiling Point... Maybe Not

Glenn Beck Hits The Boiling Point... Maybe Not

It's not easy being green. But then again it makes it worse if you're around Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck is pretty crazy. We already established that. So it's to no surprise that he goes out and kills a frog for the sake of illustrating an otherwise silly point...

I'm not sure what he's trying to say here. Perhaps the reality here is that the Pot has grown far too big and we cannot jump out. Cause we are small frogs or something. I dunno. The point was sort of lost on me. Maybe I'm just too small minded or maybe it's just that Glenn Beck is, as proven, fucking crazy.

Come on, Glenn. We all know that killing an animal is not really a smart way to get your point across. Just ask that U.S. soldier who tossed a puppy off a cliff. Unlike that tragic event, this one wasn't so graphic. I mean, the frog wasn't even real. Much like fake republicans and fake democrats, it was a fake frog.

From what I saw in that video, nothing comes out of his hands at all. There's no frog in the pot fake or not. Glenn Beck is simply a bad magician all around. But it's ok because people are that gullible. They wont even notice if the water started to boil over and they died... Oooh wait, Now I get what Glenn was trying to say.

Who cares if Glenn said he'd vote for Hillary over McCain, he's still a Republican lapdog. Beck fans don't care about that because he's told them that McCain is basically no better than Teddy Roosevelt and there's nothing that Americans and Republicans hate more than Teddy Fucking Roosevelt, right? Teddy Roosevelt.. Ha! Can you believe that shit?

Can't we just put Glenn Beck into a pot of boiling water?

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