Monday, June 8, 2009

Pruning Weeds - Pinup

Pruning Weeds - Pinups

I was going to call this Pining Weeds, but then the feds would just kick down my door and well, I'm not there right now. On the road, I am. Well, it's the 8th, so I'm already at stop one doing my thang. Needles in space.. or something of the such... I dunno. I guess drinking and looking at stuff through a camera. That sort of thing. Good times.

Good enough time to introduce something of a filler blog. Well, it's not like it's a bad thing, so don't go clicking away just yet. And speaking of looking away.. or at least being distracted and look at a way. Weeds comes back tonight to toke up our television screens. There's just something about that Mary-Louise Parker. Ok, it's her look. I mean, she's very cute.

And wearing a Batman T-shirt to boot. Be still my beating heart. She sure knows how to light up my bat signal. In any event, I guess I should be watching this but again, I'm gone. On the road of life. So perhaps I'll miss it and just watch it later. Doesn't mean you guys have to miss out. Watch Weeds tonight.

And why am I gung-ho for it? Well, let's just say that the folks in the marketing department over there at Showtime are evil. Look at the type of marketing that the created for the show last year

They had these on every bus stop, billboard and anywhere else that would hold a poster. I'm not a weed smoker and I really don't care for the smell but I have to say that the image is very much a nice one, while not being too slutty or anything. It has just the right sort of class.

It's much like the old pinup girl posters. You know, the varga girls ads. Which got me to thinking that I should seek out more of those. Well, lucky for me I found a good amount of them. Thus, I'm proud to say that Ms. Parker here is the first of what will be an ongoing series of blogs that just show off modern day pinups.

While I already posted up last years poster, it doesn't compare to this years poster teasing all the men to watch the show. So the first on the list of Pinup art that I will issue in is the poster for the new season of Weeds.

Certainly not a Hemptress. No no no, I consider it more of a drooltress. Ok, that was lame. But you can see why that poster just makes me want to steal it from the bus stop and frame it.


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OSTerizer said...

Oh right. I completely forgot she was your MILF of choice.