Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Grim Reality Portrayed in Urban Lifestyle.According To 50 Cent

The Grim Reality Portrayed in Urban Lifestyle According To 50 Cent

Here we are on Day one of E3. Which is just the mecca of all gaming. It's been a while since I've really been into gaming. I once help run a cyber cafe and well, maybe it was the endless hours of playing counter strike that just made me numb to it all, but I don't have that in me any more. Don't get me wrong, I still play a lot of video games from time to time. But I've found my taste change.

While I'm used to the over the top action and violence in today's gaming world, I still am a bit surprised by the style of games these days. I played the hell out of Grand Theft Auto back in my day, but even I have some limits. So when I saw this game come to light, well, I was just a bit confused on what exactly allowed it to get released:

I'm talking about the above game staring 50 cent. Yes, I too had higher hopes for a product designed for immature and childish adults. Maybe it's the option in the game that allows you to give you more points for randomly cussing more and more. It really comes across as a cheap gears of war where the appeal is that you get to make fifty cents swear while killing arabs.

I mean, I can't exactly figure out who the target audience for this is, maybe it's super white people that have fantasies about how black rappers are all thugs? Maybe it's Republicans? 50 Cent has become an American folk hero similar to Jack Bauer. Every culture in times of war needs it's hero mythology. 50 Cent and Jack are the modern day Achilles and Hercules.

50 cent would be a perfect person for republicans to point to with regards to success in the capitalist system. as you all know musicians make almost no money off of record sales. 50 cent created a typical rap merch empire, but he used that money to buy up vitaminwater because he thought it tasted good and pimped it in all his videos. well coca cola bought it from him for 400 million. Yeah.. that's pretty smart

It really screams of "White people shoot like this, Black people shoot like this" sort of obvious. But color me a little bit let down by this game. This game is not really addressing the sociological factors that makes the modern urban youth commit acts of crime?? It just documents one famous artist's exploits in Iraq??? Very disappointing.

what annoyed me about blood on the sand was that every site was like "LOL CRYSTAL SKULL YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT THAT WACKY 50 CENT'S UP TO THIS TIME!!!" when in actuality this piece of shit's little dress-up fantasy game is extremely disrespectful to the real people who've been killed/injured in Iraq and elsewhere (civilians, soldiers, whatever). You get bonus points for taunting people's corpses in this game. Yeah, pretty sick, alright.

It really is a unealistic portrayal of urban lifestyle in Baghdad. I have to wonder what's 50 cents' worth in inflation-adjusted dollars? And does he kill Damien Hirst there at the end of the trailer? I can't tell and for some reason I actually give a shit. Video game deaths mean a lot to me. I cried like a little bitch during Final Fantasy VII

I may not have first hand experience with the region but i can assure you that 50Cent: Blood in the sand is true to life. I really think this is how I expect Stephen Colbert's middle East comedy tour to resemble.

So what's the point of the game? It seems that 50 cents lost his Jeweled skull and he wants it back. I don't want to be a Arab standing in the way between 50 cents and his jewelery. I mean, clearly he's not believable in this role. He was shot several times in that trailer and did not even retaliate to all those mother-f'ers.

I wonder if anyone actually joined the army because of this stupid game. I'd be amazed if anyone even joined the military afer enjoying America's Army, which goes to a great lengths to glorify the Army. This 50 cents game isn't going to do much there. Anyone dumb enough to join the armed forces would have joined regardless of the game. 50 Cent: Blood on yo hands, yo!

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