Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Picture That Needs 1000 Words: X

A Picture That Needs 1000 Words: XI?

I'm not sure a thousand words is needed for this one. I mean, what's there to say that hasn't been written on the damn t-shirt already. Clearly Obama spends and Jesus saves. What does he save? Souls, I guess. But in this terrible economy, there's not much you can do with souls. I hear that with inflation the way it is, even the devil isn't giving you much for them.

So why did I pick this image for one of my series of pictures that needs blah blah blah words for? Well, I guess I just found it stupid. Very very stupid. I mean, shouldn't both people in that shirt be black? Just sayin', cause history has shown me that the white washed Jesus is as accurate as the Wiz to the source material. Then again, The wizard of oz wasn't all that accurate to the source material either. But you get the idea.

Though I guess it's only fitting that stupid hick sayings go on stupid hick products. So I shouldn't be to surprised when this slogan is put on a product for children.

babby's first horrible opinion shirt, nice

Would you look at that, Babby's first horrible opinion shirt, how nice. It's funny to see that Obama, that rascally negro, contrasted with our lord and savior, Gnome Jesus. Look at him about to smoke that fat grass! What's jesus doing anyway? Waving? Sheesh, no way Jesus would do something like that.

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