Monday, June 29, 2009

Ads I Do LIke - Jim Henson

Ads I Do Like - Jim Henson

If you've followed this blog, you'd seen that I hate a lot of ads. Being that I'm in the entertainment industry and the whole point of the productions that I'm working on is to simply sell advertising minutes, I think I should be less jaded about it.

Can you blame me? There's a lot of really shitty ads out there. When I first started writing, I would write copy and create stupid and otherwise unmarketable. But I thought they were silly. On a recent trip I discovered that Jim Henson, before going all muppets, did silly advertising in the same fashion. He has become even more my hero with the work that he did.

I present to you some of the best ads I have ever seen. Even if they're all old and outdated, I'd still buy the shit out of the products simply because of the way they took the creative marketing to sell them.

La Choy Dragon

God damn, that's funny shit.

RC Cola


Ideal Toys

Some Sausage

More la Choy Dragon!

Wilson Meats


C&P Telephone

Munchos ... Notice someone familiar in that?

Tastee Freez

And what a way to end this but with that awesome dragon again

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