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Funny Thing About Comics

Funny Thing About Comics

If you're not a fan of comics, you'll more than likely not get 70% of this blog entry. But if you are, you'll find a sort of bit of irony in the following What If... comics.

You see, What If comics are generally a writers attempt to write something non-cannon stories for the characters that they normally wouldn't. The whole left turn on the potential fork in the road of the comic character's life. The sad thing is that all these stories are ones that are currently happening.

Hulk went all Gladiator like, Sue Richards died.. well, at least future Sue did. Tony Stark is now considered a traitor and Spider-man and M.J are no longer married.

The worse offender of all those was the Peter Parker/ Mary-Jane one. Currently in the comics the marriage that we all grew up with no longer exist. It's under a story arc called Brand New Day. In which Peter chooses to keep his Aunt alive for the price of his marriage.

Way to go, current writers. Talk about digging up ideas in the past. But I didn't get nearly far enough:

What if Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four?
What if the Hulk had the brain of Bruce Banner?
What if the world knew Daredevil was blind?
What if Spider-Man's clone lived?
What if the Beast and the Thing continued to mutate?
What if the Hulk went berserk?
What if Captain America had formed the Avengers?
What if the Punisher became Captain America?
What if the Age of Apocalypse had not ended?

All these have or are happening now. I guess the Hulk one was more like "What If World War Hulk Happened in the 1960's?"

Back then things were different in the world of comics. Peter Parker wasn't the first to have to deal with the choices between two beautiful girls. Superman had to deal a lot with that as you can see from this comic book collector writing to the editors.

Indeed, please give Lois a break. She deals with a lot as it is.

Look at that, she's fighting for his honor and he's just going around kissing anything that moves or swims. Seriously Superman, a mermaid? I have to say, I may be in love with a mermaid, doesn't mean if one has a pretty dress I'll kiss her if I had two women fighting for me.

Why aren't they pals after all? This fateful writer ask the opposite.

I think you got your answer there.

But these foreshadowing and strange comic tales aren't the extent of the past shaping the future.This one is just creepy. Especially considering it came true to the letter.

God damn you Dido. Why did you have to kill Ted Kord? Why did we need to blow Ted Kords head open with a bullet. Specifically using Max as the killer? God damn you. It's not like comics needed to be more violent. At least modern comics aren't getting all their ideas from the comics. Take a look at this old little piece.

Good thing we had the comics code to protect children from harmful influences. Or maybe we'd have to face situations like this with Batman and Robin:

Yeah, if it wasn't a rumor that they swung that way already. The dynamic duo needs to get a better PR rep.

But if there's one thing about the old comics it was those old pie ads that made me want those tasty tasty sweet things:

Oh, don't you worry, there's more where that came from!

Comics really can be a funny thing. Just another month and a half before comic con. I can't wait!

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