Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Internets

The Internets

Sometimes it's nice to look back to the simple days. Like looking back at the days when going out on a date meant you were heading over to the drive-in or to get a milk shake. When VD was singular because there was only one out there. In this instance we're looking back to the early days of the internet..

Ah yes. I guess I could be called an "Internet enthusiast"
I have to laugh a little that there's not screens filled with "GO TO HELL!" that and the fact that they made it sound like it was a "growing phenomenon". Some stuff was dead on. Some stuff.. Not so much Like the whole "Not much cursing, not many personal attacks."

So the next time you're carelessly using the internet on whatever portable device looking up movie times or yelping a location to eat for the night, just remember back in the early days on what this toy was used for and what a long way we have come.

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