Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Whenever artist come together, it's always a risk. It's like the best of all worlds, right? Especially if you like the music of all who is coming together. Well, for those of you still reading get a load of this. Dylan, McCartney and Ringo Starr are going to collaborate.

Legendary musicians Sir Paul McCartney ,his fellow ex-Beatle Ringo Starr and Bob Dylan are to team up in California over the summer, where they are expected to work on new songs it has emerged.

All the three in 60’s have shared the stage together before but have never created music together and its naturally expected that the union of three veteran musicians will create new musical sensation !

The news comes after Dylan declared earlier that he found the idea of working with the former Beatle “exciting”.

McCartney’s spokesman then declared their man would be “very interested” in a collaboration.

This could be one of the most amazing musical moments in recent memory. Then again, we should weigh in the pros and cons

Arguments For
Dylan and McCartney are amazing song-writers
Dylan is on top-form lately
It's a great moment in musical history anyway for them all to work together

Arguments Against
High profile musicians collaborating with other high profile musicians often ends in mediocre product
Dylan's singing seems to be nothing more than gas escaping at this point
McCartney is not on top-form lately
McCartney is a massive asshole
Ringo Starr

Don't get me wrong with the Ringo Starr hate. We can all admit that he was never the greatest drummer. But the universe is a weird place where Ringo Starr is considered a bad drummer and Meg White still performs live. That's the real example of weak drumming held up by overcompensating guitar work. if I were starting a rock band tomorrow I'd much rather have Ringo Starr in it than someone like Neil Pert or Carter Beuford. Ringo had the taste not to make the drums front-and-center, and I respect that. Add in that he was consistent for every take when the Beatles would go 100+ takes in studio. With that said, the best work Ringo has ever done is narrate Thomas The Tank Engine.

I do hope that it's Beatles-era McCartney and not the one who wrote "Somebody's Knocking at the Door". As for Dylan.. Dylan Colaborations are always a gamble. The Traveling Wilburys? Awesome. Dylan and The Dead? sheeeeeesh...

You know what, forget this whole post. This is going to suck. These guys haven't produced consistantly good music for decades. Had this happened in the 70's or certainly the 60's this would have been big news. Buy Paul McCartney's 'All My Best' album and move along. That's all he's done for the past 35 years.

I suppose it would be nice if all the musicians I didn't like formed one gigantic super group, then I'd have to only avoid one band. Here's hoping that they just give them all drugs and they make completely amazing music. If they let them stay sober, it'll probably be garbage.

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