Sunday, February 7, 2021



 While I do not have any sort of doctor's note or test results to show it, I am 100% confident that I got covid this time last year. To say I'm a stubborn stupid idiot when it comes to taking anything for illness or even acknowledging that I'm sick is an understatement. I do not take sick days and I know that's toxic as fuck and I'm sure that perfect attendance record for school had me going into class when I sure as shit should have been home in bed resting and not passing on whatever the hell I had to my classmates.  What can I say, I was young and dumb and determined. 

 Perhaps that gives you a picture of the type of person I am. If I have the flu, I do not go for the medicine unless it's really bad and what I had last year was far worse than even that. So much so, that I went to costco feeling like death and got myself some Nyquil and I wanted to just chug it in the car. I waited until I was home, but I drank it down like I was pulling a rip from the bourbon bottle.

Around that time I was making use of my Disney pass. I was in the parks at least every other day and in those early days of Covid, I'm pretty sure I put myself in the midst of the most dangerous levels of getting it from vacation goers at the parks. What happened next was that I was on my sofa laid out in the worst way possible. I had chills and even after drinking down a good majority of that medicine and just being a miserable pile of  a mess for about a week to a week and a half. Not even able to do much between sleep and go to the bathroom. I still had to go and feed cats, but I was not in any shape for anything. Shakes, lots of them. A lot of laying on the sofa having a lot of problems breathing. Like deep heavy breaths where I felt my lungs just heavy with whatever it was that was in me. and the coughing. 

I'm pretty sure that I was a long hauler because for the next two months I had a very tough time with the lingering coughing and fatigue plagued me for a long time to come. Some friends would ask what was up with the lingering cough. But at that time it was too soon to really know that the area was filled with this sickness. 

It was not fun and it was probably the worst I have been ill in the better part of a decade. The only other time I felt that shitty was when I had food poisoning from some Carl's Jr. gimmick burger and was laid out for the week between Christmas and New years. But yes, I am 100% sure that I had Covid in that period. It checks out of getting it from a well traveled and commuted area like Disney and that sickness was just completely wicked with a lingering nagging cough for several months to follow, as well as a few other long hauler symptoms like not really being all clear in the head. Because it sure did feel like I was forgetting a lot of things and stammering through communications a whole lot more. 

 The moral of the story? I mean, there isn't one. I just wanted to share what I went through at the time and most of all display that you don't want to get what I got, let alone a worse version of it in what is going around these days in the newer variants. So if you're offered the vaccine, whichever it may be - GET IT!   I can not stress that enough. Just get it. Get it and be happy that you will most likely avoid the mess that it fucks you up with. 

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