Wednesday, February 17, 2021



As this is posted, I am not completed with my second dose of pfizer's Covid vaccine and my body is working on creating an immunity towards the corona virus. This is a modern day miracle. Created on the backs of decades of research in methods of delivering the blue prints on how to decode our DNA and give it the building blocks with RNA delivery systems. 

Some people may wonder how a vaccine could be developed so quickly, but we have seen thousands of test subjects go through heavily monitored observation as well as clinical test to show the efficiency of this vaccine in helping our immune system learn how to battle this deadly virus. It's not rocket science, but then again I guess it's just science science. 

What I'm trying to say is that when you are given the option to take the Covid Vaccine in which ever method you can,  FUCKING DO IT!  

Don't question it. Just do it. 

Currently, the vaccine is being offered to health care workers as well as 65 and older. But a lot of these healthcare workers are waiting some time to see how it plays out.

I honestly am annoyed by this. For one, if you don't want the shot right now, then step the fuck back and let someone else who wants it gets it. More than anything else, you, as a healthcare worker should know the importance of being part of the solution. If you have worries about the side effects, or fear some sort of future problem, do the research for the vaccine and learn that it is safe and effective in stopping the spread, as well stopping the potential of it mutating because it is running wild.

Some folks wonder how one shot could have the same effect on all types of bodies, and of varying weight.  You realize that vaccines are pretty much a one size fits all solution. You see, Vaccines work differently because it's not about having a certain level of it in your blood, it's about stimulating the immune system, and most importantly their immune system will react to a very small amount of whatever it is that they're being exposed to, to build up that defense for it if it encounters it in the future... and considering the amount of spread that is happening with this virus, it will see it again regardless of if you are wearing your mask or not.

Vaccines have existed since the late 1700's. And I mean, if that isn't enough for your concern doubtful self, the realization on how they work is again above. We have eradicated a whole slew of illnesses that would have wiped out a whole lot more lives. 

Then there's those who want to pick and choose which one they get because they are pretty entitled, and yes, I'm being rude but this is fucking annoying by now. as for the differences in each of the vaccines, here's a list.   But realize that the first one you are offered is pretty much the best choice because... IT'S ACTUALLY GETTING ONE!

That is the important aspect to all of this. We are trying to build heard immunity and the more people who get it, the sooner we will achieve it. Once that happens, we can potentially get back to the lives we used to be living. That is at least the hope.

The article did also point out that a black physician  is hesitant and that's the bigger issue we need to tackle,. especially during black history month.  The historical mistreatment of people of color by the medical system is a huge issue and we really need to tackle and address that and build far more trust in those communities because covid is really hitting them the worse. 

What I implore you to do is to just get whatever is offered. Currently there's two in circulation with another one just about to be released in emergency safety measures. Just get whatever you can and let's stop the spread of this and stop the mutations before we all fail and we're back to square one on it all.  Thank you

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