Thursday, February 4, 2021

Marilyn Manson - A Dopey Show


If by now you haven't figured that this asshole of a piece of shit is problematic and are trying to defend him by saying shit like  "Wait until a court finds him guilty" or fucked up shit like  "How can I believe some vindictive ex", then you can go fuck yourself and die in the process. Please do so with something sharp. 

I recently got a nice long vacation off a social network because the news that Manson was in fact the person who Evan Rachel Wood was hinting at was her abuser for so many years, a lot of fucking idiots who wanted to defend him and bring out the example of Johnny Depp being abused by Amber Heard - I won't get into that bullshit too much other than to say that both those piles of trash are toxic and they abused one another.  But these assholes kept on with the whole mentality that perpetuates this cycle of abuse. 

In which they just assume it's one person's word against the other. Regardless of the fact that several women came out to back up that statement with their own stories on how Manson was a toxic problematic asshole who did the similar thing to them. Then you have so many former band members and Trent Reznor and a slew of others coming out to state the same thing - Marilyn Manson is just trash. fucking trash. 

Worse of all, he fully admitted to acting like a problematic pile of trash in interviews, suggesting he wanted ex's to suffer. wanted to smash their faces in. Then his response to all of this is

"My intimate relationships have always been entirely consensual with like-minded partners. Regardless of how — and why — others are now choosing to misrepresent the past, that is the truth."
This is sort of concerning, it’s almost as though he’s saying “yeah I did it, but they asked for it” when it’s clear from these women’s accounts that it was anything but consensual. 

In the case of Evan Rachel Wood, he was grooming her from her teenage years while he was 38. That in itself was a pretty fucking strange aspect to begin with. Which brings me to this - Manson's bullshit lyrics and music and his whole image told us entirely who he was. He laid the cards on the table and we took it as some sort of nonsense sexual liberation and adolescent titillation. When it wasn't any of that social commentary and it was entirely this predator displaying what kind of pile of trash he was the entire time. He was and still is an abusive trash human. 

A side note, for anyone who is spouting off bullshit about we being in a cancel culture happy society now, what the fuck is wrong with you?  No.  It's that society is now in an actions have fucking consequences culture and that's a good thing. No longer can dick bags like this guy go around and conduct predatory bullshit like this without some repercussions to his actions. Oh hey, he may have said stupid shit in interviews and everyone just brushed it off, but to carry out the mind fucking manipulating tactics that he did. No, that's not right and while the statue of limitations is well past it, I'm really glad for Evan Rachel Wood to be able to free herself of that burden in that.  Fuck this guy.  He deserves to get wellness checks by the police because his house of fucking cards life is crumbling down around him. Fucked around and found out.  
More abusers need to be outed for the actions they have done. Regardless if some shit stains will throw that old treasure chest of a "not until he's found guilty" bullshit. Because it serves as one major thing, to out those fuckers as well.  Fuck them also. 

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