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SCHOOOOOOOLS OUT FOREVER!  Look, I like musical titles. Anyhow the subject of the whole blog will be schools and how we get to the point where parents will be glad to send their kids back to the SOCIALIST program that is government paid for education that parents really just treated as a means to have free day care for their spawn during the day while a two parent household found means to pay for rent and food and bills. 

It's comical when you think about it. At the beginning of this whole covid lock down, folks were praising teachers for pivoting and being all amazing in how they adjusted and worked with it. Finally getting the credit they have long since been ignore because let me tell you, from having a sister who is a teacher and having a relationship in a past life with a teacher, the amount of work that one does as a teacher is so vast and goes well beyond the 9-5 sort of time frame that most folks assumed.  Shit, even the whole criticism that they get summer off was a misinterpretation of what the job holds.  

In many cases, they had to work for free through the night. I remember a huge amount of issues with my past relationships was that my partner was completely exhausted and I had to be the one to tell them that they should put the lesson plan down at 9pm and to enjoy some food or just relax. Because the job is that grueling.  

So now we are past that gratitude and into the "Fuck it, let's get our kids back into the school districts, I need to make money!" mood. Tired of the zoom classrooms and completely over having to do some of the heavy lifting in being the teacher to their kids in making sure they learn a thing or two. Now we're just pushing  to get kids throw back into the fire of the school system. The thing is that this covid pandemic has not equalized shit. It has highlighted class struggle and the inequity that comes from different racial branches. The upper class folks can probably go back to school because their class rooms were never overcrowded messes where they stacked 30+ kids in a single classroom.  so social distancing wasn't ever an issue. 

But look towards the inner city and you'll see a different world. One where a child goes home to a mult-family household where two or more families of 5+ live under the same roof with too few rooms to spare and basically are on top of one another. Where the child is in daily interaction with their grand parents and those who are immune at risk of covid. So yeah, some kids won't be a threat of passing it on, but the fact is that they will take it home with them and pass it on to those who it will effect in the worst way possible. 

And let's talk about those teachers who no one gives a shit about their struggles. My sister has lost two fellow teachers in this time of covid already and that's with schools NOT in operation other than via zoom or whatever video chat. And they're not even talking about making sure teachers are properly vaccinated before going into school again? With this notion from the CDC that it's okay to carry on in person school without it?!!?!?! 


Part of me feels like while it's noble to take care of the elderly over 65 folks, we really need to ramp up vaccination for those who are on the front lines every day. the essential workers at grocery stores who deal with dumb customers who don't know how to put on their mask in the first place. As well as teachers who will be seeing the grossest of the gross kids on the daily. Where getting sick is a regular thing with them when it comes to flu and every other stupid virus those plague rats seem to carry. So to me, they need the vaccine asap before ever thinking of stepping back into the classroom setting and that is without fucking question. 

That's just my opinion. You can't have that "thank the teachers" mentality with this bullshit that you want your day time freedom again and so want to throw the kids back to the classroom daycare setting. Take ownership of your child's education. Or be thankful at the overworked and underpaid task that teachers have been doing since forever and try not to just be all for the actions that will end up with their longterm illness and deaths.

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