Sunday, June 21, 2009

Go Ask Your Father

Go Ask Your Father

You can learn a lot about yourself on the open road. For one thing, you can learn when you shouldn't be speeding because there's a state police officer pointing a radar gun at you. You can also learn that the left lane is for passing only, and no matter how fast over the speed limit you're going, there's always someone in a larger car that is going to try to go faster than you. These are wonderful things to learn, but since it's Father's day, perhaps we should learn something about your father today.

When it's a few hundred miles between major cities, the selection of radio stations to listen to isn't all that great. Most of the time it's some back water country station or the farmer's report. This is why I listen to NPR. Even if you're bored to tears by the stories and the news is something you really don't like.. Which, I'm sort of surprised you're even reading this blog considering half of the content is just news pieces.

Anyway, this episode of This American Life was specific in that it stayed on the topic of Fathers. Mainly the many ways they have played a role in our life. Or for that matter, if they didn't play a role in our life. A major question was asked. Are we going to sit down and talk to our parents about all the things they did that made you feel bad? What are you going to do? Say something and then know that you made them feel bad?

More than likely the people that you're mad at are all gone. They've been replaced by this different person. Confronting your parents never works because by the time you do it, they're totally different people.

So if you will, take a listen to this episode of This American Life.


And if you're having issues getting there, here's a link to the page for it Go Ask Your Father

The program makes a lot of valid points. I'm not sure there's anyone out there who feels like their upbringing was perfect or that doesn't have some sort of issue with their parents. Generally you see Daddy issues come to play. I know I have my own share of baggage. I know I have a lot of questions for dear ol' papa. I'm certain that a lot of those will never be answered. More to the point, I don't think I should ever really ask them anyway. He choose his path in life and he walked down it.

The episode really does strike a nerve on how much you really need to hear in terms of justification of your upbringing. Even if they weren't the best parent, you're still around. Perhaps the one job they had, in that to keep you alive, they did a decent enough job at that you're still alive. As much as the radio program stated, by the time you usually are aware of what went wrong, it's too late. Can't keep holding a grudge or wondering why. Just accept it and move on. It all becomes a moot point and perhaps you should enjoy the time you do have left with them.

So that's one thing I discovered and wanted to share with all of you while traveling on the road of this here American life.

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